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  1. From a structural engineering viewpoint, the angle method should give you a more accurate measure of tension in the bolt. We never recommend torque wrenches because they must be calibrated and the bolts must have some lubrication to avoid binding and false readings. This is a big variable. The trick to the angle method is determining a "snug tight" condition from which to start measuring the angle. The BMW procedure uses a torque wrench to get this point and again the wrench should be calibrated. Start too soon and you don't achieve adequate tension. I'm not sure how that relates to a compressible gasket so maybe someone has a mechanical engineering viewpoint?
  2. Glad you are OK Lucian. Go slowly with the claim process. Insurance likes to go fast in this case before you have time to think about it. Above all get good medical advice and don't settle too fast. Whiplash and other injuries sometimes take time to present themselves. Then the same goes for the car. Get multiple estimates. Use your shop - not theirs. Leave room for unseen damage. Their insurance should pay for all but once you sign they are off the hook..... And hit and run charge for the culprit? He deserves more than just a increase in the insurance rate.
  3. Yes, that's what i thought. I did not see anything regarding Rein so thought I would ask. I did find a FEBI bearing and some say it's good - others bad? I did find a better deal on a dealer part - $283!
  4. Just checking on this part and see Rein and URO available around $15. BMW dealer part for $300.00. Any experience with these brands? TIA
  5. It is cleaning up nicely! Water and electrical don't mix so start with basic troubleshooting, battery, starter connections, etc. Search can be challenging to get exactly what you want but it's usually there. Everyone's no start issue is different it seems. Every time I go looking for what I want I get a lesson on what I didn't know. There are thousands of years of collective wisdom in there from people who have worked on these cars. Like a gift from the gods!
  6. Were cool? I'm still driving on them! 😃
  7. Thanks for sharing that! i remember when sheepskins were cool.....
  8. The car is worth whatever anyone will pay for it. It is not a rust free car. There are too many pics with surface rust on the suspension pieces, trunk, rockers, etc. Surface rust in itself is not the end of the day but to me it is indicative of other things hiding under a masked off respray. If you are not doing body and paint work you should examine this carefully so you know what you are getting.
  9. A good home indeed. Nice looking car! No worries...Shipping is cheap for this one...
  10. OK Don, I'll get that out this week. Just to be sure this fits the stock 1 bbl. Solex air cleaner.
  11. Free to good home. Send me a US address to ship.
  12. landon

    Free Parts

    Looking for front bumper accordions if you have those and willing to sell separate......
  13. Looking for late model front bumper accordions. Left and right. Do you have any of those? Thanks,
  14. $5000.00 in 1975 is worth $23,337.00 in today's money adjusted for inflation. Appreciation or just holding value? I don't like higher prices either but I still drive my 02 daily for cheaper than my neighbors auto expenses, many of whom are driving $50,000 pickup trucks. House prices? Don't even go there....it's 2019 and you have to live in the now.
  15. Looking for late model front bumper accordions to replace some torn ones. Left and right. Don't necessarily need the hardware. Thanks,

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