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  1. Buy some fresh battery cables from autozone. They are premade in 1/2/3 ft sections and use it to redo your setup. Your setup is rough right now. Try and move the cut off switch such that it is not right on top of the strut bar. Maybe a cut a piece of wood to lift it up and center it amongst the strut bar. In my engine bay, i have a positive and negative stud for everything to connect to.
  2. Yup, new ones use bolts. Drill out the old rivets. Takes a few minutes but pretty easy job with a good drill.
  3. Flat cable is fine, just give it a good hole to mount to.
  4. Just to take the head off the block there are no special tools required. You will loose timing unless you zip tie the camshaft sprocket to the timing chain and keep the chain from slipping off the lower sproket
  5. Installed rear bearings and upgraded rear brakes to 250mm drums. Going well but needed to order some Dremel grinding tools to modify the parking brake to fit. Luckily my Ryobi impact had enough grunt to undo the castle nut.
  6. Stevenc22


    1976 BMW 2002. Bought in 2012 from a dealership in Houston who acquired in an estate sale out of California. Car was running / driving but really needed a complete overhaul. Spent about a year repairing the car mechanically and then sent it to paint followed by a fresh interior. Car was on the road regularly after a year. In 2017, i decided to have a motor built by Terry Sayther and a 5 speed conversion as well as completing a bumper conversion. In 2019 both doors were replaced with new doors to tackle some rust issues in the original doors.
  7. You could suck some oil out from the dip stick with a thin rubber tube and a syringe or fluid pump.
  8. Yeah i went PC680 AGM as well under my back seat. Lithium batteries are cool, my M4 has one, but they do technically require unique chargers and must be treated differently than regular batteries.
  9. Have you checked the dip stick? How high is the oil on the dip stick?
  10. FYI, in theory the 123 doesn't need a resistor. Per the manual the 123 is happy with any coil over 1 ohm. The Bosch red is 1.8 ohms.
  11. Could be inadequate load. LED's often dont draw enough current to make the turn signal relay actually click on and off. Could rig something where you take the power wire run it through an old school bulb and then into the led turn signal. If everything starts working it proves that the turn signal relay needs more load. They make resistor boxes for LED's to add more load.
  12. Very interesting. Oh well, ive gone three years without killing my AF sensor, so i guess ill continue to risk it.
  13. Just put a switch on the power wire to turn the whole system off. That is what i did. Once your car is tuned, you will not want the AFR running all the time, it will just annoy you.
  14. The red has a diode on it. It stops current following in reverse. The fuse on the black could work if that is the ground. You can fuse the +12v or the ground.
  15. My car decided to try and burn it self down by arcing the choke cable on the alternator

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