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  1. This was my first, a 1968 1600-2 #1565522. Bought from a friend for $300 in 1980. It was only 12 years old but the Polaris was gone and it was rusty. It did have whitewalls though. You never forget your first.
  2. Blue moon rise near Canyonlands. Able to get a late season camping trip in and great driving! The bumper "couch" is always good after a long hike.....
  3. Oil pressure usually builds within 5-10 seconds after filter change. On the first filter it ran 15-20 seconds at idle before I saw the light was not going out. I checked for leaks, etc. then did another cold start. Light still did not go out. That's when I pulled the filter and saw no oil in it.....
  4. I used a new Mahle filter when i changed the oil. Low pressure light did not go out. I checked that filter and there was no oil in it. Oil never got to the filter. I replaced that filter with another new Mahle filter. Oil pressure light now goes off and I confirmed that oil is in that filter as normal.
  5. Yes, oil light was off. Normal operation prior to oil change. Engine now starts with brief oil light and then it goes out as normal. Don't really understand why a filter would prevent oil from getting in. The interior was dry, never saw oil. It only had oil on the gasket and there was a small drip under the gasket when I spun it off.
  6. Yes, saw that one Dave. Trying to avoid going there. I did remove the new Mahle oil filter and it was bone dry. Never saw any oil. Replaced it with a new Mahle filter and pressure came up within 5-10 seconds as normal and i confirmed the filter was full of oil at that point. Next start was normal and pressure light is out. Faulty filter?
  7. It took a little longer than usual and never went out so I shut it down. Checked oil level again and did another cold start and it did not go out. No bypass and the location of sender is typical for other M20 engines but the engine mounting is different for the all wheel drive and is in the way. First step in the Bentley manual was to disconnect the wire and I haven't been able to get that far yet.....
  8. Anyone have experience with these? Is it replaceable with engine in car? I just wrestled with the wire and cannot even get a good angle to get the wire off. Trying to troubleshoot an oil pressure light that will not go off. Just did all the fluids including oil and filter and this happened upon first startup. Oil level is fine. Any other way to confirm pressure? Thanks for any info.
  9. I love that car Slavs. Great color and reminds me of my first car - a 1968 1600-2. If you want to sell I'd offer $1400.00 today! 🙂
  10. And Jim, I'm no mechanical engineer so not well qualified to design drive shafts. That's why I keep coming to this site - to learn! 😃
  11. It seems the problem could be solved rather than by chance? Torsional frequency is inversely proportional to square root of length so double the length and the natural frequency is about 70% of the original. I would assume the natural frequency is selected to be well above the anticipated rpm's to avoid resonance so diameter and wall thickness may have to increase quite a bit to get there. Space limitations, flex disc connection, etc may become limiting. Maybe that's why it's not done commonly? My 2 cents based on 31 years of structural engineering.
  12. That was a cool site. Anyone remember an e-mail digest in the 90's? I think Chris Kent was the name?
  13. That's pretty cool. I'm going to skip the wiring on mine. Does your light also serve as a brake warning light?
  14. I picked up this choke cable primarily for the knob that matches the rest of the car and will install it on my '75 with a converted 38 DGAS carb. Anyone know what the electrical connections are for? I am guessing that these wires would not be in the '75 harness - correct? Thanks,
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