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  1. If shipping halfway across the country. Ken Blasko at Vintage BMW Racing and Le Tran at 2002 Garage Werks both in SoCal will do everything from mild to wild. Le does quite a few M3 blocks and 02 head 2.3L engines that are beasts. Ken did my motor which is a modded M10 292 cam 9.5:1 pistons etc. Runs amazing.
  2. jrhone

    Does anyone know Bobby Yang

    This place is amazing. Scammers should stay away from the 02 community. Love how everyone jumps in and helps out when something like this happens.
  3. No prob...we are pretty much saying the same thing....
  4. I can't believe I'm weighing in on this...but thats correct unless you have a CONTRACT...the NFL players have a union, and under the agreement between the union and the owners, the players have a right to take a knee. It says the players must be on the field for the National Anthem, doesn't say they have to stand. If the owners don't want that, they must change that in the players contract. The NBA, has some language addressing it, the NFL does not. This is not a simple, "You are on company time, do as I say because I own the team and sign your checks thing." The owners has signed a agreement with the NFL players union that outlines what the players can and cannot do and what repercussions the players will face if they break these rules. Like wearing pink shoes. Players cannot just wear certain colors, its in the agreement. If they do the fine is there in writing...What the owners should have done is said the truth, the players under contract have a right to take a knee, then shut up about it and in the offseason addressed it with the players association and union. Your example is correct under most employment situations, not contract employees that have a union. Whatever the contract and employment agreement states is what goes. ok...now no politics please, back to BMWs!!!!
  5. Wow. So tempting....
  6. Good question. With coilovers getting vw rabbit struts with spacers is what some use. Can those be used with more spacers in stock height strut tubes? There has to be other cars with similar sized struts.
  7. I’d have no problems buying an engine from them at all.
  8. So you replied to every comment by somehow saying Ben was a liar and a crook. Even those that had good experiences were because of you or because Ben needed something and couldn’t screw them over because that’s really what he wanted to do. But nah...he didnt come here to talk shit or anything like that. Only the best of intentions.
  9. Not upset at all...no need for an apology. We just see this differently...and in the grand scheme of 02 stuff this entire thread ranks SUPER low on my list of important things. Maybe I'm jaded, lol... I will drop you a line on another carpet kit we talked about doing and the color options.
  10. But if I said I got tired of Estys bullshit and quit I can tell you the truth once and for all. That says you are a lying bullshitter. He called Ben a liar and said he was full of shit for years. Then said ask me about his dealings and I’ll tell you “the truth”. Sorry Esty. He had bad intentions. If any of my employees said that to anyone about me I’d be offended. Ok. I’m done with this thread. And as a disclaimer. I LOVE Estys product and customer service and this in no way is me saying that she is a Liar or a bullshitter. I’m a fan and I’ll use her products whenever I can.
  11. jrhone

    A short video of my 2002

    Very cool! 👍🏾
  12. Speak from experience. 2013 Audi S5. Zero mechanical problems in 3 years. Changed brake pads was the only cost to me. 2015 Audi Q5. Zero mechanical issues. Zero upkeep costs in 3 years. 2018 Audi SQ5. AC hose leak. Fixed under warranty. 1 warranty issue on 3 Audi’s in 6 years. My my wife’s friends Maserati. In the shop for various issues. And 4K in service bills outside of the warranty work. That’s a big difference. Funny you mention 4Runner. My buddy at work has had 2 in the last year. Yes they are used but he has had CV Joints, half shafts, electrical, and things still are not right on the current one. So it’s not $50 a year to maintain.
  13. Sorry Esty. The last sentence really says it all. “You have a chance to finally here the truth from the inside...” that implies that what we have gotten lies It also says he was tired of the bullshit. Implying the company was full of lies and bullshit and to ask about those things and he will tell you the truth. Maybe his his intent was something else but if I said on a forum “I know the inner workings of XYZ’s business and I got tired of the bullshit and ask me to tell you the truth behind her lies...”. That’s not flattering at all and He probably doesn’t have good intent. If he had good intent I apologize but in my heart I think I read it properly.
  14. jrhone


    I think its gonna depend on the model of Rota wheel. I had a Rota Alpina like wheel, not the current ones R10s a discontinued model and they were like boat anchors. They also were for a VW I think. Wrong offset for an 02 but I didn’t know any better then.