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  1. Here is my exhaust....first with a 4" Flowmaster on it and after with a 6" Flowmaster on it to quiet it down a tad. Its got Ireland step headers, a flow master center resonator and a 6 inch round flow master rear muffler. No drone..deep sound..great tone.
  2. Good info...I got that info from the show. And yes on the show they say it will perform like a xxx Hp motor. Not actual HP numbers.
  3. I would fix what you have unless you are going to do some hard driving. The stock brakes are great, but if you are on them hard like mountain and track driving you will start to heat them up after a while and get brake fade. I upgraded the fronts to volvo calipers and bigger vented disc and the rears to the e21 bigger drums and wheel cylinders. Great system for not alot of money but I did the work myself..got alot of used hardware and new pads and shoes. If you upgrade brakes you MUST do front and rear or it will be unsafe. DONT upgrade to bigger rear brakes and not bigger fronts or you will lock the rears more easily and imagine stop on the brakes while cornering and the back locks up...not fun. Im for getting it running right and then you decide if you want an upgrade for the type of driving you are doing.
  4. Ok..so I have been mountain biking and with no rack...I pull the from wheel off and stick it in the trunk then if I lower the passenger seat, I can get the bike in the car. Except when doing that I have put 2 holes in my passenger side Recaro seat. GRRR! So other than completely redoing them, which I will do in a few years as they are starting to show some wear, what are some good options for repairing them? Anyone have good results with those vinyl repair kits? Here is what the hole looks like...its not very big at all...I just know its there.
  5. In a different episode they broke down a few systems. They have the Tesla motors with the direct drive built in and thats alot more cash...They put that in a Ferrari and the conversion including restoring the Ferrari was 60K pounds...so maybe 30-40k sounds for the motor and batteries. Then they had another system that was an electric motor that they married to the existing transmission. This one gives about 170-200 hp and about 150 miles range and is about 15k pounds in parts. Not too bad at all. Thats the system they put in the 02. Interesting show...in other episodes they actually show the finished car driving and they do shakedowns, road tests and actually give you 0-60 times and performance specs. My guess is they actually didnt finish the 02 for one reason or another as it ended very abruptly without the running and shakedown.
  6. Not sure if this has been here...but I just saw a 1602 being done on Vintage Voltage. If you haven't seen this show its a shop that takes old European cars and restores them with electric motors. They are doing a 1602 with Rabbit arches. Watching it now. They have done a Karman Ghia, Porsche Speedster, Fiat 500 MG Midget and a Ferrari 308 as well. Pretty cool show. For those thinking about electric power in an 02...here it is. Show os in MotorTrend.
  7. I probably have at least 75k miles on the 123 units. I had an early bluetooth prototype unit that had an electronic bug that was fixed before release. It worked perfectly but once warm you couldn't change curves until the int cooled down. They said it was a firmware issue, but I never sent it back. Bought a production unit so I could support the company and probably have about 35k miles on that unit. no issues with either unit.
  8. Gonna be doing a complete cooling system overhaul soon. Radiator, water pump, silicone hoses and clamps. Just curious what's the capacity of the 02 cooling system? I want to get enough pre mix coolant for the job and then some.... Thanks!
  9. interested. You have pics? Is it a long or short?
  10. Ok. What an ordeal!!! I finally got the car shipped. Long story short most shipping companies are shady. Lol. Here is the new project getting unloaded. Needs alot of work but should be fun!! The bonus was when the transporter started the car and the old girl fired up and ran SUPER smooth. Now to deal with the key stuck in the ignition and those drum brakes to make it drivable.
  11. It seems like you could have bought a good pair of either period Recaro LS/LX seats that we all know work well, or e21 Recaro that bolt in. I see these seats for sale all the time and even if you have them recovered you would be in less money than you probably have spent.
  12. thats what im shipping...... ok here is a teaser.
  13. Shipping a car from Washington State ro SoCal. Anyone have any suggestions on cheap and reliable shippers? From what I read most companies are brokers and they take the shipping job and put it out and the actual shipping companies take the contract at the offered price or counter. Its cheaper if they happen to be going on that route and more expensive if they are going out of their way. I have a company working in bids just wondering if someone has had good success with anyone. Doesnt need to be covered. Heck if someone with a trailer wants to make some cash lemme know!!!
  14. Pass. Seats are safety items. Not just eye candy...unless it sits in a garage and is never driven. How do you think those $300 seats will react in an accident? Keep the Recaro seats. They have lasted how long and just need a recover?
  15. I was thinking late 60s firebird...but yes beautiful.
  16. Yes that was one of the cars that inspired me!!! Amazing that the 122 wagon has the same width and wheelbase as an e30 convertible. So that look is what im after. Alit of people weld the rear doors and convert them to 3 doors. Cool look but not sure I wanna go there. The utility of a 5 door is kinda what i want in a vintage restomod package. I have a place for now until i bring it down south in a month or so. Now the question is, ship it or drive it???
  17. ding ding winner. Volvo 122 wagon. I wanted something with some space for mt biking and wanted a wagon but also vibtage. The plan is to restomod it so yup low, 17s, and maybe a engine swap in the future.
  18. If i recall he built it for his daughter and she wanted a new 3 series instead. Seen it in person. Very well done.
  19. Not a borgward or a 912. 912s they made until 76 if i recall correctly.
  20. Zinz i have no idea what a Grifo is!! So no. not a Cortina Sweet car. not a T34. Again. Sweet car.
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