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  1. Yes oem 13x5 ti/tii rims with 205/60 tires. And yea its Malaga over Nevada. Its 1571573 1600-2 Thanks
  2. Is your name Lenard? This car looks familiar. Located near Sacramento, CA?
  3. Ready for the drive tomorrow!
  4. Glad you are ok! Sad to see that car gone
  5. Check out bridgestone potenza RE11's ran them on several cars including my 1600.
  6. My 70 doesn't have headrest. Not the best pictures but you get the idea.
  7. AAA card, Fire extinguisher and some basic tools.
  8. I purchased my dog dish hubcaps from them. Excellent fast service.
  9. I've never been a fan of center consoles in 2002's so I always remove them from my cars. I installed a CD player in my 1600 a few days ago using a $15 under dash install kit. I trimmed a little plastic off the back just so it fits flush. Install was simple and now I can listen to music on my drive to Brisbane next month! (I picked up the under dash kit from best buy, amazon also sells them)
  10. I vote remove us-spec reflectors and push the bumpers in!
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