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  1. Great. If you can remove it I’ll take it. Please send pic if you can get it off. Thanks chris
  2. Looking for e21 3 bolt driveshaft flange in good shape for 5 speed conversion . Thanks . Chris
  3. Looking for e21 245 getrag 5 speed trans 4 bolt flange in good condition . Thanks. Doza.
  4. doza59


    Sorry my bad. Not selling the air pump. Doza
  5. doza59


    Yes interested . Just pay for shipping . Doza
  6. doza59

    Free Stuff

    Items shipped usps. Will arrive by Friday. Doza
  7. doza59

    Free Stuff

    ok got it . Thank you will ship out today. Doza
  8. doza59

    Free Stuff

    Ok. $7.65 usps small box. Paypal friends and family please. [email protected] Let me know your address.
  9. doza59

    Free Stuff

    Free stuff. Buyer pays shipping. 2- Grab strap. ( plastic broken.) 3- B- Pillar exterior trim piece. Bent and scratched. Thanks. Doza
  10. Selling 3 complete used BBS 14" basketweave center caps. Also have only outer trim piece on 4th one center piece is missing. Asking: $25 obo plus buyer pays shipping . Thanks. Doza
  11. Hi Sherman. Yes it is . do you still have the center caps? I’m interested. Thanks Doza
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