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  1. Hey Doza - I’m planning to be there w/ my ‘74 Fjord. What time you planning to arrive? Best, Eric
  2. Thanks for the response and details. I found your build thread on stanceworks (http://www.stanceworks.com/forums/showthread.php?101631-The-Roundie-1973-BMW-2002) and love all the detail on your build. I am thinking of trying to build a staggered set (15x7 front / 15x8 rear) but do like the idea of a square set up. Your rear wheel arches look pretty full - do you think 15x8's would have fit on the rear?
  3. Very nice - looking good! I am actually in the process of re-building a set of BBS RS's myself for my '74 Fjord. Do you mind sharing what set up you went with (lip size and barrel size)? Thanks and keep the write up coming - love it! Eric
  4. Looking forward to being part of the next get together...
  5. Am bummed I wasn't able to make the drive this last Saturday. Hope it was a good one and look forward to participating in the next get together. Any pics to share? Best, Eric
  6. PM sent - Interested if aabrahams doesn't buy.
  7. Tom, No worries - looks like a fantastic afternoon for a drive, enjoy! Looking forward to getting together with you and other 02'ers for a meetup/drive sometime soon! Eric
  8. Looking for a stainless exhaust/muffler for my '74. Ideally would like to find someone interested in selling a very good/excellent condition stainless steel Ireland Engineering SIDE EXIT exhaust (really only need the rear muffler and extension pipe to be side exit) or a Scorpion center exit dual tip muffler. PM me if you have one your wanting to sell. Located in the Denver CO area so local preferred but will pay shipping if can box up. Eric
  9. I could do this Saturday AM...keep me posted... Eric
  10. As title says, looking for a vintage style roof rack for my '74. Let me know / PM me what you have if your interested in selling. Obviously, local (Colorado) preferred but will pay shipping if can be broken down/boxed up. Thanks, Eric Broomfield, CO
  11. Looks like snow is in the forecast for this Saturday so another date probably best... Keep me posted, Eric
  12. Sounds like a great idea. I'm in Broomfield and meeting in Golden for a drive would be no problem. Count me in, assuming mother nature doesn't intervene...
  13. Ditto - pending the back, I'm interested in the blue plaid one.

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