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  1. Hi, 

    Are you still interested in the mb quart speakers. 

    Pwe 160 front speakers and larger oval in rear. 



    1. otisdog


      Are they in decent shape?

    2. doza59


      Yes seem in good condition. I didn't use them so not sure how they sound . 

      Let me know. 


  2. doza59

    Free Parts

    Speakers are pwe 160 in front and oval shaped larger for rear. Let me know. Doza
  3. HI Eric. Sorry something came up and I can't make it tomorrow . Hope to meet you another time . I want to put together a group meet up and drive this summer. Would you be interested? Beautiful car ! Enjoy the C &C tmrw. Doza.
  4. doza59

    Free Parts

    Hi, they were originally tan and sprayed black years ago by previous owner. I'll send you pics. Thanks. Doza
  5. doza59

    Free Parts

    Here are pics of taillight lens. Has 1 1/2 inch crack. Doza
  6. doza59

    Free Parts

    Landon, I decided to keep the front bumper together since all the complete parts in good shape. Thanks Doza
  7. doza59

    Free Parts

    I’ll check and send you pics. Doza
  8. doza59

    Free Parts

    All parts are free buyer just pays shipping. Want them out of my garage. 1- 1976 rear bumper . Has been cut in ends to pull in. 2- 1976 exhaust manifold. (california) 3- 1976 rear drum brakes complete . 4-2 door panels,with speaker holes. 5- red plastic fan. Has chips. 6- mb quart speakers (4) thanks. Doza.
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