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  1. JW, those seats are not original; they have been recovered. If you're curious about why its so obvious check out the 2002 turbo section where we just had a go around on how to recover them properly .
  2. Bravo Andrew, I know it is an anthropomorphic, however, Vern is smiling deeply and genuinely now.😇 So much attention and love, such careful grooming, don't let Cindy get jealous . I very much look forward to seeing you Vern, and Cindy if she can make it at the Oktoberfest. The TISA Will be left scruffy, I will wash it and check its fluids, which is why we'll be in the display only section. I do look forward to beating the snot out of the racecar. In a concession to 2002 love I put some helicopter tape on the face of the car. See you soon buddy, best regards Peter
  3. Andrew, thanks for taking us all along on the Vern's restoration journey. For me it is quite amazing and inspiring as I try to move my own projects forward. I very much look forward to seeing you and the car, at the vintage and PVGP. Marks point, above, is thoughtful and well considered as your car is so beautiful and high-profile, from the period correct steering wheel to the alloys and restoration that CN 36's would be the icing on the cake. I just caved in myself and ordered a set to go on early 13 inch Boranni wheels. The 2002 TI Bears a striking Family resemblance to your car as it was repainted in Verona, rather than Granada. Best regards, and very sincere thanks for the inspiration, I'm amazed how quickly and efficiently you moved the car forward. see you soon, Peter
  4. It looks incredibly beautiful, is that color Granada red? Sincerely, Peter P. S. Did you use a single stage paint or clearcoat over a base. I'm curious as I'm getting ready to repaint a car in its original Granada Red.
  5. Lisa, thanks so much for sharing the details on your center console, and it's beautiful connection to your life. The center console is not only a reverence, but also a reference point in your life. I also very much celebrate the romance of cars, and the beauty of that connection with our parents. I keep a picture of my dad on the dashboard of the TISA, as it is the last car I rode in with him, back in 1988 before he passed away. My dad used to race cars, and got into BMWs later on, when he bought a 1602 for the family, very similar to your car Derby. I can still remember the thrill of going around corners when dad drove that car very quickly and smoothly, I was probably eight or nine years old at that time. I believe that a little material sentimentalism helps connect us to our parents and those who have already passed, enriching our every day. The pictures are absolutely fantastic, both of you and your dad, thank you so much for sharing. I wore bellbottoms in the 70s too. Best regards, Peter
  6. Here is what my just installed Ireland stage one kit looks like. It still seems a bit high to me, certainly higher than it was with the stock old Springs. Best regards, Peter
  7. Fascinating, as Spock would say. This is a great and timely subject, I just installed a Ireland stage one spring, BilStien and sway bar kit. I thought the car looks rather tall, and will be interested to see if the springs sag appropriately. I was thinking about removing all of my spring pads and making ultra thin ones out of innertube's. Andrew, do you know if your car has the stock spring perch pads in the front and rear, as that would be Germane.? Also could you post another full picture or two of Vern from a low angle reference (i.e. Lens perpendicular to beltline level )so that we can see how things are supposed to look with this kit. The 2002 TI (below) has H&R springs, and sits at an appropriate, sexy lower level. I am going to the shop today, and will take some additional pictures of the other car with Ireland stage one springs to help out with the subject. This is why I love the 2002 FAQ, it is such a fantastic resource for all of us. Best regards, Peter
  8. Thanks again guys! I went with Toby's advice and old-school methodology,(hammers and a little more violence) the way I used to bleed things in the old days with a friend. Great advice from all of you, I had not thought about surface tension and air bubble trapping in the snuggling electron fields and tunnels of virginal brake lines, (Good point Simeon) but now that I think about it, I find it pleasing. Brakes are all up and stopping . Of course I idiotically replaced the master cylinder which was a real pain in the gluteal musculature. I look forward to seeing everybody Friday. Grice, I must say I am sorry that you won't make it but at least you have great excuses, there's nothing like travel, hiking and skiing in the great outdoors to broaden the soul and spirit. Thanks for the offer, and I hope you realize that you are always welcome here in Lancaster pennsyltuckey. We will miss you. Best regards, Peter
  9. Many thanks my brothers, I really appreciate the perspective, I needed some good deep extra intellectual help , and a little emotional support on this. I will follow Toby's recommendations, as well as see if I can get a pressure bleeder top down in the meantime. I have one night and half a day to get things together. I had wondered if the mighty vac was sucking bubbles in around the bleeders and what not. Sometimes the enemy of good is better, and it is great to have support, intellectual, logical and emotional. I once nearly broke up with a Georgia peach because she was becoming extremely tired of "pumping the pedal." I was a dolt that time and - had reversed the right and left front calipers on a 911. I will attack the Ti again tonight, and hope to see you all Friday. Again, many thanks, best regards Peter P.S. Grice-I am hoping that you will be at the vintage, as your company is always so excellent.
