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  1. Not surprising. The S14 was based in the M10. Its why its one of the easiest swaps. For a m10 with a cam exhaust and sidedrafts you are looking at 140-150hp. There are TONS of horsepower threads with dynos and engine specs. Use the search forum. You are not the first around here to ask about hp for the m10.
  2. The car looks a bit high to me front and rear. Did they remove the steel spacer on top of the strut? What tear spring pads are there? There are various thicknesses of the rear spring pad and the spacer in the front adds 1/2” to the ride height.
  3. IE Sway Bars 123 Tune Dizzy Heater Box/Heater Core Rebuild
  4. Gauges are easy..u just put in the senders are wire the gauges to them. Just get the appropriate senders for the M10. Plenty of info on them.
  5. Here is my current center console. I am in the process of doing a more elaborate one right now.
  6. My BBS 15 wheel and tire combo is LESS than my 14” combo which is LESS than my stock 14 steel wheel and tire combo. I also get better tire compounds. My 15” BBS wheels are 12 pounds each.
  7. Thats not too hot. In the red is too hot. If its running in that area when it normally doesn't then maybe that indicates something going on with the cooling system.
  8. yes, 245s 1st-4th are identical to the 4 speed. 5 speed is an overdrive made for cruising and economy, not power. You want power...kick it down to 4th. The 245 is one of the best upgrades period. I don't get notch at all...I was literally thinking today how smooth the 5 speed feels compared to my four speed (no it wasn't an early box with Porsche synchros). Its your 1600...if a 4 speed is enjoyable, then by all means go for it! I say do what makes YOU happiest..not what any of us think!
  9. Calling KenH.... He has a Turbo M42 in the 300+ HP range...reliable...fast...Still has a 4 banger BMW motor in it..so the spirit of the 02 is retained... Then there is the M20 Turbo...that'll get you 400-450....again BMW heart.... The question is really...WHY do you need all that power? The characteristics of the 02 make it a fun car with 150ish HP... A really wise guy once told me...you want that much of a faster car? Get a faster car...Maybe an e36 M3 is what u want....by the time you build a really nice 02 that's as fast and reliable as a newer BMW M car...you could have built several 02's. After seeing that clip Andrew...man M20 may be the motor for my next build....
  10. Andrew...I am unfriending you on all social media platforms and blocking you on this board so I NEVER see your posts. Absurd.... OK...now to be serious about the question... 1. Round tails look better than Square tails 2. Bilstein Sports are too stiff
  11. Putting it on my Calendar for next month.
  12. Love your car Ken! That big turbo is sooooo cool!!!
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