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  1. 2002Targa

    Who’s yer daddy??

    I had WPB 1304, never made it any further than Jamaica..
  2. 2002Targa

    Who’s yer daddy??

    Sounds like a lot of boat talk... I'm guessing JO/378???
  3. 2002Targa

    Who’s yer daddy??

    Yep! It was sooooo nice!
  4. Showed up late for a local BMW meet in Anchorage, they made me pull up front for some pix!!
  5. 2002Targa

    Ecu harness though the firewall

    Do some searching on fleabay, I found a wall mount plug like the #2239 series here: http://www.amphenol-aerospace.com/pdf/catalogs/83723_Matrix_Catalog.pdf not exactly the same, but had 8 larger pins in the middle for the injectors and way more of the smaller pins that you can use on a MS. It came with both sides of the plug and all the pins, I paid $45 for it shipped. Just start searching 20, 25, 30 pin canon plug, there are zillions of these things out there, hard part is finding one that suits your needs.... Some of the key brands to search are Bendix, Canon, Amphenol TK
  6. 2002Targa


  7. 2002Targa

    I need some help with my BMW 2002

    Pretty damn slick idea!!
  8. 2002Targa

    1974 Baur Targa

    I'd say go with BAT. I have a 73 RHD targa that I've had in storage for the last 20x years, (retirement project). from everything I've been able to find it's one of about 250 made that year. Don't be too quick to sell it until you have done some research, your car appears to be VERY clean/original. Standard 2002s with low mileage are going for 20-30+ and yours is FAR from standard.
  9. 2002Targa

    Any 318Ti Guru's here??

    Thanks all. Looking forward to the project!!!
  10. 2002Targa

    Any 318Ti Guru's here??

    Thanks John, I posted there also. After browsing around there for a while, it just doesn't seem as "together" as the forum here.
  11. Greets all, I just bought a 97 Ti to try and save my real car from the Alaska winters. It's a project car (ignition busted and motor seized after a theft, but with 82k orig/mi). It's going to be a 100mi/day commuter car, so I'm looking at getting the best MPG possible. Current thoughts are keeping it factory with a stock "refresh/rebuild", or complete stripping the interior and any other excess weight and going to megasquirt for ECU management and ditching all the emission crap up front. Thanks, TK
  12. 2002Targa

    It Only Took 46 Years..

    Pretty slick! I like how you remembered to set the odometer 500 mi ago (and that it stayed synced)
  13. Wow, those are SWEET!
  14. 2002Targa

    Dropping front subframe

    +1 I think I used a 4x4 tho.
  15. 2002Targa

    What is your best detailing tip?

    Interior dash and vinyl...303 Protectant!! looks like they make wipes now.