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  1. Stevenc22

    Behr Expansion Valve

    Who cares where it's made? It's a piece of copper and brass.
  2. HAHA Harry, that is a first!
  3. Yeah im in Texas. My car would be parked 8 months a year if i didnt have AC. I love my AC, not sure why i would even consider tearing it out. A properly setup car will not overheat. If you are overheating, its not the AC fault, its because you have a tired radiator, crusty water hoses or a tired water pump. Yes the AC draws alittle power when turned on, but almost no power when turned off, so if you need every horse power for a spirited drive, just leave it turned off.
  4. Stevenc22

    LED Conversion for H4 Lights

    I can't seem to find the exact bulbs I bought but these look very similar HSUN H4 9003 LED Headlight Bulbs,72W High Power Super Bright 8000 Lumens COB Chip,Hi/Low All-in-One Conversion Kit Replaced for Car Halogen Headlight Lights,Plug and Play,6500K White
  5. Stevenc22

    LED Conversion for H4 Lights

    Yeah I also have $40 LEDs in my 7" housings. Good light out put. Had them about 2 years
  6. Stevenc22

    Bolt Sizes for A/C Bracket

    Lol I am the person who keeps having bolt problems. I am now running grade 11 with coiter pins. Only the top bolts that hold the compressor tend to come loose. The compressor is alot of vibrating weight hanging off the engine and bolts will work them selves loose
  7. Stevenc22

    Anyone Familiar With This Noise?

    I have also heard from reputable sources to put all the Guibo bolts with the bolt facing away from the tranny so when it comes loose it doesn't rip a hole in the tranny.
  8. I have regular 90 degree fittings on the compressor. Works fine, really don't have problems with the exhaust as long as you are careful.
  9. Stevenc22

    Smartphone holder?

    I use this mount. It comes with a gel pad that sticks to the flat ledge on the 2002 and then the suction cups suctions onto the gel pad. The gel pad is very easy on the dash and wont cause any damage. Its great. Had mine about three years.
  10. ^ The 74 Al Cardone is out of stock. OP can buy the 76 distributor which has Vacuum advance and retard ports and plug the retard and hook up the advance only. Should work fine.
  11. Before I got my 123 I had a Al cardone remanufactured distributor. It was great especially with a hot spark in it
  12. Stevenc22

    Ac parts help please

    These are very generic parts, nothing complicated. Buy what ever fits and is cheapest.
  13. Stevenc22

    Engine bay

    That wire wrapped cable is to a sensor in the manifold that is part of the emissions system. The wire protects it as it goes over the hot engine cover. If you live in a state without emissions testing you should remove all the the emissions equipment. Makes the car run better and really cleans up the engine bay. here is my emissions equipment removed.
  14. Stevenc22

    Engine bay

    Vacuum caps on the manifold and you can remove the hose
  15. Stevenc22

    Ac parts help please