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  1. John petronix does require 3ohms of resistance so you do need the ballast resistor. The 123 is different. I also just confirmed with 123
  2. John I'm running with no resistor. If you have electronic ignition (123) I not sure you need a resistor. It even says so on the coil.
  3. Idle and cruise in the 13's and 12's when under load accelerating. Forget 14.7, that is for modern cars targeting low emissions and economy.
  4. I actually removed the big plug. I plug each individual wire into the hazard switch to get me alittle more room on the hazard on my Behr console.
  5. 4 screws on each side to remove the side panels first. Then you will have access to back of hazard switch. Front plate will remove by undoing two screws at top which undo from the underside of the dash.
  6. Yup could be incorrect order of washers on strut top. Also could be springs not correct on seated in strut especially if they are lowering springs.
  7. There are interior, engine and underside pictures in the description. Car interior looks rough. Car needs some love. Car has been sitting for a while per the description. Exterior looks okay but clearly the car is ready for a refresh. Car is probably worth $11k but not much more.
  8. I have a 5 speed with a 3.92 diff. 70mph hits around 3300 rpms. 195/60/14
  9. There was a motor offered to the Houston group a week ago. Ask on Whatsapp...
  10. Congrats on the car. We have a HUGE 2002 group in Houston. We have a whatzapp group where everyone posts what they working on, gets advise and meets up for a beer. IM me your phone number and ill add you to the group.
  11. electricity doesn't care whether is flows right to left or left to right. As long the the right wires come into the resistor and leave the resistor, positions 1 and 2 are arbitrary.
  12. Most likely you will need to pull the head. But you should do a leak down test and check the oil for signs of coolant
  13. I know the factory cage nuts that hold the side mirrors are pretty much no longer available. Just thought i would pass on a tip. I just redid my doors and had to remount my side mirror. I ordered M4 jack nuts with a large head and they fit perfectly and are nice and tight. These are the ones i ordered. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Steel-Blind-Jack-Nut-Yellow-Zinc-Plated-M4x17-0-67-25-Pcs-TJM01-NEW/322027695812?hash=item4afa58aec4:g:OPwAAOSwkbdbRiOy You do not need a special tool. Put a jack nut in a vise and squeeze it slightly to get the legs to start to bend out very slightly. Then insert into door and tighten down on the jack nut with a M4 bolt which will finish squeezing out the legs and lock the jack nut in place. Undo bolt and mount mirro. Works great and holds better than the oem cage nuts in my opinion.
  14. Little lube and store in a vacuum sealed food bag?

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