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  1. thanks everyone for the knowledge. Fixed now.
  2. My schematic does not have hand-brake wire identified in the circular connection. Trying to figure out which color wire it is for a 74.
  3. I searched around for the wire that connects to this sensor and cannot find. Does anyone know where the other end of the wire ends up? I may have to run another wire.
  4. Popped the filter in my custom air cleaner housing by Tim Jason. #timjasonperformance #RoninAutowerks #MatthewRose
  5. I have a 74 my light is stuck staying on. I don't see a wire attached to the sensor. Anyone know where this sensor wire is routed.
  6. buzz quoted me 265 for a full rebuild.... 😕
  7. I am going to contact Buzz too. North Hollywood Speedo wants 185 to start. The place that fixed previously had me stick a drill bit in to test, the the needle broke off lol Thinking maybe cheaper to hunt around for a pre owned one at this point which would be a shame...
  8. here's pic of harness.  looks to be in good condition.  15 shipped


    Gale H







  9. i now have a tach. switched from having a clock
  10. I need one of these. 74' In Los Angeles 90064 this harness i need 3 female on the right and 3 on the left with one of the wires branching to two for the lights.

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