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Only02 carpet vs Esty carpet. One better than the other?


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I have been searching the forum and I know that both of these carpet kits have been mentioned many times. Many of the threads I found were quite old though. I am wondering if anyone has had experience with both, or at least seen both, to know which is the better product for the money. (Only02 set looks to be about $235 shipped, I assume the Esty set will be closer to $300 shipped)


I have recently resurrected my '75 2002 from its poor storage conditions for the past 6 years, and it NEEDS interior attention due to a mouse infestation. I have already torn the seats down to frames and repadded and covered them but now I need the carpet to get it back together. Any suggestions would be appreciated! 

Thanks all!

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I put an Only02 set in my 75 in 06 and had it for 8 yrs, loved it.  The PO of my current car "said" it had an Esty carpet, can't confirm though.  I liked the Only02 set better.  But then again, I put it in myself and took my time doing it.  The PO of my current car did a lot of half ass stuff to it, could be why it doesn't fit well.



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the difference in my sets and others is the quality of the material...there are only so many ways you can cut each section for a proper fit...i just decided long ago not to offer the low quality carpet sold by a few other sources unless the buyer knows and understands exactly what they will receive....some buyers tend to associate poor quality material with poor workmanship...i can make a carpet set from the same exact material as the other sellers but guarantee that it will be built better and fit better ...


that said...if you're looking to save a buck you'll be hard pressed to find a better price than those at only02

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I don't have experience with only02 sets, but I have my Esty set for over 3 years now and very happy with it.  She even made me a shorty trunk mat (for trunk battery) to match!

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I installed Esty's carpet.  The great quality of the grade I chose was exceeded only by the superb quality of the service.  Esty answered several questions in a timely manner and made the install relatively easy and quite enjoyable.  See photos of the result, both with and without floor mats.  (The jackstand was holding down a section of glued carpet in the corner.  One must improvise when installing any brand of carpet.)  









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I have an Esty carpet kit. Here are things that you cannot get with others. The support. Mine was in my garage for a few years before I installed. I think I cut one side wrong. Asked Esty for a price for one small piece. She just shipped it to me. No charge. Then I had another issue with a piece. She said she changed the design slightly and sent it again at no charge. I will only go to Esty for my carpeting needs because I want to support someone making great products and providing excellent support with that. I also find that saving a few bucks usually costs you more in the long run.

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I have an Esty carpet kit in my BMW 1800 TISA. The quality of the carpet, and salt and pepper factory motifs were as good as I could hope for. I believe that sometimes you actually get what you pay for, and that supporting a BMW 2002 FAQ member with a genuine appreciation for quality, and great follow up support is an important thing. The universe is an increasingly complex place, with capitalism, globalization, and the Internet intersecting. I always choose to support an FAQ member, if their quality level is this good. I feel much the same way about Steve, at Blunttech, and the excellent service, and quality of his products.


On the  track we say that your car can either be cheap, fast or dependable, choose any two.  Quality matters.  Sincerely, Peter


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I can't comment on the 02 carpet set as I bought mine from Esty. Fit was good and instructions were helpful. I chose a "budget" carpet and had an issue with one of the sections. Not workmanship but the parent material. The customer service from Esty was second to none as the part was replaced with no issue.

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