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  1. here's pic of harness.  looks to be in good condition.  15 shipped


    Gale H







  2. I switched connections and once fully inserted it grounded it self now horn works perfectly. Thank you all.
  3. Ring is now clean. Horn button still not working but when i tough the brass contact to part of the wheel the horn blows. Defective button? Video: (once you open turn up volume) https://goo.gl/photos/5JqcgrQc6sXb6w338
  4. do you have Cowl/Firewall Drain tubes? need 3. new oem door seals/both?
  5. Maybe the connection is not clean enough. The contact pin is on the ring but perhaps not a good connection due to the dirt on that ring. Old steering while horn worked.
  6. Thank you. The steering wheel i took off (from a 320i) had a built in the wheel kinda one of those number 8's. I contacted Bluntech for one that will fit. Still do not know what's up with the horn not honking.
  7. Is that this piece that i took off from behind my old 320i steering wheel? No place to screw in? Also is there another wired connection needed for the horn to work. I slipped on but horn not working.
  8. If i install this steering wheel will i still have turn-signal cancellation?
  9. Does not include shift-surround. + $25 shipping to lower 48. New never installed.
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