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  1. I didn't "scuff" the rubber, per se. I cleaned all the white powdery stuff (mold release agent) off with brake cleaner, cleaned the metal with the 3M cleaner / prep / whatever it is, glue on both sides, wait a minute / however long, then stick them together and clamp with big-ass binder clips. I only glued a small section at a time so I could make sure it lined up right.
  2. Napa used to sell a glass one with replaceable elements... I'm sure there's others.
  3. Hey bud. Welcome to the FAQ. You going to tell us about the set up? Make sure to check out @TobyB's favorite thread...
  4. Hopefully the opposite. If everything is AFU, sometimes one has to stop to get it sorted out. Let us hope that this is the beginning of a new era for IE, maybe like the olden days some of us newbs have heard about from you old farts that have been here since before time itself. Genuinely hoping for the best for IE.
  5. My premise has been, generally, driveline- no, everything else- yes. For me, the poly trans mounts were the worst. I've never tried the diff mounts because I heard they were loud like the trans mounts. I currently have poly engine mounts because I need to control my engine because I didn't have enough room after the PO swap to keep the header off the chassis- I need to try stock rubber/fluid mounts and see if I do since doing some work. Having said that, my car is low, stiff, well damped. My expectations may be different from yours.
  6. Looks awesome. But what's up with the different camber settings in the front? All the camber on the driver's side, minimum on the passenger side? Maybe racing ovals... Backwards?
  7. Bimmer.com instead of realoem. Try it. You might like it. :) And less ads. And they're our people.
  8. totally clicked on it to see the photoshop!
  9. Mine ('76) does. They go way on the outside, outside of the headlight, right in the middle. Have to reach your hand through to inside the light bucket area with the hood open to tighten the nut.
  10. My e30 rear end seems to be working great- as it's stuck behind a bunch of other e30 crap! :) I'm barely bumping into what the engine makes at sea level stock, so I have no idea how it would work with stupid levels of power. @gary32I'm not really sure I want 10" wheels- it would take a lot of bodywork to get them to fit, although they would definitely look the business! I'm trying to figure out how to get wheels to clear my brakes- so a 10", 15" wheels, with 5.5" of backspacing might give me enough room between the spokes and the caliper, maybe. Only reason I said 10" was because that was the narrowest wheel I could find with 5.5" of backspacing... I have a hard time making them spin with 8" wheels with fresh 205's. Currently looking at Kosei K1 16x7, et35-ish, with a 15mm spacer to clear the brakes, and it looks good. Wheels now have a TON of brake caliper clearance- proper rally wheels, and they weigh every pound of it. Close enough to on-topic?
  11. Bud. A guy making each one by hand? Just got to tell him what you want.
  12. Trying to set up sequential ignition / injection on my s14... 11121317459 Thanks. 970 to two too 9597
  13. And a picture, OP. Helps a ton.
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