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  2. Stevenc22

    Brake lights question

    Its a $9 switch. No need for a shop to install. Just buy it, unscrew the old one and screw in the new one.|Model%3A2002|Make%3ABMW&epid=1368778154&hash=item5421fcc5e6:g:glgAAOSwgQ9VsNKh
  3. Stevenc22


    Good thinking Greg. Replaced my spare a couple years ago. Do need to look under the floorboards and see if it still has air in it though
  4. I always use Valvoline Dot3/4 synthetic. It has a really high boiling point and avaliable at any autozone
  5. Stevenc22

    Bad crimps

    See if you can splice and solder those connections
  6. Stevenc22

    Best stealth upgrades?

    SS lines are available in silver green, and blue.
  7. Stevenc22

    Have I created a fire hazard?

    You can squeeze the clips in that harness a little to improve clamping pressure
  8. Stevenc22


    Any Houston guys not on the Whatsapp group going to MidAm, let us know so we can coordinate driving together.
  9. Stevenc22

    Air conditioner compressor bracket

    West Palm 2002, FYI the technical diagrams from Blunt show the ratcheting arm on the front of the mount not the back of the mount. Not sure if it matters.
  10. Stevenc22

    2002 Restoration Tips

    Later cars are easier to get parts for but if you are in California, a 76 car is subject to emissions testing while 75 and earlier are not subject to emissions testing. If you are in any other state you can buy 76 or earlier and probably wont have emissions testing problems. Square tail light cars are generally cheaper. Almost everything can easily be tinkered with at home except paint and bodywork. Try to find a car with minimal rust. Cutting out rust once it has taken root is a real pain and expensive.... If you are in a hot state, finding a car with a AC console is a plus (Working or not working, doesn't matter, just find the AC console saves a ton of work later) Tired engines run just fine with a little love, so no need to build the engine right away.
  11. Stevenc22

    Air conditioner compressor bracket

    Installed mine today. Install went well. First impressions are good. Mount seems very solid. See how it does on the way to midam
  12. Stevenc22

    Quite electric fuel pump ?

    I have facet 3 psi pump. I had to rubber mount it and i can definitely hear it with the engine off but with the engine running i cannot hear it.
  13. Stevenc22

    Why so loud, motor?

    Matt, check with your local car club. A seasoned 2002 guy will take 5 minutes to figure out where the problem is and to adjust the idle down a little.
  14. Stevenc22

    Air conditioner compressor bracket

    Just bought. will give it a try out.
  15. Stevenc22


    Yes Munich motorwerks in the galleria. Restores and races 2002. Fair pricing. By appointment.