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  1. jrhone

    LA paint job recommendation?

    Chito is Ramiro. Ramiro has been there 40 years. Ramiro also stands behind his work. If you were not satisfied I would have pointed it out to him. Again I went down to see the progress and he even sent me emails with pics of the progress.
  2. jrhone

    LA paint job recommendation?

    U sure? You do know there are TWO unrelated Places. Los Ponchos and Los Panchos. When I was there last month it wasn’t the same guy I was dealing with 2 years ago and my friends Q5 was done last month. The Q5 was accident repair and it was flawless. The thing about TJ is you must be VERY specific about what you want. I was very clear about the job I wanted and the lever of detail that I wanted. The price went up but I was happy in the end. If they did change ownership that would be a shame. The 6 VW campers I saw in progress looked great as well as a very cool 70s Land Cruiser Jeep.
  3. I’m in the same boat. I’m leaning toward replacing them with new stainless bumpers. Rechroming even in TJ was about 250-300 a bumper. New ones are 500. So still looking for a good option. Mine a straight, rear has a small dent and the front just needs emotions be rechromed.
  4. jrhone

    LA paint job recommendation?

    Beat me to it.... You can read about my paint and if you are at any of the upcoming events like the Ireland open house or SoCal Vintage meet you can see it in person. Its not perfect, but you won't get perfect for $5k. For under $2k...you can get it painted in TJ. It will probably be better than most $5-8k paint jobs north of the border. I wanted a lot done and my estimates were in the $10k range. My car has been done for over 2 years and it still looks great. I wouldn't hesitate to get it done again. A friend of mine took their 2015 Q5 there for accident repair and you can't tell there was any damage and that car is black. Perfect match. There are at least 3 other FAQ members that ave had their cars done since mine. They may be quiet lurkers but the point is this particular shop is reputable and does good work at a good price. I was in contact with them constantly and they had my car 2 months and I made at least 4 trips to check on the car. I had the headliner redone when I did the paint, I wasn't happy with it and they told me to come down and they would fix it...I dragged my feet and I called them and yes..2 years later they fixed it. They stand behind their work. While I was down there for the headliner, I had them wax and polish the car. Heres what it looks like now over 2 years after I had it done. No fading, cracking, peeling, no issues with it at all. Its not for everyone, you have to be comfortable leaving your car in another country...but this shop has 24 hour security and 95% of their business is late model European Cars and classic hot rods and sports cars. When I went back there were 6 VW Busses being done.
  5. jrhone

    2002 Beauty Shots

    May car has the trim removed. I bought it that way 10 years ago. I would have kept the upper trim and I actually have the stick on type that is identical looking tonthe stock trim, I just have not installed it yet. The holes were welded and they body was ripples along the sides. Took a lot of block sanding to smooth out and straighten when I did my respray so choose wisely.
  6. yes, S14 crank can be used, its not plug and play...it requires some custom machine work, rods and custom pistons. They are also getting pricey...
  7. jrhone

    2002 Beauty Shots

  8. Yeah. I would call the police or post more info. Flag the ad. Lots of things you could do rather than post an ad saying it’s stolen. It’s odd.
  9. My first thought is what’s happenening in Europe with regards to this sort of thing? Holleys bread and butter is with American V8s and the associated market hmfor hot rods. They are probably not getting into the 4 cylinder German carb’d car market as there are only a few of those really running in the US compared to the amount of American Carbd V8s running. But in Europe there are carbd BMWs, Alfa’s, Fords, Minis, Mercs, etc as well as the Japanese cars. So more of a market. Is anyone developing a system to work like that? For example the 123Distributor. Developed in Europe for vintage European cars. Maybe work in conjunction with a company out there? Then there is the cost. Would the Holley, and all the parts needed to make it work be any less than an existing EFI system for the 2002? Maybe that’s the hurdle. I’d love to see it done and be able to buy a bolt on tuneable EFI system.
  10. jrhone

    Limited slip 1,150

    What’s the ratio?
  11. Nice work. Great production value.
  12. Yup I did what Dennosaurus did...Stock master with Tii Booster (for clearance not performance), Volvo Girling up front and e21 250mm brakes in the rear. The rear drum parts I got used for like $100 and just got new shoes and drums and 19mm cylinders. Oh and don't forget the 2002 Turbo rear brake cable for the extra length so the parking brake works.
  13. jrhone

    Stock sensors with VDO gauges.

    Same here. I guess maybe it depends on the head. Maybe different heads used a different size sender. On my e12 Head I have a vdo adapter that works. Yes the oil light used to flicker sometimes at idle after running it very hard but it did that with the stock sender as well. After my rebuild it barely happens even after long hard runs.
  14. jrhone

    Stock sensors with VDO gauges.

    Or you can buy the VDO sender unit that can run the VDO gauge AND the stock gauge. I run that one without issues. Something like this. One wire for the vdo gauge and one for the dummy light in the dash. Screws in where the stock oil pressure sender location.
  15. I had the Ireland Air Dam painted when I did the car respray. I have not mounted it yet. The reason is I have seen some and it looks well to be honest crappy and then I have seen others and it looks amazing. So here is a pic of it clamped to the car. Should I??? Comments please as well as any advice on the install for the best results?