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  1. I'd start here... I don't think you need anything m3 for the swap.
  2. It's pretty invasive for the 265. If it were me, I'd put an aluminum flywheel in it with new clutch parts. Blunt can get you the proper parts for the 5 speed swap. The aluminum flywheel makes such a huge difference, the way the engine responds just becomes so much more right. I've had them in several cars, and as soon as I have an excuse to remove the trans in the current car I'm putting one in there, too.
  3. Nah, he'll be good. I'm trying to sort the driver's seat. I think I'm going to sell all my other chairs...
  4. Holy crap! That is a haul. I'd like to find a sunroof inside panel that clips in, and a sunroof handle / winder that has a functioning spring. I didn't see them in particular but figured I'd ask. Folks are in Woodland...
  5. Excellent use of the agricultural line.
  6. That looks well built. What are you going to?
  7. If it's straight, not bent, I'll take it.
  8. Herpes. This thread is like herpes.
  9. Eh. If it's not working right now and you don't feel like dealing with it right now, remove it for now. If, down the road, you feel like,"Sure wish I had some AC" then put it back in and update it with newer whatever to make it work. And if you're still trying to get the car running well, the less variables the better. And they're faster without it. For the 2 or 3 weeks a year it's hot enough to think about AC up here I have a truck with AC and tinted windows. Dog loves it. And, notice how it all comes back to location? :)
  10. Or just tint the damned windows! Up here at elevation the car was a cooker, couldn't take the dog in the summer at all. Any kind of tint knocks most of the heat out so it doesn't have to be super dark... And who's Larry? Fred I know, but Larry?
  11. Snap on makes a rethreading kit, RTD48, that is very similar to this... https://www.tooldiscounter.com/product/kastar-hand-tools-48-pc-thread-restorer-kit-fractional-and-metric-kas971?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI1Kfi48SZ5gIVgobACh3ffwUFEAQYAiABEgL2NvD_BwE I use it constantly.
  12. Welcome. After lengthy discussion, I believe the hive mind decided that the value of the AC depended solely on where on lives. If you're not an AC person, remove it and put it in a box on the shelf so that when you sell it you can say,"Here are all the AC parts." Less weight, less drag on the motor... But to reinforce what Andrew said, are you keeping it for a while or selling it?

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