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  1. I just had my turbo redone by comp turbo. Very good service, extremely reasonable price and blistering fast turnaround. Highly recommended. Product looks good and the car runs fine.
  2. The seats in your picture are second generation sport seats. They were used after 1977 . The earlier sport seats have a different mechanism for controlling the seat rake. The sport seats came in the 911 turbos, and could be ordered from the factory. The sport seats are comfortable and offer significant extra lateral support. They won't look quite right in a 2002 but they will be comfortable. There are recovering seat kits on eBay for about 600 bucks, which makes restoring them cheaper than doing a set of 320iS seats. If the seats you have are true early 911 sport seats, not the standard comfort ones they have some value. Original sport sitze sets have been going up-asking going for 3000 lately which is kind of shocking. These were in a super nice slant nose I had , which is a car I should've kept. But we can all say that about our old sports cars....
  3. Once the side draft carburetors are set up you don't have to mess with them for years. I haven't had to re-synchronize my Bmw TISA in eons. If you're a romantic and you like sex appeal go with side draft DCOEs. If you want it to be more appliance like and less hassle use the downdraft carb. You only live once as they say, and they do sound incredibly cool on full throttle. BBBwaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, hit seven grand ------shift again and repeat. There is a reason that Side Draft Weber carburetors were run on every Lamborghini, Lotus, Ferrari, iso Grifo etc. until fuel injection came around. It's because they work really good all things considered. It's a slippery slope, the next thing you know you'll be wearing string back driving gloves and looking for period Correct steering wheels, German bucket seats, and really evil things like Campagnolo wheels , anti-roll bars, better brake pads and maybe upgraded springs, anti-roll bars, better brake pads and maybe upgraded springs. Then you'll have to have a cam ---yes and a header. It's OK, it's a good illness to have. I am so afflicted that I put these alfa Romeo Sprint Velocity curved velocity Stacks on this BMW 1602 beater I built. Of course with 2 liter 45 mm carbs, a stahl exhaust header, 300° cam, high compression pistons, limited slip differential etc. etc. etc. it's fun😁 Go ahead, give into the temptation, it's better to live fully
  4. Thanks again guys, Anthony yes there is oil on the intake which is why I suspect the turbo. As they say a hound dog can have ticks and fleas, both a gasket and a tired turbo. And spritz have tune the car with AFR in the optimal range 13/14 at wide open throttle, and it ran somewhat better before but still not as good as it should. I will give an update after putting it all back together with a fresh turbo and a new gasket. Best regards, PeterI
  5. Thanks for the response guys. Byron the blown Turbo gasket is the one that fits between the manifold and the turbo. The exhaust manifold to cylinder head gaskets were OK fortunately. I will check the exhaust manifold as per your recommendation. I was overjoyed to see that the exhaust manifold wasn't cracked. Wkohler -thanks for the transformational website. I'm so annoyed that they change technology on the phones I'm tempted to get rid of all the Apple crap.
  6. Hello Turbo brothers, my car was not making enough power, it felt anemic. The turbo charger was supposedly rebuilt before I got this project, but I decided that it was best to take it off and examine it. Also I was dubious, other claims the prior owner made about the car were hyperbolic and less than gospel truth.🀨 Number one: Many, many thanks to Byron, for good advice as always. I took the entire exhaust manifold off and jacked up the right side of the motor which worked very well. There was no way I could've unbolted the turbo it was too covered up. It was a good little workout, it took me longer than I expected to get the turbo off. I look at it is good hands-on therapy! It turns out loosening up the right side motor mount is pretty easy due to the bottom attachments. I highly recommend this for anyone removing their turbo, just take it off with the exhaust manifold in one piece . The thought of having to do this again makes a very strong case for all new copper nuts and anti-seize on all appropriate exhaust manifold and turbo bolts! Number two: it turns out that the turbo the exhaust manifold gasket had blown out on the sides. Is there a better gasket that is recommended, or a way to beef up a stock gasket? See picture! Number three: since the Turbo is off I am going to send it to comp turbo and just have it completely rebuilt. Everything else in the car has been redone and is new or rebuilt so this will remove the turbo from any problem list for lack of significant performance. I am kind of excited at the thought of the car making an honest 170 /180 hp. My normally aspirated cars running this range are so much fun to drive. I realize there will be a lot of turbo lag but when the power really comes on it should be so very nice. I am kind of spoiled by my 930 Porsche and prior Audi turbos that run so very well. It makes me realize how nice Jack F's car must've been with a very modern Garrett turbo and all the details worked out. Please if someone has a recommendation for the gasket, and easy place to get the copper exhaust manifold and turbo nuts let us know. Best regards, Peter Unfortunately I can't get the gasket photos to load, modern technology is great when it works but such a pain in the gluteus musculature when it doesn't. Essentially the gasket has blown out right in the middle at the lateral aspect of the Seal where it is finished and weakest, and blew a little bit of oily exhaust onto the passenger side inner engine compartment. I finally managed to get the photos to download, unfortunately they are heik files. Apple had to dick around with the iPhone program. Before the photos were perfectly usable JPEG's. You can see the pictures if you download them. Again many thanks for any help with gasket recommendations, Sincerely Peter AC2C65F6-DBB2-4B4C-9B46-1DA73D0F6533.heic EC7578D6-E8E6-4FF7-AA6B-5C766B351051.heic 889F3013-4D0D-4349-BCA2-1F288B9511F5.heic
