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  1. LED's often draw less current, you might not need relay system. Check the wattage of the LED. If its close to the original bulb wattage, not need for a relay system. My LED headlights on my 76 dont use a relay system but the later model cars have more robust headlight wiring.
  2. Stevenc22

    Need help Purchasing 2002 BMW

    Yup i agree the ebay car is awesome. Who cares if it got a new fuel injector engine. It will be faster and more fun to drive which is all that matters. Mojan the hemmings car for $17k is fixer upper and will cost $20k to fix up. Buy a car already nicely worked on if you dont have a $50k budget...
  3. Check the gas tank side of the fuel line as well. Easy to get a loose connection on that side as well.
  4. Stevenc22

    Need help Purchasing 2002 BMW

    ^ hell yeah. A later model fuel injection engine is a commonly sought upgrade. Ad doesnt say whether its a 5 speed conversion but it probably is which is also a $3k upgrade.
  5. Stevenc22

    Clanking sound on rear end

    Recheck the exhaust. It may look like it has enough clearance but really wobble the rear muffler around and check that is doesnt clank on the rear subframe or exhaust heat shield
  6. Stevenc22

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Drove my 2002 from my wedding
  7. Stevenc22

    CCA Icon 2002 preview

    Obviously Terry Sather owns the m3 to 2002 conversion. Actually M3 subframe with 2002 body panels on it.
  8. Stevenc22

    Rear stabilizer bracket - how screwed am I?

    Its looks okay for now. Not too bad. Kind of looks like the slotted piece at the bottom needs to be bent upwards more. Agree with Scoob, compare to the other side and adjust accordingly.
  9. Stevenc22

    Distributor Selection

    I had a cardone rebuild before i got my 123. I put a hotspark in it and it was a great distributor!
  10. Stevenc22

    Crossed Battery Terminals

    Starter solenoid might be gone, voltage regulator might be gone. Check all your fuses. Likely fixable with a little investigation
  11. Stevenc22

    door gasket install

    Yeah just press the rubber lip under the aluminum using a plastic fish bone.
  12. Stevenc22

    speedo cable routing

    What model year? Later cars have 2 piece speedo cables. A short cable from the transmission to the emissions box and then a second cable from the emissions box to the speedo.
  13. Stevenc22

    Cross Country Trip tool bag

    I carry a basic harbor freight tool kit IjoiMTE1NzMifQ%3D%3D with a couple extra things, like multi meter, electrical wire and crimps.
  14. Stevenc22

    Who's going to MidAmerica '02 Fest?

    Will miss this one guys due to my wedding. Everyone be safe!