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A local hangout for those of us 02ers in the Rocky States! (CO, MT, ID, WY, UT, AZ, & NM)

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  2. Tires are SOLD. Sad to be out of the 2002 family, but nice to have my garage back!
  3. Hey this was a while ago so I dont know if you have already sold it but to me based on The nice picsyour price is fair and if you post it a few places I think you would get interest for sure. GLWS
  4. Nate, I got some body and paint work done at Reflections Auto Body in Wheat Ridge - reasonable price for a really good job. As far as local mechanical work, I'll follow your post.
  5. GONE! A good body probably saved Bud had a body to use I didn't have to go to the junk yard I'll let Bud chime in with details of his project if he chooses
  6. Hey guys! Just moved to Denver from LA. I also picked up a '74 2002 along the way (first project car). I've seen a few posts about body shop recommendations...but nothing really came of it. So I'll echo some of the posts below... any good body shop recommendations or mechanic shops with strong 2002 experience? I reached out to Bimmer Haus up in Broomfield last night, but I want to see if there are any others I should know about... Also, it looks like the Cars and Coffee meet ups fizzled out, are we going to have any more this year? Thanks! -Nate
  7. Was at Hagerty sponsored open house in Colo. Sprgs. today. First drive for this car since restoration. Everything about it was first class. 1938. I loved those door handles, Bet you don't have to slam the doors on this one.
  8. I've decided that I no longer need the 1969 2002 which I've been using as a reference for my 1600 restoration (build dates are ~ 2 months apart). So, it's been offered on Craigslist today: https://denver.craigslist.org/pts/d/berthoud-1969-bmw-2002-body-and-many/6967454636.html This car could be restored with serious dedication (has a title), or there's good sheet metal and other parts. If no interest surfaces, the junkyard awaits another victim... I can be reached thru the CL ad or here by PM Cal
  9. Hi, my name is Scott. 2002 fan from back in the 80's and 90's. One of my cars was a Tii, 71 or 72, not sure! I did a terrible thing and modified it to an automatic transmission. Please don't hit me............. I still have the parts that came out the car and now is the time to sell. Was holding on thinking someday my son would grow into an 02er. His first car is a 08 335xi coupe - (what a monster!) so no interest in the parts. So maybe there is someone locally that can use them. I am hoping that you can give me some input on the value for these parts. I have made some calls and looked at ebay. Not a lot of info to be had. Hoping to find out what the goinig price is. The car had approx 85l miles, 25k by me, I bought it after someone botched an overhaul and I got a good deal. They had left out one of the wrist pin keepers, I re-sleeved the one cylinder. It was a great little car. here is the list. flywheel clutch parts transmission 4 sp - 2nd gear sync was worn stick shift and mounting parts - I am keeping the knob as a memo petals and the mounting pan - the pan has a rust hole, but could be repaired - this one is free to a good home drive line - the car had a long pinion rear trans-axle (I lost track of that) There might me more small stuff - I have to dig in the garage and see I have pictures if there is interest. thanks!
  10. Morning all: I've been part of this forum for a number of years. I'm thinking of selling my 1973 2002 and I wanted to let this group know before I put it in the classifieds or on Bring a Trailer. She's a 1973 that has been updated, redone, rebuilt and generally enjoyed by me for the last 7 years. Purchased locally, maintained by Mark Hutto and driven sparingly. I have a number of spares/upgrades that go along including a brand new car cover. I'm thinking about asking $17,500. I've included a couple of pictures below. Is the price fair given the condition and quality of the car? She's not perfect but a strong driver quality IMHO. Thoughts???
  11. OK... here's what I have at the moment... great prices!!!! All of these are "pick up from my house only"... but the only caveat is that you have to tell me all about your 2002 while you are here. I will consider offers... and may combine beer offers. All I have left is the tires!!! Wheels and Tires: $400 -Wheels: TR Motorsports C1 Bright Silver 15x7 25mm offset -Tires: BFGoodrich g-force rival 225/45zr15 with at least another Autocross season left. Stored in garage (never frozen). -Includes lug nuts.
  12. Hi. Sorry to hear about your car. I would be interested in your LSD if it's still available. Let me know. Thanks. Doza.
  13. Hi Haran . I’ll be there. Hope others will attend and we can park together. Doza
  14. I finally have a weekend off and was wondering if anyone here is going? I’ve noticed doza59 has been trying to organize a group for this C&C and am down to join this weekend! hope everyone had an awesome 4th haran
  15. Fuck. But BRZ with a supercharger is legit. :)
  16. Thanks for the feedback Gary and Chris. Since I posted, the body shop (Auto Reflections in Wheat Ridge) has given me a completion date (July 7), so I'll stick with them for now. They did some really good work for me about two years ago, and the color match to my original Tampico paint was great. Apparently he's had some issues hiring and keeping good help - not uncommon along the Front Range these days. I'll post the results in a few weeks, then it's on to the new headliner, windshield (and rubber), and sunroof seals; and a bunch of other stuff. Can't wait!
  17. Hi All, After my 1972 2002 was hit 14 months ago, it was sent to be repaired. After a year of hell... it is now out of the bodyshop, and insurance is going to total the car. Bad news... no more 2002 for Gary. Good news... insurance gave me a fair deal and I'll be getting a BRZ. For your viewing pleasure: https://www.kktv.com/content/news/Call-for-Action-Investigation-Auto-shop-has-car-for-more-than-a-year-511187601.html SO... the crates and boxes and shed with BMW parts are all going to have to go. The only really interesting thing I have left is the race motor, the 15" wheels with WIDE rubber, the original seats, a LSD and a couple Weber carbs... everything else is pretty mundane spares. Let me know if there is anything specifically you are looking for, I would prefer to sell/give to local folks rather than deal with shipping. The insurance wanted too much for me to buy the car back... so watch for the auction at Copart... and maybe in a junkyard nearby? Most of the good parts are on the car. If someone runs across this car in a junkyard... they are going to poop their pants!!
  18. Do NOT go to WreckMasters in Colorado Springs. They have a good reputation, but I gave up on them after they had my car for 14 months!
  19. I am also looking for a place to do some final body work and paint on my 2002. I am down in the Littleton area.
  20. Hi fellow Front Range 02ers! I scheduled my clean 1600 for some minor paint and body work in October 2018 and I still don’t have it back. I don’t see an end in sight, and I’m ready to take the car back from the shop; they still haven’t started working on it! Do any of you have recommendations for a shop that can do quality work in the Denver area (ideally close to Golden or Boulder). Thanks!
  21. HI Eric. Sorry something came up and I can't make it tomorrow . Hope to meet you another time . I want to put together a group meet up and drive this summer. Would you be interested? Beautiful car ! Enjoy the C &C tmrw. Doza.
  22. Hey Doza - I’m planning to be there w/ my ‘74 Fjord. What time you planning to arrive? Best, Eric
  23. Hi. 1-front and rear bumper '76 .rear has been cut on the ends . Front is excellent shape. 2- rear Brake drums/ shoes Thanks. Doza.

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