  10. I started preparing for the Vintage about three weeks ago. I changed the fluids in the 2002 TI, put a new fantastic gel cell battery in, changed filters, and did a tuneup. I went a little further, and put campagnolo wheels on it, and a spare TISA steering wheel. I started driving it to work every day to make sure that it was in good shape for such a long trip. I even took the bottom of the dashboard apart to fix the turn signals, which developed a grounding problem. One day I noticed that it was pulling to one side. I got out of the car and put my hand on the passenger side front wheel. It was hot. The slope got slippery very quickly. I replaced both calipers, all new front brake pads, all new hoses, and because the steel lines were ancient in the front of the car and broke while removing the calipers, all except one,they've all been replaced as well. I had trouble getting the air bubbles out of it and the only thing left to replace was the master cylinder. Steve Peterson (Blunttech) blessedly overnighted many of the parts. I replaced the master cylinder just now,and I have been pumping fluid through it with a mighty vac. Still not enough pedal to drive, and I am running out of evenings after work to get the car ready. I would take the Tisa, but it has developed a misfire in the 5500 RPM range, which has me very nervous as it has a perTronics and MSD ignition system now. I had hoped to install the 123 distributor and sort out the electrics, but the massive brake rebuilding project has sucked up more time than I expected. If I cannot get the brakes sorted out, I am considering going and driving a P car, but am concerned that the tribal purists may provide an outcry, not realizing how hard I have tried to prepared a old 2002 Ti to drive. Should I cancel the trip, or risk being a social outcast. Best regards, Peter
  11. I feel your pain. It has to be spark or gas. The symptoms strongly suggest a fuel delivery problem / intermittent absence. Common things happen commonly. The 15 minute time/Waiting for it to cool down prior to restart suggests a heat component, i.e. vapor lock or unwanted effect of heat on electronics. The deceleration symptom may be a red herring. I had similar problems with a object rolling around in my gas tank intermittently obstructing the inlet of the Tisa. Years ago I also had similar problems with a 1602 hot rod where the old tired fuel pump could not pump enough fuel under high throttle going up hills and the car would starve itself. If I were you the first thing would try is rebuiling/replacing the fuel pump. Relatively cheap and very doable. Or you could run an electronic fuel pump. I hope that your problem is not related to spark, as I desperately want the 123 ignitions to be dependable, as I am getting ready to install mine. My fear of too much technology increases in these modern days. (I hope no one on the board has relatives in an English hospital now) I used to just set my points with a match pack cover if the car started to run bad in the old days. Nowadays I worry that I would be at the mercy of hidden microelectronics and intermittent electrical gremlins. (123/faulty pertronix etc.) Let us know how it turns out, please. Best regards, Peter
  12. I put some vintage campagnolo Bertone wheels on the 2002 Ti, and decided to go vintage on the interior as well as the car has so much patina, it seem to suit it's nature. I think the 13 inch period Correct wheels are kind of sexy in a petite way. I like them even better than I thought I would, after running 14 inch wheels most of the time.
  13. Bill, thanks for the update, I will look for a upper thermostat cover, I think I have one. Good move on the later model close ratio gearbox, I did the same thing, my original one was rebuilt several times due to its weakness. Did you get a full set of 6 x 14 wheels, that one looks beautiful, however it's been painted gray, rather than silver, has it been restored? I drove my TISA out of the barn where it spends its winter hibernation, and it ran blessedly well, NO despicable rodents seem to have discovered it, thanks to the bounce dryer sheets. I am going to put a 1 to 3 distributor in it, and have the original one rebuild. I'm not sure I'm enough to drive a car with 411 gears and a race exhaust all the way to the vintage again this year. I may put the original longer geared differential without limited slip into it and put a quieter exhaust on, but I am running out of time. Best regards, Peter
  14. Excellent details my BMW brothers, installing my 123 tune next weekend will be so easy having read about other trials and tribulations. Many thanks again. Best regards, Peter
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