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  1. tashakes

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Replaced the drive shaft center support bearing that came off the rubber. Center driveshaft bearing crapped out (M42) Had to remove the driveshaft and found that the guy that installed the guibo had the bolts backwards, did not preload the CSB and did not align the markings on the front and rear side of the shaft. Asshole. I'm not sure if I can feel the difference, but I feel much better now that everything is done correctly. This was a 2 hour job with a 6 pack paid helper.
  2. M42 related, I have the M30 driveshaft in my car, Last week I was driving normal, then heard some noise under the car. Stopped and could not see anything, then taking off again, kinda like a very loose exhaust bumping. So I slowly drove home. Today I lifted the car to see what I could find, and the center bearing on the driveshaft completely broke off the rubber on the mount. I found some info on r3v and seems like there are several brands and prices. Being the cheapskate I am, I do not remember what I bought originally, which is about 4 years and 5,000 or so miles ago, but I bet I must have bought one of the cheaper ones. Today I bought a Febi replacement, as they are highly recommended over URO and other brands but just a few bucks more, The posts state that breaking though the rubber is a common failure point of the cheaper ones. I hope that replacing it with this better one will make it last longer than a few thousand miles. Not sure if this relates to original driveshaft bearing support, but check for quality before buying replacement ones.
  3. What's this "winter" and "salty roads" you guys keep bitchin about??? 😛
  4. tashakes

    Too many cars?

    2014 640i Gran Coupe M Sport, wheels, suspension, chipped, chargepiped (my DD) 1976 2002 M42 swap (my toy) 1973 Euro 2002 (my project) 2011 Hyundai Santa Fe (my hauler, visit loaner cause nobody can drive my cars) 2017 Q60 (wife's) 2010 A4 (Previously wife's car, handed down to son) I really want to add a muscle car but I'm reaching my wife's patience threshold.......
  5. Hello. My name is Edward. I’m a 02holic. It had been 2 days since my last purchase, ball joints from Amazon. Just today I went to the boneyard and bought E28 visors and Focus door seals. When will it end? When?????
  6. This February it will be 8 years that I found my 02. I was very lucky that it was dry and very complete with no rust except a little under one of the rear side windows. It has been a journey like others have stated, and I hope I never finish it because I really look forward to wrenching on it every weekend. Paint has been by far the most I have spent on it, about 2K and it shows. I will have it painted again soon. I really wanted a 5 speed and my M10 had a blown gasket, so being the cheap bastard I am, I bought an E30 from salvage auction and used it as a donor for the M42 and accessories, sold the M10 with tranny, parted out the rest of the E30, paid a guy $600 to help me install the swap, and came out even. Brakes, for example, I went to the boneyard and got Volvo calipers, bought the e21 discs and hubs, and got new bearings and pads. For the rear, new drums and shoes. Paid a guy $250 to install and done. Point is, you do not need to spend a ton if you do it smart and one project at a time. I usually spend a hundred or hundred fifty bucks or so a month and once I have it all together I tackle the job. I know some times it needs to be done, but this is my hobby car and if it sits a month or so I'm not worried So in 7 years at $150 per month I should have a little over 10k into it. We all know it's significantly more than that, but if i was counting i probably would have stopped by now By doing it a little at a time, the wallet does not feel it that much. Hell, if I spent $4 in a Starbucks each day, it would be the same. I'm lucky coffee is free at the office!
  7. tashakes

    This car has to be a must-buy :-)

    4WD, now that's a mod I've never seen before. Recharge the AC and you're good to go!
  8. tashakes

    Getting rid of steering sloppiness.

    Meanwhile, in the “while I’m in there” department: replaced the tie rod ends as well. Why not?
  9. tashakes

    Getting rid of steering sloppiness.

    Nah, the $400 does not worry me, it’s more that I want to be sure that the gears inside are in good shape. No reason to doubt the seller that they are good, there is no negative comments or feedback on them. So $400 may be a bargain.
  10. tashakes

    Getting rid of steering sloppiness.

    This thread sheds some light into the rebuild. These are now $400. https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/220315-anyone-every-bought-one-of-these-rebuilt-steering-boxes/?page=2
  11. tashakes

    1976 Smog Exempt in CA?

    Shoot me a PM for details. Big brother may be reading.... 😇
  12. tashakes

    Getting rid of steering sloppiness.

    I hear ya. I first thought my problem was the steering box, and at some point it will be. During my research I read a thread about the boxes available on ebay that are “refurbished” and stated by the seller that the worms are not replaced and they discard the boxes that are not up to snuff. That makes me think that there will be a shortage of worms or boxes sometime in the future. How soon? Who knows. I frequent the faq regularly and there are more unobtanium parts than the steering box so the problem is not here yet. Having said that and clearing that I have ZERO knowledge in engineering, how difficult would it be to 3D scan a worm and have it machined? Hell I know a great machine shop south of the border that can probably machine them if the CAD was available. Someone school me if I am talking out of my ass.
  13. tashakes

    1976 Smog Exempt in CA?

    Correct. Many zip codes or counties have some different rules. But all the “Change of Ownership” rules are the same throughout. You can look up by zip code and the map shows these areas. https://bar.ca.gov/Consumer/Program_Areas.html
  14. tashakes

    1976 Smog Exempt in CA?

    Nope, many of us don't, and some of us even have engine swaps! All you need is to know how to use the rules to your advantage, It's very nice that some rural areas do not need inspections after the first one at purchase. 😉
  15. I finally decided to tackle the sloppiness in the steering. It has just gotten worse to the point of the car tracking on freeway ruts anywhere it wants to and me having to overcorrect so much that I looked like I was driving in an old movie. I was under the car and saw the first indication of trouble with the tie rod ends on the bar that connects to the pitman. The rubber bushings were completely gone. The pictures below show the sloppiness on the steering wheel, how bad the ball joints actually were and how much play was on the wheel/tire. I will do the other ball joints and tie rods but they are still in decent shape. This gave the car a completely new feeling, nice and tight. I was pleasantly surprised to not find slop on the steering box. One tip, the cotter pins on the pitman and idler arms are a complete PITA to take out from under the car. It’s not very easy from the top but at least you can see what you are doing and not break them and spend hours fixing that mistake. Also, a ball joint remover is a great tool to have. Make sure your face is away from the joint because they pop really hard. Hope this thread helps in the future. I will continue posting when I do the rest of the steering components as they are needed to have all documented in one place.