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  1. Haha. True. Just getting grumpy in my old age. And Toby I know those slots and holes have absolutely zero benefit on my car I just liked the way they looked lol. Are u vouching for those rockauto rotors?
  2. I have the e21/Volvo brake upgrade on my car. I did the upgrade 8 years ago and I planned on refreshing the brakes soon. Pulled up my 02 expense spreadsheet and Drilled/Slotted vented e21 rotors cost me $132 a pair. Now...$120 each?? Do I just need to bite the bullet or can I find them more reasonably priced somewhere. Not gonna buy those cheap ebay rotors....
  3. Just got a Mountain Bike and while it fits inside the 2002 if I take the front wheel off and lay the passenger seat down, but its does put some wear and tear on the interior. So what options are there for bike racks?
  4. +1 for the Ireland part. Why reinvent the wheel.
  5. Nope. He showed me a bunch of swatches of headliner material and i picked. Now caveat on the headliner. This is the only part of the job i wasnt 100% satisfied with. One area around the sunroof started to come apart almost immediately. I called him and he said bring it back. I waited maybe a year to decide what to do and then took it back. He fixed it no questions asked. The total headliner was maybe $200 and my original headliner looked awful so for $200 its a huge upgrade. Quotes in Orange County were $1000 and up.
  6. My car was the one from Newport Beach.... Los Panchos is the place...Ramiro is the guy I spoke to. He speaks English. about $2k did my car with a new headliner.... 011-52(664)685-8859 3 years later I am very pleased with the work...still shiny. I plan on taking it back down in a year or so and have some touchup work done. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Here are a few updates from my blog.... http://project2002.com/my-tijuana-paintjob-1-year-paint-update/ http://project2002.com/ride-height-solved-maybe/ http://project2002.com/happy-42nd-birthday-greta/ http://project2002.com/in-tj-for-a-little-upkeep/ http://project2002.com/new-galleryalameda-naval-air-station-photo-shoot/
  7. Interested in front bumper. PM sent.
  8. Yes it like normal 02 behavior. Who diagnosed the low oil pressure as an issue?
  9. Amazing. Would be great if u had one of the car on the road. Nothing a little photoshop couldn’t fix. Id love a hi res of this shot to play with some things. john@project2002.com
  10. Yeah. All this and no names?!?!? You should be putting the shop name out as well as the owners name. You have been asked a fee times and haven't done it. Sounds like you are protecting the owner and shop for some (odd) reason.
  11. Looking for a passenger side long console side panel. It is going to be recovered so looking for one that has good wood, the rest can be ugly. PM me or email me... john@project2002.com
  12. So its the point where the boom mounts to the mast on a sailboat. The boom is allowed to rotate. Well that was an old design and new boats DO NOT allow the boom to swivel and when adding support for the boom they say the boom must be modified NOT the swivel. Its not structural as the weight doesnt have that much force to it. Some have said that you can weld it into position. Others have replaced the entire thing with a non swiveling design but thats a huge can of worms. So if that shaft is threaded a nut can be tightened to prevent the whole mechanism from twisting.
  13. Way off topic but you guys are so helpful someone may point me in the right direction. This is for a sailboat...I need a part that I think is aluminum threaded. Here is a pic if the part...maybe its 3 inches long and 3/4" in diameter. Plan is to remove that cotter pin and washer, remove the shaft then thread it so I can secure it with a nut. I called a few machine shops in the area and no one seemed to want to do this...not enough money, not a big enough job, or they do more engine rebuilding or head work on cars, than threading a rod for a sailboat...Any ideas on who to look for to do this? I thought it would be easy...but its turning out to be a bit of a challenge...Im in Newport Beach so anything in the area would be awesome...
  14. Its an electronic ignition system that's built into your dizzy. Perfect timing. No points. Adjustable advance and vacuum curves. Hotter spark. If you have a modded motor, this allows you to dial in the advance curves that YOUR MOTOR wants...oh and no more wobbly dizzy shafts either...Best $500 I ever spent...and I was a beta tester and STILL bought another unit. I probably have put 75k miles on the dizzy's with not a hiccup. Maybe its time to change the cap and rotor...
  15. Yup i do that as well. Although i have also had them ship me things and they arrived quick and complete. I have even had them ship parts to A mechanic directly and quickly to get the car done. I have also called and got Jeff Ireland himself and he answered tons of questions for me. Super helpful.
  16. Be aware the Miata has a much smaller center bore...so unless it has a larger center bore than stock you will need a spacer to push it out or have the center bore opened up. If you have the e21 hubs.
  17. jrhone

    Free Parts

    Pmd about center console sides and shifter surround.
  18. Soooo....I'm gonna ask a dumb question. Why not a 292 cam and high comp pistons and a Weber 38 carb? I daily drive mine and have been for 10 years. Starts everyday and I won't hesitate to drive to Phoenix or NorCal on a whim...and I do that at least 4-5 times a year...Car probably makes 140hp....reliably...and revs to 7k.
  19. http://www.2002garagewerks.com Le's website....his contact page has a number on it....might be faster than waiting for a busy guy to log onto a forum and browse....
  20. Not surprising. The S14 was based in the M10. Its why its one of the easiest swaps. For a m10 with a cam exhaust and sidedrafts you are looking at 140-150hp. There are TONS of horsepower threads with dynos and engine specs. Use the search forum. You are not the first around here to ask about hp for the m10.
  21. The car looks a bit high to me front and rear. Did they remove the steel spacer on top of the strut? What tear spring pads are there? There are various thicknesses of the rear spring pad and the spacer in the front adds 1/2” to the ride height.
  22. IE Sway Bars 123 Tune Dizzy Heater Box/Heater Core Rebuild
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