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  1. ^ Agreed. Pull the fuel sender out of the tank and check out the mesh filter and also look around the inside of the tank with a flash light and see what condition the fuel tank is in and if there is stuff floating around in the tank.
  2. 12-13 is perfect for carbs. If you were shooting for 14.7, that is what modern cars use for emissions and doesn't apply to us.
  3. 123 can use blue or red coils without a resistor. Im running a red with my 123
  4. If you dont care about the vintage look, couple people have installed $80 ebay evaporators with pretty good success. I my self am looking into the mini Kool as a viable option. https://www.southernrods.com/a-c-and-heat-components/all-new-mini-kooler-ac-only.html
  5. I literally took half a cup of POR15 and sloshed it around the bottom of the door when i had to replace 2 doors due to rust!
  6. I followed this video from Weber!
  7. Mine is set at 12mm inside gap
  8. It will work, TEP sells such a kit for 2002, and they know their stuff https://www.racetep.com/blog/cat/bmw/post/bmw4/ https://www.racetep.com/manufacturer/carbs-and-injection/weber/weber-carb-tuning-and-technical-info/jetting-and-tuning-downdraft-and-sidedraft-weber-carbs.html
  9. POST OF THE YEAR! 75duce nailed the problem on the head. My float was low by at least 3mm. Once i adjusted the float, the lean holes are completely gone. Heck i was even able to downsize the idle jet 1 size since i was now rich everywhere.
  10. Okay, i think I'm going to call this issue almost solved. The 135 main jets really did help. I still have some partial throttle lean hesitation, but im able to easily accelerate through that and under heavy load the car is seeing low 11:1 AFR. So in the end im using 135 Main 190 Air F965 Idle F16 34 Chokes I appreciate everyone's inputs. Good thing im making progress becuase im running out of jet sizes to buy.
  11. My jets arrived but the spring on my garage door decided to snap, locking my cars up for the weekend. Only thing i have left to try is a 135 main and then at least look at what pump jet i have installed...
  12. If you do not have the bluetooth version, then you have the USB version. I have the USB version. There is an allen bolt in the side of the distributor. Remove it to expose the USB port. Plug a laptop into the USB and install the 123 windows software. Program the curve using the laptop software. 123's do not have a bosch curve in the distributor from factory. You CANNOT just treat it like a regular distributor.
  13. Lets see your curve? While you can make adjustments via turning the 123, why would you? Simply type in a more or less aggressive curve into the App. You can verify the curve with a timing light.
  14. Honestly i dont even know where the pump jet is located I am happy to order some 65's to try out. Thanks Steven
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