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  1. I just got a pair of front B6/HD’s from Automotive Stuff for $292 including shipping.
  2. https://www.hagerty.com/media/motorcycles/this-r18-custom-puts-bmws-kidney-bean-grille-on-a-motorcycle/
  3. My local dealer, BMW of Loveland, is even a bigger waste of my time. Went there to buy an i3 in December of 2016 and I was forgotten in the lobby. After test ride I had a few questions but never heard back from salesperson. It was such a special car they only had one person selling them. I bought a Nissan Leaf instead. Strike 1. I lost my only key 2 days after purchasing my 02. Dealer said they could get a new one cut in 1-2 days., though it wouldn’t be guaranteed to work ($45). I gave up after a week and when I went to get my credit waited for 15 minutes for the cash register person. Strike 2 Went on EBay and got two keys delivered to my home in three days for $25. Dealer called a week later and asked if I wanted the key. Of course it didn’t work. Strike 3 Now that John Elway is an owner maybe things will be better. But then there’s me being a Green Bay Packers fan.
  4. Rogerstii - placed a $220 order with them and shipping was $35. Sent wrong points and were not the advertised brand. Didn’t respond to my email about urgently needing the correct points. Shipped back with label they provided and haven’t received credit. Pelican Parts - sent incorrect air filter. Would not provide return shipping label. It cost me $20 to ship back. FCP Euro - returned alternator when I accidentally bought two. Returned with approval letter (cost $45). They say I sent them a Honda filter. Told me to go to shipper for refund. The lesson learned here is that there are only two parts suppliers you can trust in the U. S. - BluntTech and Maximillian.
  5. Square Tails Too
  6. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step - Lao Tzu
  7. I became a very lucky 02 owner on January 6th, 2020. My 1975 02A in Malaga is the cleanest used car I have ever owned and there’s been 15 cars between my first and “Binger”. As my daily driver it has finally reached the point of nirvana and I couldn’t have gotten there without all of you and BMW2002FAQ. I’m hardly a mechanic but getting pretty good at being a putz! I’m wondering, what has been your biggest 02 accomplishment in 2020? Adding a picture I’m sure will get you more smiles. Here’s mine - getting the fast idle to work on an original Solex two-barrel DIDTA!!! Part follow the directions, part push the pedal to the floor a few times and a little bit of luck. Happy New Year and may 2021 bring us many more 02 adventures.
  8. I’m in the process of doing the same thing on my 75 02A but got sidelined by some bad points. Here’s some screenshots that pertain to the subject. I don’t know about the nut. I was just planning on drilling some holes and inserting screws.
  9. Ok, maybe this video will work IMG_2928.MOV
  10. It is a happy day indeed when the fast idle works on your 2-barrel Solex DIDTA. Instructions and advice provided on BMW2002FAQ, and reading them, made it all possible. The video is proof that Solex’s are forever and the key part of the instructions are included too. Then there’s my daily driver 02A out for a little fun in the snow. It’s been a long time since I’ve had RWD in the snow and it makes driving in a cold car worth every minute. IMG_2928.MOV
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