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  1. WTB: 320i e21 cv joints for e21 LSD install. Thanks. Doza
  2. WTB: Passenger Side Wiper Arm with Air Vane. Thanks. Doza
  3. Selling Nice Pair of Talbot 300 Berlin Mirrors. In excellent condition , gaskets , mirror glass is good. Comes with new gaskets and screws . Asking $300 for pair. 11 cm mirror diameter. Buyer pays for shipping costs. Thanks. Doza
  4. Yes welcome. They look great. Wheels and tires on a car really make the biggest impact on the look. Good choice. Doza
  5. Looking to buy a good set of covers for square taillight housings. These are the covers inside the trunk. No cracks or chips. Thanks. Doza.
  6. Looking for Passenger side floor pan ( front) in nice shape no rust. Thanks. Doza
  7. Hi Paul. Thanks will reach out to order one . Doza.
  8. Looking for new one a very good condition. Interior pedal box foam cover. Thanks. Doza
  9. Looking for a nice rear drivers side tail light lens. No cracks or chips. Thanks. Doza
  10. doza59

    Free Parts

    sorry hub caps gone. Doza
  11. doza59

    Free Parts

    Have some parts for free just need to pay any shipping costs. 1- Front and Rear Bumpers '76 ( rear has benn cut at ends. Front is in excellent shape.) 2- Door panels with speaker holes. Black. 3- Rear brakes drums and shoes Thanks. Doza.
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