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  1. So Bimmerworld is still ok? Not to dismiss Blunt and the rest of the local crew...
  2. Oh shit. They're part of that whole deal? Maybe I knew that and forgot. Thanks.
  3. Hi Dan. Yep, Pelican. Trying to stay away from Amazon... Same price, a little for shipping. Close enough to support someone I'd rather support. And the stands seem plenty beefy.
  4. Totally personal, but I sure do like the Baikal. Then it occurred to me- way back in the day, I had a 318Ti Sport that was Alaska Blue (while I was stationed in Alaska actually.) It's very similar. Great color.
  5. The roundels were my actual wanted parts, the others were a while I was there, so I'll pass on the other bits for now. Thanks.
  6. I'd take the roundels, the light assembly and the door bits. Also pm'd...
  7. There was something else that sounded weird from the inside video, too. This doesn't sound anything like my car. (or maybe I just don't drive around my driveway to show someone a test drive at 2k rpm. And, my car is so freakin' loud, who am I to say?) To be fair, it probably does feel a little sketchy to drive. And I didn't know you could just run a 2002 oil pan- that's why they changed the pump? To a 2002 unit?
  8. Ordered them Thursday during the day- Fed Ex just dropped them off. They're pretty nice, I don't feel bad about spending that money...
  9. Bump because we need to make sure everyone sees it. I ordered some Esco stands from Pelican, should be here Tuesday. Wife said she'd kick my ass if I got flattened under the car. I said, so, about that lift...
  10. Yeah, but you're cool. But you're also on Windows... I'm on an old mac with an old version of preview. I'll try on 'dows 10 manana.
  11. Dude. Like the 4000 lumen per bulb type of R2 LED? That'd be some light...
  12. https://esco.net/product-category/support-stands/ Brief rabbit hole. https://esco.net/products/esco-3-ton-performance-jack-stand/
  13. Why not just have lights that are good enough as they are?
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