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  1. All the way back in the quarter panel, jammed up in there, towards the shock tops. I usually increase the amount of foam / sound damping material in there, as well as under the seat if you're not using that area for something else.
  2. Dave, the seats look great. Thanks. And Rich I believe the term is rubenesque...
  3. OP, please read this part again. Informed buyers know this, too, and it will reflect on the selling price. (Just trying to help manage expectations- sold my '72 tii in Golf (original)- and the price wasn't what BAT would lead you to believe...)
  4. Oi! I've been looking for 15x8 at 25! On 5x120 though... Take a bump.
  5. Pics loaded for me... Seats look really nice. GLWS
  6. And if you want longer studs so when you install the plates with a stress bar, they can do that for you. I ordered a set for a car that I was using 1cm spacers to raise the car a little, and asked them if they could make the studs a cm longer- yep, no problem, fit perfect.
  7. https://streamable.com/v0r66 It will bend your mind.
  8. Before we bought this house my wife asked if it was good. I said, it's great, just no room for a lift. Before we did the remodel she asked again. Again I said, it's great, just no room for a lift...
  9. How about some pictures of the suspension on the car?
  10. Hey Des. I've been spraying this on all my squeaky moving things (mechanical pivots, joints, linkages) that I'm not taking apart and cleaning and greasing- works awesome. Does have a particular odor though, just so you know... https://www.amazon.com/Ballistol-Multi-Purpose-Lubricant-Cleaner-Protectant/dp/B00A470H0M And maybe some Rain-X?
  11. You do you bud. Car looks really clean. Too easy to just appreciate it for what it is. P.S. Welcome to the FAQ.
  12. Start here... http://www.m3forum.net/m3forum/showthread.php?t=423771 Buy this... http://www.m3forum.net/m3forum/showthread.php?t=508807 One of those guys (Terra or Polar) wrote some code so that when you reflash it it resets the flash count. Stock you only get so many flashes before the ECU locks- this resets the count so you can tune to your hearts desire. You'll need to buy that, too, but it's really affordable. Ten bucks or something. The big thing you need is the EWS delete, which Martyn's tool can do. I have no idea on your wiring harness- I plugged the mss54 ECU into my stock ms43 e46 wiring harness and it all just worked, less the EWS delete. And really, get rid of the dual mass flywheel. I hear all the e46 5 speeds are robust. That engine came with the 6 speed- side info; the manual and the SMG are the same transmission, the SMG just has a bunch of extra crap on the outside...
  13. Agreed. I have one Idealsitz S that I had recovered (and needs new foam- Autobahn Interiors said they can do it), so I'm thinking about just getting a copy from GTS Classics- I think, all said and done, it would be less expensive than new vinyl, new pads and labor... And they'd match-ish. Then I could sell the set of freshly recovered Recaro SRD's I bought last year...
  14. Thanks guys. I was actually looking for (I was going to say affordable) a cheap alternative for the seat cushions- like something out of foam, when I came across GAHH, so I figured I'd share. My most frequent passenger is the dog, but sometimes it's the wife, and the passenger seat is hammered. For the cost of new pads and a cover... For my car, it's a big ask.

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