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  1. i have had 2 orders where the parts were bad parts, poor quality control. Getting them on the phone is very difficult. However they did make the orders right and they do carry some nice parts that might be difficult to get else where so i still do order from them.
  2. To answer your questions. Certainly you can. I use this in my wife older Audi. https://www.amazon.com/Channel-Bluetooth-Amplifier-Wireless-Speakers/dp/B07C1ZCJ5B/ref=sxin_6_ac_d_rm?crid=10IUA3U78WW8D&keywords=bluetooth%2Bamplifier%2Breceiver&pd_rd_i=B072Q157FY&pd_rd_r=fdbd0ac4-446c-43a7-81ab-672d8428842d&pd_rd_w=FCmP0&pd_rd_wg=6rOv8&pf_rd_p=0bc35c17-1e0d-4808-b361-20ab11b00973&pf_rd_r=RP8BSAYG8KYHFW8V2Z4M&qid=1560775816&s=gateway&sprefix=bluetooth%2Bampl%2Caps%2C159&tag=viglink22858-20&th=1 In my 2002, i have a completely hidden bluetooth stereo system. The remote control has a display on it so you can tune the radio to the channel ect. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Hidden-Secret-AM-FM-Classic-Car-Stereo-4-Speaker-Channel-Audio-System-Bluetooth/233187209927?hash=item364b0a72c7:g:OsgAAOSwLW5c7pfi
  3. You could retap it is the thread still have lots of meat and are maybe just alittle mangled. Otherwise you will need a time sert. https://www.amazon.com/TIME-SERT-1-25-Spark-Repair-4412/dp/B0025NL1V2
  4. If that is on the driver's side, then no. That is the air pump from the emissions system.
  5. Do you have an air fuel gauge? Do you know if you are leaning out up top?
  6. I used positive and negative terminal posts mounted on the fender to make everything simpler. My negative terminal post is a through post that makes direct metal contact with the fender for a good ground.
  7. Thanks Uro. I received a Uro trunk seal a couple months ago and once i compared it to the existing rubber, i decided the existing rubber was better than what i had received and never installed it. The inner lip needs to stand up proud to really get a good seal on the trunk.
  8. https://www.turnermotorsport.com/Search?No=0&Nrpp=50&Ntt=P30-0023 https://www.ecstuning.com/Search/SiteSearch/24-008037/ I ordered these my self recently. Here are the vendors links for what i ordered. These are the HD models.
  9. Car has been messed with quite heavily. I would work to set a lot of things back to stock as what i see doesn't inspire a lot of confidence.
  10. Could try the chemical method. Some chemicals eat steel not aluminum. You silicon on a tube filled with chemical to the hole and let it soak overnight. Next morning, clean hole. Bolt and extractor will be dissolved. I think you use Alum but google search the process.
  11. I was adjusting my h4 housings with led bulbs today. I'm pretty damn happy with the beam pattern.
  12. I have world upholstry door panels. They are great but very expensive.
  13. all three can go. Then plug up the vacuum retard port on the distributor and only connect the the vacuum advance connection on the distributor to the intake manifold.
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