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  2. Larry Hudson 17455 Blue Heron Rd.. Lake Oswego. Oregon 97034 

  3. Thanks to all that reached out. The first batch is sold, but I'll make at least another couple. I'll post up when they are ready. Thanks again, and Esty, thank you for the photo, looks interesting, especially with the thin lock nut. Might be able to figure that out...
  4. Not sure if you have any shifts knobs left but I would definitely like one. They are beautiful! If they are all gone and you plan to make more please email me at Doug.mckenzie@aecom.com.




  5. Thanks all. I think I got back to everyone's PMs. I'm headed out into the woods for a couple of days but I'll ship out Monday. Coastal, not sure what Amco is, do you have a picture? SV, not sure how the autos attach, but depending on that I might be able to do something. Tiretool, sent you a PM. Thanks again.
  6. Afternoon all, Some time back I put out feelers about making some custom shift knobs, and I've finally finished a few. These are turned black walnut with a threaded aluminum plug epoxied into the base, and are finished in a marine epoxy. Standard gear lever threading of M15x1.5, and they are between 1 3/4 and 1 7/8 inches at the knob, and about 3" high. 80 bucks each, shipped to the lower 48. If anyone is interested in other woods or shapes, shoot me an IM.
  7. Thanks all for the replies. Sounds like I'll make a run of them and put them in the sale section. If folks want something different than the standard shape or a different wood, I might be up for a challenge. Thanks again
  8. Evening all, Trying to gauge interest before I jump in to something. I made a walnut shift knob for my '75. It's based off a walnut knob that came with the car, but has the BMW emblem. What I thought was going to be a quick project snowballed a bit and I ended up making an aluminum tapped insert that threads on to the shifter, and then coated the whole thing in epoxy to protect it and keep the emblem on. So my question is, now that I've bought the odd sized tap and die and have some idea how to go about making them, are these worth making more of? And if so, at what price? Thanks in advance for the feedback.
  9. Might be interested in an early bumper.... I'm in Denver as well. Congrats on the new car.
  10. Knob and manual spoken for pending payment. Thanks all.
  11. Location: : Denver FAQ'ers, I have some odds and ends. Haynes manual, 10 bucks plus shipping. Wooden thread on shift knob. small gouges, see the picture, 20 bucks plus shipping. grab handles for the interior rear. I have three handles; the straps are pretty beat up, but those are available. The plastic covers are fairly beat up, but I believe those are still available as well. I do have three of the metal grab handle brackets, which are pitted and corroded, but as they are NLA, they may be of use to someone. Two of the handles have screws, one doesn't, but a trip to the hardware store can remedy that. Each handle "set" of a single cover, strap and metal bracket is 20 bucks plus shipping. Thanks much.
  12. Thanks all for the help. Took the battery to be parts store yesterday for diagnostics bc it turns out the thing is only 1.5 years old. It took a charge and do not have any bad cells. Charged the battery all day yesterday, threw it in last night, started up with no hesitation. Ran some errands this morning and by the third start it was struggling. So I'm on to the alternator next. I have the 320 upgrade in a box somewhere, and vaguely understand that I need a different tension bracket. If that is putting out the correct voltage, I'll try the ignition switch. Thanks again.
  13. Morning All, I'm hoping for some help trouble shooting an issue I'm having with the electrical system. I'm losing power to the stereo when I hit the brakes, or turn on the high beams, or even sometimes when I turn on the signals. It happens very quickly and then comes back on; power is out for a second or so. This happens especially at idle and if I'm on the gas it's less likely to happen. I've just installed an e36 analog clock, and I did pull power from the stereo to run the clock. The clock appears to be keeping time even when the stereo goes out. '75, newer Bosch alternator, battery of unknown vintage that is about shot. Just a basic stereo, certainly not a huge system. Back brakes lights are MoBrighta's upgraded bulbs, but I did not have the problem with those bulbs before I did the clock. If I leave the car on the trickle charger and give the battery a strong charge, this happens less. Bad battery, or am I looking at chasing other problems? Thanks all. Matt
  14. Alright, just an update. I'm still uneasy about all this as the multiple email accounts, multiple names, lack of a believable explanation, etc. certainly suggest more than just a misunderstanding. So I've been refunded, but I did speak to Paypal today and they are reviewing the "Matt Sandoval" account. I'd suggest others make a call to them as well to raise a flag. Since I did not have any dealings with the Hector Borrego account, I couldn't flag it. Also, if you were sent a payment that wasn't a "refund" (a new payment from another account, for example) it is still possible for him to try to claw that money back at a later date. Man what a mess.
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