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  1. Evening all, sorry for the off topic post. My dad is looking for someone in the Denver or Summit County areas to install a new convertible top on his Honda S2000. Anyone have any recommendations? Thanks much.
  2. Solid walnut shift knob, thread on style for the 4speed. Aluminum threaded insert. About 3” x 2”. price is shipped in the continental US. Thanks much.
  3. I have a set or original seats for the taking if anyone wants them. The passenger seat is in good shape, the drivers side has several splits in the seat. I’d hate to just pitch them if somebody could use them. I’m in Denver. Thanks much.
  4. Long shot request. A tree fell on my '02 and it's sitting at the body shop. Insurance has agreed to pay to replace the roof (the whole frickin roof!) and the hood, but I can't find the parts. Any body have a hood in the area? Thanks much.
  5. Beginning to close the circle, if for no other reason than I'll now have a record of what I did when I forget it... R front turn signal is working. The contacts on the US spec turn signal screw posts were a corroded mess. I bought some Euro signals so I swapped those out. I ran a new ground from the new lights and the signal is sorted. Still having an issues with fuse 8 blowing, so I've taken out the signal stalk. The bakelite piece into which the turn signal lever fits is broken. So it flops all over the place. This broken piece isn't the cause of the problem, as even when I unplug the stalk, I still blow fuses. It's got to be a short. I've poked around under the dash as much as I can today, and torn off miles of friction tape, but nothing jumps out as a problem. Frustrating.
  6. turn signals on fuse 6? I'm showing the R front is on fuse 8... Having said that, I'll break into the column this weekend and report back. Thanks much.
  7. Morning all, I'm dealing with an issue and was hoping the collective wisdom could help. I have a '75 that lost the dash lights and the R front signal awhile back. Fuse 8 had blown (even though the correct 8A fuse had been changed to a 25A!) The nice folks on the Rocky Mountain Board helped me out and I found a short at the wire going into the number 8 slot in the fuse box. Spliced that out, dash lights work, but still no R front turn signal. L front signal works, and blinks correctly (no "one blink" problem). Drove for a week or so, and on the way home from work, pulled the headlight switch; blown fuse, no dash lights, no R front signal. I played with it a bit over the last couple of days, including pulling the R front signal and cleaning the bulb contacts. I also switched the stock blinker relay to the recommended electronic flasher relay, hoping that would make a difference. It didn't. I've traced the wires from the R front signal to the fuse box. That all now looks fine after I took care of the earlier short. It's protected by friction tape and wire loom, so I don't think I have another short. I've pulled the dash headlight switch to see if it's burned or otherwise looks problematic; no sign of arcing or shorts. Now, as soon as I turn on the headlights, or as soon as I signal a R turn on the column stalk, the fuse blows. If I signal a R turn, the headlights also flash very briefly. With the head lights off, I can signal a L turn without the fuse blowing. Suggestions? I'm about to start replacing parts, with the signal stalk, the hazard flasher, and the headlight switch on the list, but I'd rather narrow down what's happening rather than throwing a fair amount of money at it blindly. Thanks much!
  8. Howdy, looking for driver and passenger side window sealing lip that goes on the outside of the window at the top of the door. I think it's PN 51211847798. Thanks much!
  9. Never mind, needed a bit more force. Wire replaced, no more fuses blowing, even on the correct 8A. no left turn signals, but I’m guessing the bulbs are fried. I’ll switch them and cross my fingers. Thanks again Denver folks!
  10. Well, I dug in today with the pleasant weather... green white wire out of fuse 8 is fried. How do I remove it from the fuse box? Is it just a spade connector? There is a white plastic end on the green/white wire that is pretty well in there. Attempts to horse it out have been unsuccessful. Thanks again all, appreciate the help on this basic issue.
  11. Thanks guys, I'll poke around the #8 fuse downstream stuff and see if anything is wonky. Running lights and signals are out on the R front, so I'll start there. And if not, off to Mark in Westminster. Thanks again.
  12. I've got something, or a series of somethings, going on with my '75. It keeps blowing the #8 fuse recently. It looks like it was a problem when I got the car (although I've had it for 3 years now, it's only just started blowing fuses; no changes made that would explain it) because the fuse in #8 is a 25A rather than an 8A, which I believe is the correct amperage. So anyway, I'm poked around a bit and am unable to figure it out. First question, any suggestions for diagnosing? and failing that, do you all know anyone who does good work on these things in Denver? Thanks much -Matt
  13. I did have a couple of questions about 5sp shifters. I don't have any that fit the press on style. I need to figure out how to get my hands on a cheap shifter so I can turn the correct aluminum inserts, but I just haven't had time to get that all together. Thanks much.
  14. Thanks all, I've replied to PMs. I have 1 walnut knob and the leather knob remaining.
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