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  1. Meh, salvaged title. Bummer. Such a project candidate.
  2. Yes, it does, just use the #1 port on the adapter for the ECU wire, and the other one goes to the car's tach (coil) wire.
  3. Planning to leave South San Diego at around 5:30 AM, anyone wanting to join, on the way, let me know. Trying to make 7:30 to meet others in Culver City and drive together,
  4. Looking forward to a great meet, see you all there
  5. YES YES! THOSE ARE IT!! Ahem.... (Poker face on) Yeah, those will work......
  6. I did my M42 swap about 5 yrs ago, I am looking for the AC compressor lines for the M42 even if cut, just need the parts that attach to the compressor so I can get new lines made. Thanks
  7. At 11:33 you TOUCH the shiny chrome lips with your bare hands, which deserves a slap. Gorgeous wheels and well worth the wait, enjoy them.
  8. I found some history on my car here, it will give you the smog check history available on your car, I was able to track mine back to 1997. Smog checks started in 84 which leads me to believe my car came from out of state, albeit a dry one because even though I got in sad shape it had almost no rust, https://www.bar.ca.gov/pubwebquery/vehicle/pubtstqry.aspx
  9. Nope, I moved Downtown only about 4 years ago to the building on B and India. It looks like it’s been a parking lot for decades. I googled the address and dealership to find old pics but found none. It will be developed into a hotel and condos some day.
  10. Anyone from San Diego going up to Woodley Park on Nov 2? Would be great to drive up in a group.
  11. Beautiful car, love the window sticker, had no idea my office is on the same block as what used to be the BMW store, now a parking lot! Hope you get all the money, looks immaculate. I know you are secretly wishing it does not meet reserve so you have an excuse not to part with it. 😏 GLWS.
  12. Replaced the clutch master (after replacing the slave last week) chasing the loss of pressure (slowly engaging gear when stopped and missing some shifts) when pushing the pedal. I had replaced both about 6 years ago when I refreshed the pedal box, I was surprised the seals gave up this quick. I saved the one I took out so I can refurbish it the next time if needed. Process was pretty straight forward and only one thumb mash with a hammer trying to put the accelerator pedal back on the damn knobbies. Lovely wife helped with purging and when I commented I was really pleased with the results after the test drive, took all the credit for pressing the pedal 5 times. Oh well.
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