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  1. Dude kinda' looks like Jean Reno at the end... Definitely have the volume on for this. Thanks for finding and sharing.
  2. Sorry, the original post derailed a little bit- JimK being down the road a bit is why I went with the 1500. He's already been helping me with it. Seems awful powerful, easy to adjust for any sensor, super flexible, 3d table mapable for some stuff, self learning- all kinds of crap. I have no knowledge of any other ECU, so I can't compare it to anything else. It sure seems nice... So my recommendations for stuff tend to lie along the lines of get whatever your local help is comfortable with-
  3. I (still, fuck.) have the Elite 1500 sitting in the basement, based primarily on available resources (JimK) being an hour down the road. If the parts are up to the task, it probably is fine either / any way- price is a consideration, and help getting the thing set up is the big one... Alright, enough is enough. I'm taking the dog for a walk and going down to cut the trigger wheel out to 70mm so I can stick it on the extra damper I bought.
  4. Alright, semi-not-really-serious... How much of a low pressure area is it actually making and what effect is that having on drag?
  5. That transmission was so fast. Do you think the bit of heater / dryer hose in the middle of the intake gets sucked in on WOT?
  6. This is an ill omen for us all... Most people say,"I couldn't figure out this mechanical thing." I'm thinking, yeah, sure, whatever; bring it over. Tom says,"I couldn't figure out this mechanical thing." That's a whole different problem.
  7. After installing Esty's carpet kit in the last car I couldn't get the door sills to clip into place either. Turns out I was trying to install them backwards. Flipped them around and they snapped right on.
  8. Gasket matching the intake and exhaust. The blue book has all the critical dimensions for everything.
  9. Everybody has to unplug every now and then?
  10. Fifty feet at 50 mph is where I'm trying to get... Although a woman commented on it the other day in passing- something about 'rat on' or something? Like it's a rat-rod? Tells you where I'm at.
  11. Suppose there's two things to think about (apparently I'm feeling philosophical this morning...) 1. Old enough to ask the question, old enough to hear the answer. B. Maybe some questions just shouldn't be asked. I don't know bud, you sure are putting in a lot of work for a car that you think you're not going to care about...
  12. It is. I wish our society didn't segregate (everything) our generations so much. I feel there is a lot that can be learned from other people of other ages that have been through different situations, and the exact same situations. In the mean time, eat healthy food and get some exercise.
  13. I know everybody dislikes it, but tint makes it so much nicer to be in the car.
  14. Plot twist; it was the car before- his car is fine.
  15. I'm sure the IE part resolves the issue. What it also does is make the part very thick- so often the motor mount doesn't fit well / only catches a few threads. What I did was to shape a piece like what Tom has then box the section in (it's already a C, for those that haven't seen it) and leave a space to get to the nut- so full thread engagement and reinforced...

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