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  1. I can go out to get food and gas in my 02. Now there is an idea...
  2. https://www.discounttire.com/fitmentresult/tires/size/185-70-13
  3. I bought OEM from Blunt after he assured me that the tearing seam problem batch had been removed. I had it installed by a professional and of course it separated at the seam during installation. The installer took it down and resewed it and reinstalled it and it came out great in the end. I went back to Blunt and explained the situation, and to this day I have heard nothing from him in regards to reimbursing for the extra few hundred Dollars that cost. And I have his emailing telling me this batch of headliners had been checked.... Let me say I have always had great experiences previously with Steve and I love their service. I am not sure why I got no response, I understand they are middle men, But this was an unfortunate situation. So I would stay away from the OEM headliners.
  4. The other thing is this. I have the stock headlights back in my stash of parts. I didn't change any wiring. This is a plug and play change. When you want to go back to stock, it may take 30 minutes to change back.
  5. I have the IE one from years ago and it has been flawless. If I remember correctly I sourced the transmission from them also. It was used and has been perfect. As I also remember , the key is getting a balanced drive shaft. Do not skimp on that part of the project.
  6. What I bought were these: 7 inch LED Headlight Round 2PCS E-MARK Approved 6000K Hi/lo Beam lamp Halo, Uni-light J004-2pcs. If car manufacturers had LED's available in the 70's they would have used them. They use less power and they are brighter. By the way I took a look at Bobby Rahal's old 2002 Turbo that is for sale at the Werkshop in Libertyville Illinois for just under 200K... It has LED headlights installed also. Completely stock except for the headlights. To answer your question my side light and turn signal bulbs are normal incandescent bulbs. If you are driving a show car and you want it all stock I get it. If you are actually driving the car daily, others can see you much better, and you can also see them... There is a reason that all of the new cars have LED lighting, it is better, brighter, cheaper, and uses less power.
  7. I just added LED headlights to my 74. It is my driver and I was tired of not being seen, and not being able to see with the candles I had burning at the front.. I bought 7" LED's and installed them. After installation I noticed that even when off they flickered like a strobe light. I got hold of the folks at Superbright, whom I did not buy the lights from, and they informed me I needed basically a transformer on each one. All was plug and play and once those were installed they work great and are super bright. I have read all of the articles maybe they are nor perfect, but they are much better than what was original equipment. And if you want to go back to stock, just plug the original headlights back in. No modifications done....
  8. saw it and love it. Not the design perhaps but just the fact that someone would take on a challenge like this. There are deep pockets out there who will buy something like this.
  9. I was at the Werk Shop in Libertyville IL last night. They do Concourse level restorations. In the lobby was a 2002 Turbo once owned by Bobby Rahal. Factory fresh looking. The price tag.... Just under $200K in the back there were two others just like it being restored along with a 1600TI from Holland and an 1800 TI race car. Then there must of been 8-10 regular 2002's all being restored. Our hobby can be done at many levels. they were also working on a 327 from 1941... These are projects for the very wealthy. There are many of us who daily drive our 2002's and try and keep them maintained but we are not trying to reach the level of museum quality. I think it is great for all of us that there are cars at all prices out there. Yes the cars are gaining in value, but no where in comparison to what Porsche has seen over the last few years.
  10. There is a rebuild kit for the heater valve. Much cheaper than replacing it. I believe Blunt has it
  11. Good choice I learned the hard way even asking the vendor the question. Also All of my sunroof gaskets were also perished, which raised the cost also. One note they were less than five years old, which begs the question about the quality of the parts that we are being provided. My car is a driver and it gets driven to work all summer. I am wondering how much luck others have had with all of the replacement parts that we are all purchasing. These are "genuine" parts not the after market ones...
  12. An interesting question. I bought the headliner and asked just said question and was told that all were checked and the "bad batch" of headliners was already out of the system. During installation two seams let go, and the headliner had to be removed, sewn, and reinstalled.
  13. I just picked up my car from the upholsterer. New Headliner installed. A few slight issues with the seams... Needed new sunroof gaskets.... But overall a much nicer place to be now...
  14. According to IE here is a list of the stuff needed for the 5 speed swap: These are the parts necessary for a Getrag 245 5-speed conversion for your BMW 2002. This transmission is typically found in E21 320i's from 1977-09/1982. -DRIVE SHAFT - Shortened, rebuilt, balanced, and assembled with new center bearing. Option 1: 3-Bolt Nose (depending on the 245's output flange) Option 2: 4-Bolt Nose -Shift Plate and Selector Rod kit - Comes with complete shift plate, rear support hardware, foam isolator pad, shortened selector rod, and selector rod joint and dowel. -Transmission cross member and mount - Comes with HD rubber mount, or optional urethane mount. -Short Shift Lever - or later (post Feb. 1974 build date) shift lever. -Speedo Cable (longer) -Stainless Steel Clutch Line setup - Includes the stainless steel flex line along with the appropriate hard line. -Clutch Set: Pressure plate, disc, and throw out bearing option 1: 228mm (good time to upgrade to a 228mm from 215mm system [just need the 228 flyhweel]) option 2: 215mm **Throw out bearing - If for whatever reason you don't want to replace the entire clutch setup. Option 1: 228mm Option 2: 215mm -Guibo (flex disc) Option 1: 6 hole (for 3 bolt drive shaft) Option 2: 8 hole (for 4 bolt drive shaft) -Brass Clutch Pivot Pin: NOT required but The factory clutch pivot pin is made from plastic and wears over time. Replacing the pivot pin with the brass pin while the transmission is out is a good idea. -Clutch Slave Cylinder: The Clutch Slave on the getrag 245 mounts to the outside of the bell housing.
  15. We have one too 1998 V70 Wagon

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