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  1. tisalover

    1600gt tach new old stock in box

    That looks like a BMW 1800 TI, or 2000 TI tachometer which fits in the normal clock hole. Could you give us a picture of the 1600 GT dashboard that it fits with please. Diameter of the tachometer would also help . Thanks, Peter
  2. Nearly stock 2002 Ti with exception exception for the fuel filter/Gas line.
  3. tisalover

    Turbo seats

    Thank you Lars and W Kohler, I very much appreciate your time and help. This will get my seats back together. Lars I completely agree with you about my instrument cluster. It is faded, this car sat outdoors for many years and the original red paint has a patina due to that. This is in fact one of the few things I have thought about leaving alone. The dashboard is new, and I have a new turbo gauge and cluster which is non-faded. I will give this serious thought, now of course would be the best time to redo the instrument cluster. Thank you again very very much for all your kindness, BMW expertise and sharing of your knowledge. I have been driving BMWs since I was a child, (I drove my parents BMW 1602 when I was nine years old, in 1970) and very much appreciate kindred spirits. Thank you both again very much, sincerely, Peter
  4. tisalover

    Favorite BMW Ad

    Bob, thanks so much for posting all the original ads, what a great resource. I like the Greek ad too, but as Freud would say "biology is destiny." And I can't help that my genes prefer it. Europeans are much more fun. Best regards, Peter
  5. tisalover

    SOLD TII Distributor Bosch 0 231 188 002

    I will take it. Please send me your PayPal information, I will PM you. Sincerely, Peter
  6. tisalover

    BMW Exhibition in Switzerland

    Absolutely beautiful ! Thank you so very much for posting pictures. It looks like a great collection of tidy, original BMWs.
  7. tisalover

    Turbo seats

    Lars, Would you be so kind , bitte, as to share your source for the Center material in the factory 2002 turbo seats? The material is as pictured in Einspritzer 's imaging / pictures as above. Redoing my seats correctly it is the last component of getting my turbo totally back on the road. My drivers Side Seat cushion was completely destroyed and covered with leather during its time in Tokyo. We need a little European help on this. 😉 Very best regards, as always, Peter
  8. tisalover

    Canadian ti owners

    Hello my TI brothers, This car came with a factory close ratio five-speed gearbox. The original owner was disappointed, he wanted an overdrive five-speed. Tony Robertson who owned this car prior to myself spoke with the original owner. The original gear shift knob was taken off and replaced with one from a girlfriend early on. I found a correct five-speed dog leg gear box shift knob and put it on the car, has my TISA also has one. The metallic tab on the valve cover is one I made to locate the fuel line. The marker lights/Turn signals on the car are as I bought it. I was surprised, I thought it would have European turn signals. I bought a set for the car but have not gotten around to putting them on. The small front bumper over riders are correct, they are European specification. The Dashboard has the early chrome trim. As regards the earlier question, no brake light is located on the instrument cluster. The dashboard should be in early three-piece design. The color was originally Granada red, the car was repainted non-– original BMW Verona red. The car was originally Ziebart -ed and has required significant rust repair. The front nose was replaced in Canada. On The car is fun to drive and has Bill Stein heavy duty shock absorbers and lowering springs on it. I rebuilt all the brakes but have otherwise largely left it alone other than body work. It is something of a time capsule, which I appreciate more and more in life. Best regards, Peter PS, Tony is leaning against the car in the first picture. Tempus fugit, this was several years ago. I believe he is living in Vancouver now, he is in many ways the Godfather of the 2002/1600 TI section.
  9. tisalover

    Canadian ti owners

    I know this is a bit late, but here are some pictures of a Canadian 2002 TI Dashboard. I purchased this car from the very cool Tony Robertson several years ago, and drove to outside of Toronto to pick it up . The car was very original. I kept all the original pieces and I've only changed seats and steering wheels, as well as the road wheels around from time to time. Best regards, Peter
  10. tisalover

    Turbo seats

    Thanks guys, I will do some deeper research on this . I heard that autos international in California does turbo seats. I will start researching and let you know what I find out. Best regards Peter
  11. tisalover

    Turbo seats

    I was driving my turbo today and saw two cannibals by the side of the road ; they were eating a clown. My window was down and I heard one of the cannibals say"Does this taste funny to you?" On a more serious note does anyone know where I can get the center section quasi- perforated vinyl Seat material. Passenger side seat is excellent but the driver side seat will need to be redone. I will probably have to redo both of them so they match perfectly. If Somebody has a source on this vinyl it would be very much appreciated . Very best regards as always, Peter
  12. tisalover

    Belt line trim

    I'll take it, p.m. sent. Best regards, Peter
  13. tisalover

    NK Beauty pictures!!

    I just have to put a good picture of the interior, I didn't realize that was a old one with the dashboard top off and a spare beater steering wheel.
  14. tisalover

    NK Beauty pictures!!

    As Sir Francis Bacon, the inventor of scientific methodology said: "Beauty in things exist in the mind which contemplates them."