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  1. Did you check the 123Ignition? Is it bluetooth or USB? I think if it has not been connected to power for a long period of time it can reset...so MAYBE the timing curves are not there and its not starting....
  2. Just got an email for W&N stating they are now stocking brand new oil pumps with sprockets for the M10 engine. I know these were getting hard to find. Im wodering should i snag one “just in case”. https://www.wallothnesch.com/en/newsletter/endlich-wieder-lieferbar-oelpumpe.html
  3. Bob Marley owned many German cars..including 2002s...
  4. jrhone

    UPDATE...RSherwood shipped parts

    This was not directed at you. I have seen this before in other threads and the first thing I think is why?? If you dont know them personally they are not friends or family. That being said there are amazing people here and i have never been scammed where I didnt get my parts. There was the one kid that tried to sell the same parts over and over again and Danco made sure everyone got refunded. I wasnt worried i sent my money normal Paypal so i would have gotten it refunded anyway but Danco made sure EVERYONE got every penny refunded.
  5. jrhone

    UPDATE...RSherwood shipped parts

    Why do people send F&F?!?! I have NEVER had someone question me about F&F and if they did I would pay the 3% more and take the hit. Its that simple. Its there for NOT paying for goods and services. Why beeak the Paypal rules for someone you dont know?!?! Pay the fee so Paypal can chase them down.
  6. Did a boneheaded thing and bend the rear section of my early rear bumper. This is the small bumper WITHOUT the rubber strip. I think its a pre 1971 bumper. W&N list a rear section for the rear with the holes for the rubber strip but not an early one. Anyone got an idea of where I can get an early one? I THINK its BMW 51121801250. Thats probably the US version...I'd actucally prefer the Euro version with the cutouts for the lights in the bumper.
  7. jrhone

    1976 Smog Exempt in CA?

    No changes as of yet....76's still need smog unless you are in an obscure county that doesn't require smog to renew the registration, but I still think its require to transfer registration.
  8. jrhone

    E10 engine rebuild

    Also depends on how much power you want and what parts it will take to get it there. Go fastparts cost more. Could be $2500-$15000.
  9. jrhone

    2002 Beauty Shots

    A shot from my last trip to Northern California. Ill be headed back soon so if anyone has a cool photo location let me know!
  10. jrhone

    I need some help with my BMW 2002

    Pics are a requirement for newbies....awaiting...
  11. So for my car I was not able to go for a $5k-$10k paint job and thats what I was quoted from reputable shops. So I looked around and a lot of VW and Porsche guys were taking their cars to a place in Tijuana Mexico. There are lots of posts about the process, and its not a drop your car off and write a check type scenario. I went back to Mexico 4 times and watched the progress as well as got pics of the updates. I was very happy woh the outcome and now over 2 years later, I'm still happy with how it turned out. Is it perfect? No, but for under $2k it can't be beat. Looks like it cost me 3 times that easily. Here are a few threads to look through....
  12. jrhone

    Wheels and tire combo

    And also therw are many “wide fender kits” for the 02 and are different widths. Do you mean Turbo Flares? Alpina (there are at least 3 types of Alpina flares? Rabbit arches? Box flares? Would be helpful knowing which ones you ate thinking about. Also suspension and look you want. Again. Find pics in the stance thread and ask the poster what wheel and tire conbo they use if its not listed.
  13. jrhone

    5-Years Ago Today

    Looks like fun!! Congrats!!