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  1. irdave

    CAD Models

    Nice. I just tried working with an stl file, converting it to a solid. Kind of pain. But any solid that'll work in SW would be great. The stl would be fun to print, but the solid to mess with for fluid / aero simulation. Please keep me posted. Thanks.
  2. Test fit 16x7 at 30mm. Good in the back, a little trimming required in the front to run 225/50-16. It's big, but I need more room inside the wheel to run a bump steer correction spacer... Even with that big ass tire, the combination is 5 pounds lighter per wheel (stock e30m3 (205/55-15) vs Kosei K1.)
  3. irdave

    Euro front signal light conversion

    US engineers buddy. Mechanical with an emphasis in vehicle dynamics. :) And on a serious note, congratulations and I hope it's the beginning of a trend.
  4. irdave

    Vintage American Car Radios

    A bunch of people immediately wanting it = priced too low. One dude called and drove an hour, probably just right.
  5. irdave

    Euro front signal light conversion

    Put the engineers where they belong, back on the train!
  6. irdave

    High ride height - springs or ?

    My understanding is that the spacers were added to increase ride height for bumpers and headlights as regulations changed. The early cars were lower.
  7. My new carpet came in the mail a week or so ago.
  8. irdave

    Floppy oil chain

    Look at you Mr. Smart Guy. Totally missed that. Good call.
  9. You know, if there's not much rust, a 2002 for $7k that runs these days is a pretty decent deal. It'll never be a ooo-la-la original tii- but it will give you some freedom to do what you want. You won't need to worry about everything being original, correct, anything. Having said that, know that it will probably never be worth big bucks. But some electronic FI (or carbs), exhaust, suspension, it could be a lot of fun. This is not an investment car, it's a fun car. As such, it doesn't matter if it's a tii. Or if the numbers match. Dude has a title, right? Check for rust in the usual places. If it's rusty, it's a lot of work and your $7k car just turned into a $17k car, for exactly the same car. If it's not rusty, buy it, slap some exhaust on it and drive it. Me personally, with that car, I'd probably pull all the Kfish stuff and swap to carbs or electronic FI, because I'd be making that thing a hot-rod!
  10. Are you running tweeters up high in the front? I'm thinking about some BoB stuff- just need to get some carpet in the new car and figure out if it will ever be quiet enough to be able to hear the radio...
  11. irdave

    Ecu harness though the firewall

    No idea. It was 3 am...
  12. irdave

    CAD Models

    I could get in on this- split the cost and share the data? STEP, IGES, something Solidworks-able? Probably even an .stl...
  13. 8k rpm and then lifting? That'll bang some stuff around. And I'll be honest, I love driving the slow car. I wring it's freaking neck and I'm barely doing the speed limit. And on a serious note, if it wasn't a 6 cylinder or a type R, your motor was probably tired. I've found that if I'm serious about it I can pull away from most traffic playing stop light grand prix. (Unless they're serious about it too, then that CRV becomes a problem. 😳) That's why I'm selling the car with the s54- it's just too damned fast.