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  1. It was definitely the bottom tabs causing the issue. Other than the snorkel needed to be cut off no modifications to the car needed.
  2. I run the e30 radiator. You need to shave off the bottom tabs so that it fits lower and clears the hood. My first pics had it wrong so you can see how far it protrudes.
  3. Meh, salvaged title. Bummer. Such a project candidate.
  4. Yes, it does, just use the #1 port on the adapter for the ECU wire, and the other one goes to the car's tach (coil) wire.
  5. Planning to leave South San Diego at around 5:30 AM, anyone wanting to join, on the way, let me know. Trying to make 7:30 to meet others in Culver City and drive together,
  6. Looking forward to a great meet, see you all there
  7. YES YES! THOSE ARE IT!! Ahem.... (Poker face on) Yeah, those will work......
  8. I did my M42 swap about 5 yrs ago, I am looking for the AC compressor lines for the M42 even if cut, just need the parts that attach to the compressor so I can get new lines made. Thanks
  9. At 11:33 you TOUCH the shiny chrome lips with your bare hands, which deserves a slap. Gorgeous wheels and well worth the wait, enjoy them.
  10. I found some history on my car here, it will give you the smog check history available on your car, I was able to track mine back to 1997. Smog checks started in 84 which leads me to believe my car came from out of state, albeit a dry one because even though I got in sad shape it had almost no rust, https://www.bar.ca.gov/pubwebquery/vehicle/pubtstqry.aspx
  11. Nope, I moved Downtown only about 4 years ago to the building on B and India. It looks like it’s been a parking lot for decades. I googled the address and dealership to find old pics but found none. It will be developed into a hotel and condos some day.
  12. Anyone from San Diego going up to Woodley Park on Nov 2? Would be great to drive up in a group.

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