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  1. doza59

    1976 exhaust manifold

    Hi. Sorry no overseas shipping. Doza
  2. doza59

    1976 exhaust manifold

  3. doza59

    WTB BBS center caps

    sent you a PM. Doza
  4. doza59

    BBS/BMW alloy wheel Hub cap removal wrench

    Yes it’s still available. Let me know your zip to calculate the shipping . Thanks Doza
  5. doza59

    WTB: Euro Style Turn Signal Indicators.

    Hi Ken. Yes bit of patina is always good and lower price then new. Just want in good working condition and no cracks in lens. let me know what you have and send some pics. Thanks. Doza
  6. I have a slightly lowered '02. Running older set of KYB's. .looking to upgrade my suspension. Koni sport vs Bilstein HD? . Street car and canyon driver. . Thanks. Thanks. doza
  7. I’m second in line if sale does not go through. Thanks Doza
  8. Selling genuine BBS Alloy wheel hub cap removal wrench. BMW part #3613-117925 $20 plus shipping paid by buyer. Thanks. Doza
  9. doza59

    WTB: Euro Style Turn Signal Indicators.

    Thanks I'm looking for a vintage set . Doza.
  10. Hi. Looking to buy a good set of Euro style turn signal indicators. Working condition , good chrome, no cracks on lens. Thanks Doza
  11. Hi. Looking to install a new front strut bar. Has anyone used the Wiechers Sport Strut bar R3002. sold on the Schmiedmann website ? Or do you have other recommendations for other strut bars. Thanks. Doza
  12. doza59

    BMW E10 Euro Turn indicators 5 Sets

    Hi . What turn signals do you have left ? can you send me pics of turn signals ( 1-3) top view to see the chrome condition . Thanks. Doza
  13. doza59

    NM/NA - 5 Cromodora 6x13 wheels

    Great look.