  7. rrost----thanks man, I love these velocity stacks! That's why I put a picture of them up-it is a classic M 10 motor with headers and natural aspiration the way von falkenhausen intended it.. The last set I saw were in the Italian national motor museum on a double overhead cam alfa motor with 45 Weber's- I don't think it was the disco Volante but it was as cool. I think they're sublime and make great power! And forgive me if I've been sounding harsh, but I have spent a significant amount of money trying to keep classic race machinery running right. You may as well be burning cash in a trashcan in your backyard, only it's fun not sad. Found tI found Found the inspiring Weber velocity stack pictures from the trip to Italy. The V stacks I got from you are cooler! Very best regards, Peter
  8. Cheap, fast and dependable. Choose any two. Race cars or not for people without money. It is a very expensive hobby. Even if you do most of your own work the costs are going up. I bought one close ratio five speed gearbox for $1500. A decade later there costing $7500. Cost of a good motor build easily seven grand up. Be realistic, if you want a safe, fast dependable car don't expect the tooth fairy to fucking deliver it under your pillow. I know that sounds a little harsh, but just wait until you blow up your first motor or some pinhead shunts your car and Bends it so badly that you need a chassis. I'm not saying don't go racing, it's the most fun you can have with your clothes on, but do be realistic. Even Racing a car in the lemons series take significant time money and effort and manpower. Keep on oversteering, and remember there is no such thing as too much fun
  9. This is a super nice car, I wish it had the original wood dashboard still in it. My first car was a 2000 Tilux---- I know this Beautiful car all too well..I wonder what the reserve is? Clearly they're going to lose their shirt on it given the pictures of the build quality and restoration. If my life were more magical I would buy this, get Nick to store it/ park it in his yard, and drive around France and Europe part of every year in it, this is a great handling driving fantastic car. I hope somebody buys this and winds up on the FAQ. This is a car you could drive every day for the rest of your life with only one exception, the absence of air conditioning.
  10. Trust me on this, just put the 80/100 bulbs and a relay in and you'll love it! And the car then also remains period Correct, and suits the cars original design / nature. 😁the relays are very easy to install.
  11. Andrew I think Vronika looks hottest/cutest most beautiful with the medium size driving lamps. She has such a beautiful face that the big lamps and yellow lamps take away from her bone structure and inherent lissom charm. Great name to anthropomorphize a car with, what is her birth year? I was thinking about putting lamps on my 1600, but again leaning towards putting them behind the grill so that all that beautiful polished/anodized aluminum glows out with the original mid 60s German charm πŸ˜†. Which set of lamps did you settle on, or do you just change them for a little celebration of variety now and then, which is the beauty of having different driving lamps, steering wheels, seats and wheels 🀣 Stunningly beautiful convertible by the way! I actually went further and took the center portion of the bumper out so that the purity of the original grill and design would show off. I went with Ferrari 250 GTO style bumperettes just because, what the hell I can. It's not purist but it's fun and it makes me smile, especially when driving it. I hope you like the 45 mm weber carburetor sprint Veloce velocity stacks! It has TI pistons, a 300Β° cam and limited slip 390 differential which makes it lots of fun up to about 110 miles an hour. Trying to maximize the period correct grin experience. Something Hubert Hahn or a crazy Italian would've driven in that time period. FEB2EB4D-BAC3-4C2E-9B23-85AE2C7773E6.heic E2ABCD5E-BF05-4056-8195-688007BFFE74.heic 59EBCC69-02F6-4F10-9BD6-24B3EF74794E.heic
  12. I like the stealth behind the grill appearance. I remember the first time I saw it on a 1600 TI in Southern California, Santa Barbara in fact coming up behind me on the freeway. There is a little bit less beamπŸ˜† secondary to grill interference, but it's a cool look, and it does help light up the road when driving fast at night
  13. I bet it handles great, and stops wonderfully with the Brembo calipers! Thanks for posting more pictures πŸ™‚. Did you run a 2000cc motor with twin 40 webers and go with a 300Β° or other cam shaft? And the dash top? Did you have somebody recover it it is absolutely like shockingly perfect πŸ˜‚.
  14. Wow! Dan thanks for posting these photos. It is a gorgeous car, Polaris, TISA steering wheel, the factory widened steel wheels etc. your vision is wonderful as are your aesthetic sensibilities. Can we have more pictures of the interior, and the motor to boot! Also how much did you lower it? 😁😁
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