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  1. Just a couple things. I don't think the e21 Recaro has much bolster at all- maybe compared to our stock seats, but not compared to many other sport seats. If they're vinyl, the vinyl dye (paint) they sell at the auto parts store really works good. I dyed (painted) my door panels and rear panels black from the tan and it worked great- you can't even tell that's not how they came...
  2. Gaffer tape, not duct tape. Won't leave a residue when you pull it off.
  3. You were so grumpy about how those came out! I should try them in the new material...
  4. That was a good estimate... Thanks again.
  5. Maybe evolution of the process... Maybe it's not curb the front end, it's JUMP the car so that when it lands it bends the front suspension properly... Ahh, now we're getting somewhere! Excellent idea Simeon!
  6. Andrew, she's beautiful. Thanks for sharing the buyers guide; I'll pass it on.
  7. Friend of mine has been drooling for an E9 for a while and was asking me about this one. Anybody know anything about it?
  8. irdave

    Sunroof Headliner

    Uh? Guess you sold it somewhere else?
  9. I've also had good luck with the ATE type 200 and super blue, being able to alternate back and forth. But it appears Super Blue is NLA. Thanks DOT. And it's usually not easy to get in a pinch. And I never really beat on it hard. What is usually pretty easy to get is Motul RBF600- usually at most motorcycle shops, especially the Kawasaki shops seems- and it's really good fluid. Both of these are way overkill for a 'normally' driven, gently driven 2002, but are very good fluids.
  10. Yeah, if you're going to cut a coil, cut it from the part that already has all the coils touching- that part is basically working like a spacer anyways. If you cut it from the other end where there is a bunch of space between the coils, that'll increase the springs rate- making stiffer springs. (Shocks might feel better at that point...)
  11. Is DOT 3 not the suggested fluid? I always thought front discs / rear drums would run on DOT 3 no problem. And to say it again out loud, And that DOT 5.1 is different fluid still, and if memory serves, should be compatible with DOT 4 systems.
  12. I think they still do- but GC camber plates work pretty damned well. Maybe if one wanted to keep the OE rubber top mounts and still wanted some camber, but... Apparently a couple of good curb strikes will solve that problem.
  13. irdave

    '72 tii, golf

    Sounds good, but it'll probably go to BaT here in the next week or so, along with my m3 wagon- just time for the stuff to go... More pictures tomorrow though.
  14. irdave

    '72 tii, golf

    I put the 72 passenger seat and rear seat back in the car. Also, it currently has TEP intake tubes on... And I have the center console for it as well- just haven't gotten around to recovering it yet, so it's not installed.
  15. irdave

    '72 tii, golf