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  1. Ok, I’ll take this for $1. Did I miss some part of your ad? Send me PayPal info.
  2. Hey, diagram is actually 51/43😁
  3. I am looking for a 27 count, fine spline, 4bolt output shaft flange for an 02 four speed transmission. Please pm me if you can help. Thanks!
  4. Able to navigate now without being signed out. Messages come right up, seems to be back to normal!
  5. Both of the last two posts have sent immediately. That’s a change!👍
  6. Another thing that happened last night was that when I tried to upload photos in a message I received the “problem with server code” and the photos would not upload to the message.
  7. I no longer get the no permission page. Every time I try to navigate I am signed out. Don’t know if this will send or not.
  8. Took about ten tries to get last reply to send. Submit reply signs me out.
  9. I am getting the error code and it takes forever to get into my messages. When/if I do get in when I attempt to send a message it signs me out and I get the no permission page. If I try to get into my profile page it signs me out as well.
  10. Hey, Pretty sure this is available new. PN 5121 6 454229.
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