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  1. That is simultaneously awesome and sketchy as fuck.
  2. I mean, I can take a picture of the legend from the blue book for you. Want to shoot me an email addy?
  3. No shit. That's an interesting idea. Thanks Esty.
  4. You're going to love it, just don't watch it too closely...
  5. Without LED it doesn't matter. The problem comes with the LED lights.
  6. My buddy's race car shop? Sure, fine. Anybody else? Oh hell no- pulling the wheels myself. As well as it gives me the chance to look my car over and see what's going on and if anything is coming loose or rubbing or whatever...
  7. Just saw this. Holy crap it's good that we all don't live close together. The bump rubber? For bottoming out? There are a bunch of threads. When I changed the rear shocks they came with new bump rubbers on the shock shaft, so I removed those guys... I think they often get cut in half or so- otherwise you're on them all the time.
  8. Z4 electric assist rack in manual mode. The only rack that's quicker is the z3 1.9. And the Z4 rack is smaller and lighter with no hydraulic anything as it was designed to be electric assist. This will be the route I go on my car, but my car already has a steering rack so it's a bit simpler...
  9. Apparently enough to have a race engine run for 14 years?
  10. Hey. I want them. What kind of shape is the padding in? When can we get together?
  11. Those are sexy. Glad I've got m3 suspension so I don't have to try and talk myself out of such things. :)
  12. I can totally hear the,"Golly shucks." With the head down and toe dragging. "Okay mister, if you say so..." Paul, if you want to have one, it's ok. It's your car- you can do whatever you want. :Bighugemoji
  13. Happens like that sometimes. I've definitely had my share of such moments.
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