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  1. Headlight Upgrade Options

    I have cree led bulbs in a H4 housing. Works great!
  2. Buy something like this to use as a pattern? I actually have this rubber trunk mat in my 76 and it's a perfect fit and excellent rubber mat as well.
  3. 2002 engine replacement

    Lol reminds me of when I did my water pump. Shoved a rag into the water passages so I could clean the mating surface and rtv the water pump. After I finished the job and buttoned everything up, I went to wipe my hands on my rag and couldn't find the rag. Took about a second for me to remember the last place I saw it was in the water passages. Luckily I hadn't started the car.
  4. I did plug mine but I didn't do a before and after.
  5. After lots of trying to tune self with my afr gauge, eventually I have up and threw in CD perscription and the thing worked pretty damn well. Little rich but solid.
  6. I bought mine without any research. After I bought it I had nightmares about the work ahead of me. However luckily I bought a sound body needing mechanical work. Quickly I realized parts are easily available, reasonably priced and things are put together simply. Not too many gotcha tricks in working on the car. Car is now all finished and one of my favorite things
  7. My wedding is the following weekend. Really not sure its practical for me to escape to Arkansas the week before my wedding.
  8. Bad Water Pump?

    Yeah i would green pad and razor blade the surface. Then i also use a light coating of RTV gasket. It should be fine, not one of the more common areas to leak.
  9. The pressure switch is the item in red. The pressure balance block is the item in blue. Late model cars came with this pressure block HOWEVER most late model cars have had this removed as it is just an extra item to deal with and go wrong. Most late model cars plumb the brake lines direct to the master cylinder bypassing this pressure block and throwing it in the trash. The brakes going spongy and the light coming on are probably related. Likely there is air in the brake system causing the spongy brakes and the pressure inbalance detected by the pressure switch. I would do a full brake bleed to see if you can remove any trapper air bubbles. Resetting the light wont cure spongy brakes, only bleeding the brakes can fix that.
  10. Leather dye?

    Absolutely those can be dyed. kit will probably cost you a $100. If it was me i would swing by my local upholstery shop, they will probably die the seats for $100 and save you alot of worry and effort.

    even parts geek has 11 in stock for $70
  12. Fuse box color coded cardboard

    Looking forward to the design
  13. Brake parts

    All the parts are still easily available from auto parts store (Rock Auto shown below). Cheapest brake job you will ever do in your life. New calipers, rotors and pads will probably cost $200 for both sides together I would buy the left and the right caliper while they are still easily available!
  14. Are the carbboard dash underpanels avail?

    Yes. Coupeking has started to reproduce the panels. I just received mine the other day. Nice panels. $160 for the set.
  15. Bouncing AFR readings

    Other thing to remember is that these are not modern fuel injected vehicles with perfect AFR. There will be dips and peaks as the butterflies open and you move from partial throttle to open throttle. If you get the AFR good 80% of the time and there are no glaring lean holes, call it a win!