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  1. It's a folder- that thing would go in the trunk no problem...
  2. This has been my experience. I prefer Blunttech.
  3. I suppose it just has to do with the increase in value of the cars. When something isn't worth much, only the enthusiast cares; when it's worth a lot, people trying to make money care... Kinda' why I like my car being ugly right now...
  4. Hokay. Found some JW Speaker lights locally, on sale, so I picked them up. (In the back of my mind, during this new set of SuperBrightLED headlight bulbs, I've been thinking they just looked upside down...) So I install the JW lights. I personally think they look great with the late model front end. But I've got one flickering (something on the car as when I switch lights it's on the same side of the car) and they both just stay on high beam regardless of switch position. Even on sale, they're a lot of money. I'm annoyed. So I take everything back apart to put in the Hella H4 buckets with the SBLEDs, and that's when I start remembering about adjusting the old set... Holy crap am I an idiot sometimes. The bulbs *do* have a very sharp cut off- you just need to rotate the adjuster so it's correct! I'll get a picture in the next day or so, but Ray, it looks just like your picture because of the Hella buckets, just a lot brighter... Having said all this, I think I'll go back to my original statement last year of these lights being the bomb-diggity, especially for $85. I'm into the JW's for a lot of coin, so I'm going to try to get those sorted- and then compare- as they're suppose to be the best of the all the LED lights...
  5. There might be, but it's based on the answer of 'just how it fits best.'
  6. Local welding store carries prescription / up close safety glasses, which helped explain why I couldn't weld any more. Reading glasses and all of a sudden I can see everything! Hooray!
  7. I, too, will grab another measurement for you tomorrow. From a '76.
  8. Hey Sam. I find the GC stuff to work well. I'm currently running their Koni single adjustables with the street-ier valving, along with the rest of their coil-over kit. I'd recommend that.
  9. They've had those for a while... And where's the off topic police?
  10. Seems like they often respond well to having the hole about half covered to start. I was in Fairbanks for a couple of years.
  11. Well, running it like that I can see why it's leaking!
  12. When pinned, what's the initial location of the D cam in relationship to the hole? Where are you located Mike?
  13. So there's a mixture screw and an idle screw on the tuna can, right?
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