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  1. YOu can try adjusting the doors for a better seal or use alittle foam gasket tape around the door gasket for a better seal
  2. 76's have a resistor wire built into the blue wire harness. Find it and replace it with regular wire.
  3. The subframe bushings bolt in but the bolts are captured and the subframe must be fully lowered to remove the subframe bushings. The trailing arm bushings are push in. Might as well do both since both have to come apart to do either job. I dont torch things while still attached to my car!
  4. Thats what i thought when i started! As you lower the subframe, you run out of travel because of the flexible brake lines. You can solve this by separating the trailing arms from the subframe since the brake lines run through the trailing arms. Then undo the rear differential holder and then you can lower the subframe enough to work. Then you have to pull out the old trailing arm bushings. That is not easy under the car with cramped work space. I used the long bolt and plumbing pipe method to extract the old bushings but there really wasnt enough space to get my impact gun in there to turn out the old bushings. Rounded and stripped 6 or 7 puller bolts doing the job.
  5. New rear subframe mounts and bushings. Real pain in butt job doing them without dropping the subframe.
  6. Thanks boys. Engine was built by Terry Sayther in Austin, TX. It's 9.5 compression, stock cam for better mid range and Weber 40's. Running a 123 distributor and Bosch red. Runs like a champ.
  7. Pull the gas tank for clean up and repainting. Luckily it was in near perfect condition. Also removed choke cable from DCOE and installed choke block off plates. Installed some federal 14" 595 summer ties.
  8. I think you can use a later model piece. They just converted the two piece design into a one piece design but the spring stayed the same so I think it will work.
  9. Can you use the later model part? https://www.ecstuning.com/b-genuine-bmw-parts/support/41611812927/
  10. Try flip the left and right side piece. I think the spring will press on the good side of the damaged piece.
  11. I agree the original cage nut sucks. My mirror would always be slightly loose with oem nuts. I switch to metric jack nuts and the mirror is amazingly tight. Could not be happier. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Steel-Blind-Jack-Nut-Yellow-Zinc-Plated-M4x17-0-67-25-Pcs-TJM01-NEW/322027695812?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l46252
  12. Unfortunately a recore of a radiator these days is more expensive than a WN new radiator. I had mine recored and it runs amazingly well but the place that did my recore for $300 just quoted another club member over $500 for a recore. Hard to justify when WN radiators start at $230
  13. Judge can Judge can you give me a rough idea of how much that filter costs?

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