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  1. Ok, maybe this video will work IMG_2928.MOV
  2. It is a happy day indeed when the fast idle works on your 2-barrel Solex DIDTA. Instructions and advice provided on BMW2002FAQ, and reading them, made it all possible. The video is proof that Solex’s are forever and the key part of the instructions are included too. Then there’s my daily driver 02A out for a little fun in the snow. It’s been a long time since I’ve had RWD in the snow and it makes driving in a cold car worth every minute. IMG_2928.MOV
  3. If you’re looking for a key this guy on EBay did me well. I sent him the number off the back of the door handle.
  4. I have an unusual request. I have the same carb on my 75 02A and I can’t find the high speed idle cam. Any chance you could take a picture of the cam on your carb? I think it had three steps in it and a screw nearby for adjusting. TIA, John
  5. I’m looking for a push button switch that lights up. Planning on using it for driving lights. Seems like green is the most common color but orange or purple would work too. TIA.
  6. I’m working on perfecting my technique. Fill void with hot melt glue and then layer in the PTEX. Remove excess with razor blade and low temperature heat iron. Finally apply shoe polish. Thoughts (please be kind I grew up in Kenosha)?
  7. In my 75 02A the very unusual grey interior.
  8. Do you think Gord would like to go camping in Colorado? This is on my to-do list and your article and photographs will really help me. Thank you.
  9. The duct tape only counts as a tool if your last name is McGyver.
  10. I’m getting ready to do the same thing to my 1975 02A and found this article really helpful - http://ericsgarage.blogspot.com/2015/01/1975-bmw-2002-bumper-tuck.html?m=1
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