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  1. jrhone

    Camp Fire, Paradise CA

    Sorry for the loss of the car and your hone but happy you amd yoir family made it out safely. Cars are replaceable. People are not.
  2. jrhone

    Bmw 2002 F/I step up?

    Looks like a very cool setup. Id love to know power numbers.
  3. OEM means original equipment manufacturer. That means BMW brand seals. URO is a brand. They make seals that are about half the cost. There is a reason. Lol. Steer clear especially for major stuff. Like windshields.
  4. Thats everything. Lol. i reused most of the nonvisible seals. Just use OEM seals for the mainstuff. The URO seals suck and leak.
  5. Haha. Im still here. Just making sure im not impulse buying and i have a plan.
  6. jrhone

    2002 Beauty Shots

    Haha. I’d have no doubts on that one. Love the patina.
  7. jrhone

    2002 Beauty Shots

    i love the tree that grew between the quarter panel and rear bumper. Great car.
  8. Great questions. I’m nearing the end of project 1. Which has been my daily for 9 years. Not gonna sell it there’s lot of sentimental stuff tied up in this one. It’s just how I wanted my daily 02 to be. I want something else too. Something wilder. More aggressive. Less forgiving. More hardcore. So I have run across great bones for this. I could driveway the driver and use the garage for the project. I just know my wife and she isn’t patient lol. She would see it daily and complain. One reason my 02 is my daily is I had a new Lexus and the 02. She would see the Lexus in the garage daily and say “why are we paying for it if it just sits?” Sell one of those cars. Doesn’t make sense to pay for it and not drive it so I shocked her and said ok. I sold the Lexus and kept the 02. If she sees a non op car just sitting for long periods of time I’m sure there will be “discussions”. Lol. She knows another car is coming at some point. We have discussed that. I’m just trying to make it as easy on myself as possible.
  9. Great info. Unfortunately I don’t have a spot like that. But great thinking out of the box.
  10. Not a glass out thing...The car is complete but non op for decades. The plan is to get it running and stopping then do cosmetics. I just don’t know how long the running and stopping part will take. I have a working spare 02 motor I could put in but I am gonna plan I need wiring, electrical, brakes, fuel system etc.
  11. I may build a second 02. This one isnt a runner and may not be for a while. I have a 2 car garage but the wife will probably not be ok with something non-op residing there for any length of time. I also like my daily 02 to be garaged so that leads me to finding other options. Ideas? Having a plan on this may make the difference in me doing it or not.
  12. jrhone

    SoCalVintage Picture Recap 2018

    Great to see the cars and the few people I got to see. I showed up late lol. Congrats to Andrew on his booth and having some GREAT products for us vintage BMW folks!
  13. jrhone

    Cheap Seats

    Yup. Seats are one thing I wouldn’t be looking to save a buck on. There is a reason Recaro seats cost what they do and hold up over time. Cheap “racing style” buckets are usually not made with safety in mind.
  14. jrhone

    SoCalVintage ROLL CALL 2018

    Its the largest gathering of Vintage BMWs on the West Coast I think...If you wanna see lots of cool 02s as well as e9s, e3s, e28s, e30s, and e21s then this is the place.