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  1. Looking for an early rear bumper center section WITHOUT the trim holes. The euro light cutouts are ok if it has those. PM or email john@project2002.com.
  2. jrhone

    WTB euro rear bumper center section

    Mine isnt in the best shape so id rather get another one. And if it has the cutouts even better.
  3. Looking for a center section of a euro bumper with the license plate light cutouts. Looking to replace my US center with one. PM me or email at john@project2002.com. Thanks!!
  4. jrhone

    Installing a 5-speed dash decal?

    Yup...mine went over the 4 speed decal....
  5. jrhone

    2002 Beauty Shots

  6. jrhone

    2002 Beauty Shots

    Testing out my new camera. A shot from a rainy day in SoCal.
  7. One Caveat to my above post.... If your modifications have an effect on your car having valid registration, that is one area that an insurance company can claim your car isn't covered. Your insurance CAN be revoked if your vehicle registration is revoked (not just expired). So if your local police are sticklers on ride height and proper bumpers and things like that...and they issue tickets to fix and you don't and your registration is revoked...then your insurance could revoke your insurance. This could be an issue though, if they accept your premium, and they know its been revoked, they may still have to pay for any claims. So in places that still have vehicle inspections, this may be a sticking point. I know this was a huge point in SoCal for sportbikes for a while...aftermarket pipes...tickets and impoundings. The reason was for canyon racing...they figured if they were annoying enough the racer crowd would move along instead of constantly being hassled.
  8. How many lowered civics have been in accidents. Probably tens of thousands. How many were denied insurance because they were lowered. None. If it were the case it would be law suits that would bury insurance companies. I have modified just about every car i have owned as my brother and my friends. Never has a claim been challeneged because of modifications. Never. And for the records Modified cars are NOT voided by car manufacturers. What is voided is the part that has been modified. Just last week a friends highly modified STi had oil and coolant mixing. Took it to the dealer. Modified. Engine replaced under warranty because his mods had ZERO to do with the failure. Thats the law. I know so many people with modified Ferraris and Porsches that track them and are never denied warranty service to anything that hasnt been modified. So do what u want with your cars but i will modify them to my hearts content and sleep well at night.
  9. jrhone

    lots of parts

    Ill take the long center console parts
  10. jrhone

    shorty euro Bumper set

    Is this original stock or new stainless?
  11. Think about this for a minute. How many cars on the road have body kits? Different bumpers? Removed Bumpers? LOTS. Just a reference. My Porsche with upgraded bumpers that were fiberglass was hit in a rear end accident. The bumper was split. The insurance company that settled (not mine) ended up buying a NEW factory Turbo rear bumper to be modified and fitted to my car. No they didn't ask if the rear bumper was factory, the body shop told them it was a Turbo style bumper and they wouldn't repair it so the agent authorized a factory bumper. So no, you won't be in some legal battle if the bumper is modified or isn't there.
  12. You are correct...when I saw that I began to think this may be an option for a future build...Great job as always Forrest!
  13. jrhone

    M2 Concept paint on @002

    That M2 is very similar to Audi Nardo Grey...minus the blue shifting color.....
  14. Yes for the e36 but for the 02 it seems pretty simple. Mount the motor and the latch. Run power to the switches and bam.
  15. Euro power option on the e36.