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  1. I just did this in a Touareg I got on 9 windows, the black trash bags trick was incredibly easy, as it makes the glue stick to the film instead of the glass.
  2. I brought the ‘02 to the show today. There was a “clean” and “super clean” competition. Wow. The level of these guys is amazing. I just went for display and could not even come close to the obsessive cleanliness of the guys competing. Here are some pics. Very nice mix of old and new. Beautiful day to sit around and talk cars.
  3. I had misfire issues because of a bad ground. I put a grounding strap to the engine and still had it. I put one on the shift platform after noticing that when I pushed on the shifter the misfire went away. Weirdest shit I have ever seen but it worked.
  4. Another Yakima here. Only issue is that they are noisy. Very easy to set up and lock on the gutters.
  5. A few months ago I replaced the door seals for Focus door seals and they have worked perfectly. See this post: Since I had so much left over I figured maybe it would work for the hood seal, which never came with my car and i never got one. The result is great, it fits on one side of the metal channel on the hood and stays in place pretty good. It’s in a few pieces but hey, I ain’t looking to win any concourses.
  6. Back in the mid 90s we replaced our smallish Quest for the new fuller sized second gen Odyssey. Bought it new and could barely afford it but it was great looking and lots of nice touches like the then-new hide away rear seat. Had it for 90K miles and went through FOUR transmissions. Finally gave up and replaced with a Sienna, which has been to date the best riding and care-free vehicle we have ever owned. After the sienna the wife went back to cars. I have never and probably never will own a Honda again because of that fiasco. I know Honda fixed the issue after that generation, but for me the damage had been done. Don't discard the Sienna.
  7. Damn!!! How much is complete the car?!?!? A Billion dollars?? Slavs is gonna have a field day with this one. 😁
  8. I’m gonna cheat a little and piss off the purists in one shot. Best bang for the buck for me was my M42 swap. I bought a salvaged E30 318i off auction for $300 plus $200 to ship it home. Sold the M10 with a EFI swap and 4 speed for $600. Sold a bunch of parts off the E30 for about $1000. Then paid a mechanic helper $500. $450 for engine and tranny mounts and modified exhaust manifold. Then some more $$ for misc crap. When I was done I ended up with about 130 hp and a 5 speed for very little money. And I absolutely love it. Took about 6 months but who is in a hurry.
  9. Not the same case, as I have a M42 and the needle used to dance a lot near the red area when warmed up and that was because of a bad ground at the engine. I grounded the dash and the engine and now lives steady around the 3 o’clock area. Check your grounds and the temp at the hoses. A stuck partially closed thermostat could also be an issue, but i guess that would overheat way more. HTH
  10. Or better yet, yank it out of the E30 and stuff it into an 02. (Oh wait, did I just said that out loud?). Reliable power every time, and you can drive the shit out of it. And when it fails, replace it with another for $500. That's not expensive, that's cheap fun.
  11. This plus the HUMONGOUS front turn signals look absolutely beautiful compared with the Euro flush ones, they help extraterrestrials see you coming from everywichway all the way to their planet! Never NEVER EVER replace them with the European type!!!!
  12. Shad’s way it the right way to do it. But if you are a cheap ass like me, I just got a couple of 1157 dual filament bulbs and welded wires to them, then connected to the car wires. Fits in stock location and grounds through body.
  13. I get it, I do. Have you seen how many 02s are out there with bottlecaps???
  14. <CANOFWORMS><FLAMESUIT> 1. Bottlecaps on a 02 suck. Bottlecaps on a E30 suck. Bottlecaps on any car suck 2. Best look for a 02 is steelies on a +1 application. And yes LOWERED. </FLAMESUIT></CANOFWORMS>

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