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  1. In Greeley, buddy just tipped me off- but I would get shot with one of my own guns if she came home to 2 more cars... https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/727920711471369/
  2. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/727920711471369/ Not mine, no affiliation... $2000 for both
  3. Like I've said before, make it a hot rod an don't open the hood. Just tell them it's stock and that's why they were so popular back in the day. Smile, then walk away. I do it every time someone asks. Except for the one time that one guy said,"That's not suppose to have 5 lug wheels." That guy was ok.
  4. And 3% per thousand feet decrease in o2 percentage. So on the moto I'd plan on decreasing the slow and main jets both by 12% going from sea level to 4k'. Side note; even jetted perfectly, it's going to feel slow.
  5. irdave

    Engine bay reinforcement

    Not much to say, but you can see part of what it takes in the front to use the e30m3 subframe. 25mm master cylinder on the m3 booster. Bracketry in front of the master cylinder is / was fur the ABS pump. I'll be able to simplify the hard line routing and tuck it out of the way. I'll cut the ABS brackets out. Massive amounts of reinforcement everywhere, the front end feels really solid, even with the 16x8's and the GC suspension with 350 pound springs. Oh, and the conical welded in bits are where the center bolt on the control arm goes through the chassis, no
  6. Depending on how much they are and how much work they need, you can buy brand new Recaros for about a grand a seat. They need nothing and you know they're straight. I've seen a LOT of used chairs with bent backs from being crashed, dead foam, needing to be reupholstered. I would be surprised if there wasn't a Recaro dealer in Sac, let alone the Bay Area...
  7. Rich, seeing at @kontango hasn't been on since September, I very roughly measured the SRD in the basement, which fits in the 2002 just fine- including being able to offset it towards the center of the car. The Ergomed is a little bit taller, but only a little bit. The width and length are almost identical. So I'd say yes, it would fit. And I bet they're really comfortable.
  8. There was just a thread about 4 cylinder z3 diffs... And @jimkjust installed a Quaife into his 2002 diff. Don't know how either of those helps or hinders with the Kaaz, but dragging Jim into a conversation usually brings valuable knowledge, at least as far as BMW stuff...
  9. Friend of mine bought an old Bronco off BAT. Looked pretty good, so ok. Got it, literally had duct tape painted black with the black interior to cover the rust holes back in the corners. So while I agree with you, liars are going to be liars. I mean, she's happy now, it's had a bunch of work. She drove it for 2 or 3 days around here a little bit before I took it to my old Ford buddy, he was surprised it even ran- almost no compression. Just all the lies. So while I think there are good things available... https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1973-ford-bronco-3/ Fuck this guy in Las Vegas.
  10. Got the ABS pump out, with a little over 5 pounds of wiring harness. So looking forward to tidy simplicity. M12 impact driver for scale...
  11. As much as the forum in general attempts to refrain from profanity, HOLY SHIT. That looks awesome. And a sincere thank you for helping me determine the color for my car. Damn, that's a really good looking car. Welcome to the group. Damn.
  12. Thanks for watching while @ray_ is apparently asleep at the wheel. 👍
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