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  1. landon

    Front Bumper Accordions

    Looking for late model front bumper accordions to replace some torn ones. Left and right. Don't necessarily need the hardware. Thanks,
  2. Just checking to see what shops are familiar with the 2002's. I'm out in Glenwood Springs and had been using Bimmerhaus for quite a while to do jobs now and then on my 2002 and E30 325ix. The old school techs are gone and they don't seem to be interested in working on these anymore.... Thanks,
  3. landon

    Wiper Motor Plastic Cover

    Still for sale? Pm sent.
  4. landon

    Water pump to intake hose P/N

    Yes, you helped me today! i was looking for this this week. The RealOEM picture looked nothing like this and I was confused with the other 2 numbers you showed. That looks to be exactly what I need for my 75. Where did you get it? Thanks
  5. landon

    Provence Tour 2019

    None of those but the 1971 orange 2002 looks like it has a ti badge on the grill.....
  6. landon

    car insurance considerations?

    I am curious if anyone has experience with Central Insurance? I have a quote from them thru an agent with an agreed value of $29,000 for a base 1975. That's their number by the way and I'm good with it... The policy is not cheap - about 1000.00 / yr for full coverage. I currently have a "regular" policy with Allied for about half that price. I will also add my 1988 325ix and of course the deal is only good if they bundle the home insurance as well. My current agent that I carry all my home and other vehicle policies has not been able to come up with anything for me. My own calls to Hagerty, Chubb, and American collectors have been dead ends once they know I want to drive the car. I use both cars as daily's - one for the winter and one for the summer. I feel the need to get the car adequately insured for the new market out there so I'm fine the increase in cost but I have never heard of this company and am looking for experiences. TIA
  7. Install them correctly with the right resistance and the right unit for the application and they will last for at least 15 years and 125k miles like mine has.
  8. Well said. The average cost to operate a newer car is $0.60 / mile. I have driven 370k miles in 28 years. At a lower avg cost of say 0.30 / mile ( inflation, etc) we have $111,000! How much have I spent? 50k? 70k? It's pretty well sorted now but will eventually have to re-visit body work and another engine down the road. Probably could sell it now for a solid 15k. Looks like a deal to me.....
  9. I too get the the "tii" question regularly. I can hear the tone of disappointment in there voice when i say it's not. It's like, "awww....too bad, you could have had a really cool car like I had ( or my father had) in the day." It's all good though when anybody takes notice and it always leads to some good conversation. At the end of the encounter I drive away in my plain Jane old base 2002 and they drive away in their SUV.
  10. Been in the area since 2000. Work in Glenwood and go up toward Aspen regularly. I rarely see them here but I just saw another 02 a few weeks ago owned by a woman in Carbondale. A 76 in Anthracite metallic color. She got it cheap and it needs care but she is super excited about it!
  11. Great story and awesome project. I'm still driving my daily 02 around the Roaring Fork Valley and I'm sure I'll be thinking about this along the way. I always wonder what what my girls are going to do with the car after I'm gone..... Best of luck and enjoy the rest of the journey!
  12. landon

    video ...... a 2002 and a 912

    Nice film and cars, but don't forget to latch the hood down!
  13. landon

    Brake Pads ?

    Similar story for me. Used metalmasters for years , no apparent problem. I get about 40- 50,000 miles from rotors between replacement due to warpage. Is this from the pads? I don't know, but the rotors wear faster than the pads. OK, rotors are cheap. Fine for street performance and pedal feel seems fine. I got ATE pads recently from Blunt and I can't stop the squeal. I've had them out twice and re applied anti-squeal but it keeps coming back. Also, having to use wheel cleaner now to get the dust off every wash. Never had an issue with this before. Is there test data to say the Porterfields give better performance? Or is this subjective?
  14. Thanks for sharing. I live down valley from Aspen near Glenwood Springs and stumbled across the car display last year. Never heard a word about it in the local papers. Could be a big event with some advertising as the venue is fantastic!
  15. landon

    ignition switch troubles

    The switch can be removed from the back by unplugging the wires and removing 2 screws. This is where the spring mechanism is and can be lubricated - maybe more thoroughly than by just inserting some lubricant in the keyhole. This helped "loosen" mine a few years ago and it has worked great since. Try that first as the lock cylinder repair is a little more involved.