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  1. As an California 80's kid, I LOVE IT! All you need now is to mod the brake and clutch pedals for some KKT Lightnings and you'd be set!!
  2. It's not an 02, but if you have an early 318 upgrade, close enough!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eLgjyJBvYs4
  3. Maybe sprinkle a bunch of flour all around the edge of the tank. If the seam has failed, it might not be enough to be a full leak, but would be enough to stink. A little bit of gas goes a long way as far as the sniffer goes. If all the flour stays dry, just vacuum it up and check the seam off the list.
  4. The only way that's ever going to happen is if you turn the internet off.... Welcome to the sickness.
  5. Ha ha, just kidding! Hi Marshall !!!
  6. Greetings all, this is a longshot, but is anyone here in the OKC area that would have a line on a 320i parts car? I'm looking for rear brake fixins (springs and such) TIA, TK
  7. That would do it, but I'd have to mickey mouse something, I have a stahl header on it. . Or I could just get off my lazy ass and install the megasquirt that I've had sitting in the garage for the last 2 years...
  8. Sho-nuff, as soon as it started cutting out this morning, I pulled over and popped the air cleaner off. Nice little frost icicle going from the venturi all the way down to the throttle plate. Held it wide open with my hand for a minute and the engine heat melted it all away. Good to go!!! I tried to get a pic, but couldn't get my phone out before it mostly melted.
  9. Didn't think about the coil, will check in the AM. It keeps chugging along, but just sputters at 60-70 like it's going down to two cylinders. Best I can tell, ignition wiring is good. K&N air filter and the tank is just vented straight out underneath the trunk.
  10. Hey all, I've seen a lot of posts on icing, but it’s pretty much just reasons to keep the water tube on the manifold. I’ve been having a weird cutout lately in the mornings similar to running out of gas or water in the tank (checked both) Particulars: 74’, pertronix, stock fuel pump with a switchable electric pump inline, new fuel filters, 32/36 with a water bypassed Cannon manifold, 35º-40º outside temp. I have about a 45min commute fm Wasilla to Anchorage, usually around 25-30min into the drive it starts bucking/cutting out. If I pull over for 10-15 min the car works normally and no problems in the afternoon. I’ve seen lots of info for icing for airplanes, but couldn’t find anything 02 specific. Sooo, does this sound like icing? Thanks, TK PS, I've also swapped the pertronix with points, problem still there.
  11. Damn, I'd get it running solid and clearcoat it. That thing looks AWESOME!!!
  12. Might be able to get at it from the access plate on the bellhousing...
  13. I had WPB 1304, never made it any further than Jamaica..
  14. Sounds like a lot of boat talk... I'm guessing JO/378???
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