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  1. A good home indeed. Nice looking car! No worries...Shipping is cheap for this one...
  2. OK Don, I'll get that out this week. Just to be sure this fits the stock 1 bbl. Solex air cleaner.
  3. Free to good home. Send me a US address to ship.
  4. landon

    Free Parts

    Looking for front bumper accordions if you have those and willing to sell separate......
  5. Looking for late model front bumper accordions. Left and right. Do you have any of those? Thanks,
  6. $5000.00 in 1975 is worth $23,337.00 in today's money adjusted for inflation. Appreciation or just holding value? I don't like higher prices either but I still drive my 02 daily for cheaper than my neighbors auto expenses, many of whom are driving $50,000 pickup trucks. House prices? Don't even go there....it's 2019 and you have to live in the now.
  7. Looking for late model front bumper accordions to replace some torn ones. Left and right. Don't necessarily need the hardware. Thanks,
  8. Those headers don't look very stock... but they don't take anything away from the car either. Fantastic job Juan!
  9. I haven't heard that name in a long time! Didn't Ed Fens in Houston have a touring?
  10. Solved - repaired the loose wire at fuse #12 and it started right up. The fuse box was the last thing I touched.......
  11. OK - pulled the fuse the box and found a wire was disconnected at fuse #12. This should be the problem. I have not tried to start it yet as I want to re-work the spade connector before re-attaching. This wire was black and came out of the blue sheathing leading back to the coil. I do not have a "clear" resistor wire connected at the coil so I am thinking this wire was replaced. Looking at the wiring diagram I think this the wire that provides the voltage to the coil after the starter is out of the loop. Makes sense causing the no start condition. My Red coil connected directly to Pertronix wiring without an external ballast resistor has worked without issue for 13 + years. Prior to the pertronix install my engine builder setup the red coil with an external ballast resistor. I assume this was 1.8 ohms as noted on the coil and that is why the 0.9 ohm ballast wire would have been removed. Correct?
  12. Yes, spark was seen during cranking. This sounds familiar that the voltage is different during cranking. It is a 1975 so I think they have the resistor wire. I used to run a ballast resistor with the red coil when I had points but removed it after the pertronix install ( 13 years ago??). Where would this coil relay be located?
  13. You just jogged my memory. After seeing signs of the mouse I pulled up the fuse box to see if they were nesting in there. I did not see anything so I just put it back but maybe something got loose.....
  14. Maybe. I am going to try again tonight and pull a plug if the result is the same. Starting is very consistent with this car and I used the same procedure. Pull the choke and One pump of the gas. After a few tries I did a flooded start procedure too and it would not go. It does sound like it wants to catch and fire but does not. The manual choke is engaging fine.
  15. Early spring weather here prompted me to take the 02 to work yesterday but she would not start. I last started it 3 weeks ago and it fired normally and ran nice and smooth. Nothing was touched but I will note that I killed 3 mice under the car in that period after noticing some droppings on the tops of the fenders and on the dashboard. After that was cleaned up I have seen no other signs of them getting in the car. I checked the following; 1. Starter is cranking strong. Battery is good showing 12.5 volts. 2. The 38 DGAS shows a nice strong jet of fuel from the pump diaphragm. 3. I get a spark from the #1 plug HT lead and from the coil HT lead. Spark was blue - orange. 4. With ignition on - I checked voltage from coil + to ground and saw no reading. ???? should see 12V there correct? But the coil is sparking...... Bosch red coil is 20 years old. No external ballast resistor. 5. Followed the green wire from coil to ignition switch and it looked good. Checked connection at switch and it looked good. I saw no signs of damage to wiring under the hood or under the dash. 6. checked cap and rotor and all looked good. No out of place arcing. These were replaced this summer. Pertronix wiring looked fine and was sitting nice and tight. This one is about 13 years old. So what next? Weak spark? bad fuel? Another wire I should check for damage? I thought i would pull a plug tonight and see what they look like. They were replaced this summer as well. Thanks for any tips.
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