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  1. Yeah, different, but came out nicely. Well done.
  2. I recently switched from a motive pressure bleeder to a vacuum bleeder. I LOVE MY VACUUM BLEEDER! (Get a good one, not an ebay special, those dont work well) https://www.amazon.com/Capri-Tools-Vacuum-Brake-Bleeder/dp/B00OM751EC/ref=sr_1_6?dchild=1&keywords=vacuum+bleeder&qid=1592573118&sr=8-6 Make sure your rear drums are correctly adjusted because a badly adjusted rear drum will cause soft brakes!
  3. I got salt and pepper floor mats from only02.com
  4. Thanks Mint, i was looking for barret's thread but you beat me to it. Barret is part of the houston car club, awesome dude. He will send you some wire if you contact him.
  5. Yes, some people have bough the same resistance wire and restrung the fuel sending unit. Do a search and im sure you can find the thread. Hell if i remember the person had bought a whole role of the wire and was offering to mail some to anyone who needed it.
  6. Yeah besides maybe helping slide the cyclinder in and out of the strut tube, no oil required. Just twist off the top, slide out the old gas strut (Sometimes easier said than done) and then slide in a new one and close the strut tube. The most tricky pay is the special washers under the strut hat which go in a specific order and are easy to loose.
  7. Yeah use weatherstrip glue, same type of glue you would use for your door seals. Im using Permatex https://www.oreillyauto.com/detail/b/permatex-4569/paint---body-repair-16614/weatherstripping-16876/weatherstripping-adhesive-17688/672cb5d5a7ec/permatex-2-ounce-weatherstrip-adhesive/80638/4610235?pos=0
  8. Looks too rough in my opinion for a first 2002. Lots to fix. You will blow your budget. You can find way better ones for that kind of money. I know its hard but people find bargains all the time.
  9. If your current transmission is a 4 speed, you cannot "convert" it to a 5 speed using some kit. You have to source a 5 speed transmission from the 80's 3 series and replace the 4 speed with a 5 speed transmission. The oil on the transmission could actually becoming from the engine and it is blowing back onto the transmission. Do a good pressure washing on the underside of the transmission and the engine and then try and see where the oil is coming from. But alittle oil residue on the underside of a 50 year old car is not enough to do anything about unless it really starts to drip. The fuel smell could a bad gas line or you could be missing the plastic sleeve on the fuel tank pickup. Go into your trunk and check out the fuel lines and the hose clamps on the gas tank and make sure everything is tight and clean. If you weber is dripping gas on the manifold, you need to look into that. Where is the drip coming from? Is it just a loose hose clamp or is are the seals on the carb gone.
  10. Yeah inspired me to buy the Torrin big Red aluminum jack stands https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0007XTGCI/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_image_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  11. Yup, you have two choices and the shop isnt going to help you make the choice. 1) Buy a new system from ICE AC or Dtech and spend $3k+ 2) Find the components your self and give them to a shop to install. Spend $1k and alot of time. No shop is going to hunt down the components for you as components are hard to find and only pop up on the forums occasionally. A third option is to buy a generic AC system off ebay which will cost less than $500. It wont be period correct, might fit alittle weird but it will blow cold. That is what a friend here in Houston did.
  12. I always had leaks on my oil pan. i redid the seal multiple times and always ended up with leaks near the timing cover. In my opinion, rtv on both sides never hurt!
  13. FYI, the 5000lbs quickjack was just on sale at homedepot for $998. I have the 5000lbs quickjack and its great for all my cars.
  14. I have a hidden stereo installed my glove box. Good power without messing up my console.
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