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  1. Congrats, this is a great gig for any car enthusiast. I wish I was in town this weekend and would have loved to meet you, but I am in San Miguel Allende at my nephew's wedding. Have fun in La Jolla. I know someone that knows someone that has a Rolls Royce collection, may be able to hook you up one day.
  2. Polarity. See post above.
  3. tashakes

    45 hr and 58 min

    That is very cool. 3D printing is in its infancy, just imagine what will be possible in 5-10-20 years.
  4. tashakes

    Off to paint..... again.

    I was told it would be done before paint as is needed to replace the headliner. I did take care of that on the previous paint job so I am good that no rust is there.
  5. tashakes

    Off to paint..... again.

    Yup. I read your thread and you went to los pAnchos. This is los pOnchos just 1/2 block away. Both have great reviews around the net. This one fixed a big dent on the q-panel of my wife’s (now my son’s) A4 and did a phenomenal job.
  6. About 4-5 years ago I sent my 76 to paint. When I got it and went to work on it, I took off the surface rust from many panels and primered it with spray can to prevent rust. Then I sent it to paint and got screwed. Prep was non existant, when the reflectors and knee trim was removed the holes were covered with bondo, and was lucky to be able to recover the car at all. I have lived with the shitty paint job long enough. Following many recommendations, I went to Taller Los Ponchos in Tijuana. I am in San Diego and was raised in Mexico City so no language barrier. I have commissioned a full paint removal down to metal, welding the holes and fixing a few dents and nicks. Also having the headliner replaced with a period correct (although not identical) material in black. Also fixing some padding and stitching on the E21 Recaros. Today I went to see the progress and here it is so far. Will post more as progress is completed. All in all the car is amazingly straight and now will be mostly bondo-free, and pretty rust free. Very excited to see the finished product!!
  7. I did cut more on the seats and hooked them as well as trimmed the console. Your setup looks right as well but farther away from the car frame so I would guess more upright. If you feel that they are comfortable that way then keep them like that, you just need to build a bigger parcel shelf.
  8. tashakes

    E34 sun visor fitment (not E28)

    I tried that on the E34 525i (see, i got it right this time!) when I installed them but they needed to be pulled too much and the tab on the metal hinge would not catch the visor spring anymore.
  9. tashakes

    E34 sun visor fitment (not E28)

    Yes must have been a 525i. I was still caught up on the e28.
  10. tashakes

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Yes. The clips location fall short of the visors so the way they come they don’t clip on. Pics posted on the link.
  11. tashakes

    E34 sun visor fitment (not E28)

    uh Oh. I stand corrected. These are off a E34 525i. I thought I got them off a E28. Well. I made them work. I am going to hide the adapters I under new headliner and make them thinner. That should work as well. Thanks John.
  12. tashakes

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Fabricated clip adapters for my E28 sun visors.
  13. A few weeks ago I picked up some sun visors from a E34 (thought it was a E28) as I read in the forums that it was a direct fitment. As it turns out, the pivot sides work perfectly but the clips fall short a little bit. Today I fabricated some adapters so they clip correctly. Pics below pretty much tell the story. A cutting board from the kitchen was sacrificed for this but some thinner plastic would probably be better. And I would not have gotten my ass kicked by the wife. Here are the results. All in all not too bad. And I suck at fabricating. I’m getting a black headliner soon so all the items will be painted black and should disappear.
  14. tashakes

    Scam alert

    To the OP, I am sorry you got scammed, but need to beat this dead horse. Take this as a learning experience. The guy you sent money to is neither a friend nor family. I had a 10 year run selling online and learned that although 95%+ people are legitimate, the other 5% makes you doubt everyone. I don't think that $3 per $100 makes or breaks a deal, that is just the cost of insuring the transaction. All other buyers using F&F with strangers are just casualties waiting to happen. I am the schmuck that always pays the 3% fee, but also the buyer that ALWAYS gets their stuff. Or their money back. Good luck in the future and hope you find your steering wheel.
  15. tashakes

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Replaced the drive shaft center support bearing that came off the rubber. Center driveshaft bearing crapped out (M42) Had to remove the driveshaft and found that the guy that installed the guibo had the bolts backwards, did not preload the CSB and did not align the markings on the front and rear side of the shaft. Asshole. I'm not sure if I can feel the difference, but I feel much better now that everything is done correctly. This was a 2 hour job with a 6 pack paid helper.