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  1. Colorado_M

    Official Blunttech Sale Thread

    I need to replace my drivers side outer rocker - is this something you can source/provide? Would also like to get a tii alternator bracket for my '74 (to drop the alternator down low) - price? Thanks!
  2. Colorado_M

    Hagerty Golden

    Not Dave’s - but it’s mine. Looking forward to seeing the other FAQ’srs there this evening starting at 6:00! best, Eric
  3. Tom and I had a great time - here’s to doing it again with a few other FAQ’ers in the future!
  4. Tom, A drive this Saturday should work great. Happy to meet at the Tipsy's lot (on Bowles and 470) around 10:00 AM. Looking forward to meeting and getting a few 2002's out on the road. I'll check back Friday to confirm. Eric
  5. Tom - BEAUTIFUL new addition - congrats!!!! I am down for a drive but am unfortunately out of town Wed/Thurs. I could do early AM drive on Sat or Sun next week if that works for anyone. Looking forward to getting out for a drive...
  6. Any interest in trying to get a drive together one morning this weekend? I'm ready for a drive - Tom? :)
  7. Colorado_M

    Custom 02 Roof racks.. Retro & sport

    I recently purchased a roof rack (retro in silver) from Reese and received it today. Just want to say Reese was a great seller - responsive and answered all my questions. I went with FedEx shipping and Reese had the rack packed up and droped off right away. I requested he stain my wood slats a dark brown and the color came out perfect - matches my wood steering wheel and dark brown piping of my uphostery perfectly! I am very pleased with the quality and fit. Here are some pics for those on the fence
  8. Colorado_M

    Dream Wheels, on the Dream Car

    Thanks for the response and details. I found your build thread on stanceworks ( and love all the detail on your build. I am thinking of trying to build a staggered set (15x7 front / 15x8 rear) but do like the idea of a square set up. Your rear wheel arches look pretty full - do you think 15x8's would have fit on the rear?
  9. Colorado_M

    Custom 02 Roof racks.. Retro & sport

    I'm in for a silver retro rack - PM sent. Thanks!
  10. Colorado_M

    Dream Wheels, on the Dream Car

    Very nice - looking good! I am actually in the process of re-building a set of BBS RS's myself for my '74 Fjord. Do you mind sharing what set up you went with (lip size and barrel size)? Thanks and keep the write up coming - love it! Eric
  11. Weather forecast is looking pretty bad for this evening so I am going to pass on making it tonight. Tom, lets try an afternoon or early AM drive on the weekend once the weather forecast gets better - let me know what works for you. Best, Eric
  12. As Tom mentioned, the Bimmer Burger Night meet in Littleton is at the Sonic Drive-In located at 7561 Shaffer Pkwy, Littleton, CO 80127 from 6:00 -7:30 PM. Planning to make it there tomorrow with my '74 Fjord and look forward to hopefully seeing some other 02's there. Eric
  13. Colorado_M

    Custom 02 Roof racks.. Retro & sport

    Hey Reese - I am interested in a silver Retro rack with the dark wood (as shown on your first post above). I live in Broomfield, CO but am willing to provide a pre-paid FedEx ground shipping label. Let me know when you will have more made. Best, Eric
  14. Hey Tom - thanks for posting this. I am interested in getting together for a meet/drive in July. An evening the week of July 22nd or the weekend of July 28th would work for me. Look forward to hearing if any other FAQ'ers are also interested. Best, Eric '74 Fjord
  15. Colorado_M

    Roof rack

    Steve, thanks for letting me know. Gordon, if you ever want to part with it, please let me know!