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  1. That's what I hear- I haven't called G-Force yet to verify, but... Man I'd love to be able to change ratios....
  2. Do you like the ZF over a Tremec T-5? I heard rumor that G-Force already has an adapter plate for the s14- which should be the same as the m10, no?
  3. Used engines are pretty easy to find. I buy engine stuff from Top End Performance and have had good luck and good advice. TEP has metal head gaskets- I had my engine built at 11:1 because we're up here- he sold the guy that bought my car at sea level a thicker head gasket for down there, so options are definitely available. But it might be easier to just get a good running used engine...
  4. Finally. An answer on how low you need to be to be stanced. Thanks Toby. :thumbsup: :high_five:
  5. Sliders with height and tilt adjusters...
  6. This seat has a base that hinges forward to access the back seat... I believe all of these seats behave this way... The seat attaches to this bracket and the mounting is adjustable for height as well as tilt.
  7. Hi Michael. I do not know the history of this seat- it came with a parts lot I bought a while ago. For sure the bracket bolts into an early 2002- I had it in my '72tii for a little while. Part of the parts lot was a tii engine, with complete Kfish and exhaust, which had been cut ahead of the center resonator- so I'd believe from a parts yard waaaay back in the day. It's possible the seat was sourced at the same time from the same car. All a guess, but knowing the guy, that would be my guess. I'll get you a good picture of the pattern, but like I said, it was recovered locally, so it's not original covering. I can pull up the receipt for that as well, but I think it was in the $500 range...
  8. Early hood and trunk lid. Hood spring lift mechanism included. A little rust on the inside front edge of the hood. Work great, just took them off my car because I installed some carbon bits I had. Have belt trim installed. White. Free. Pick them up in FC, CO. You take them, I give you tii exhaust manifold, free.
  9. Recaro Idealsitz. Just the driver's side. Recovered 6 months ago locally. Foam is too soft for me, Autobahn Interiors said they have denser foam. Folding forward mounting bracket included. Selling because I'm not cool enough for such sweet original-ness as this. $1700 shipped CONUS. Can ship today.
  10. Just remember that not all 195 or 205 or 225 tires are actually the same width- some are just bigger than others...
  11. Sometimes my older computers have a problem just because I can't update to the latest browser and it gives some similar error code...
  12. I would add, and will always add, balance it. It's worth it. Personally, aluminum flywheel is worth the cost. Get that balanced with the rest of the lot.

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