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Sharing Some Vintage Race Shots


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I have most of a complete Motor Nord catalogue from back in the day.  Must have been a real fun store to go into back then.  There were a few here in the states llke that (although not on that level i don't believe,,,,, Hardy & Beck here on the West Coast and then Miller & Norburn on the East Coast......




Grohs drove my car in a few races late '74 and early '75, hope to meet him some day.



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i think I´ve seen a price of 60.000SEK for a Motor Nord 16v engine and a new 2002 Turbo around 45.000SEK at the same time.

Expensive stuff..


I scanned a picture of your car at the Geneva show and I found a new small one from the same show.




























1971 the late great F1 driver Francois Cevert and an Alfa engine



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Luis Mendez of the Dominican Republic raced this '02 all over the Caribbean. This shot was taken at the old Añasco, Puerto Rico track.





This CSL was raced locally by Mandy Gonzalez:



I posted some other local photos on a previous thread. I'll look for it and post a link here.




BMWCCA #19290


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wow.....really good stuff popping up here...as I hoped.


andersson........where have u been hiding all this time?...lol


Harry...I like the caribbean version of the motorsport colors....my wife is from DR..she'll dig this.


I have an image of that Jockey/sweden 02...I gotta find it....I actually wear jockey skivvies!!!,,...lol


got it:






Mandy had quite a rich motorsport background.....lucky devil, Ive heard of him:



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Yes, I had the opportunity to watch Mandy race the CSL, the Porsche and an ex IMSA Camaro locally. I lived about teo miles from the Caguas race track during my teen years, which were the best years for circuit racing in the island.


Luis Mendez from the DR also had several Porsches during that time.


BMWCCA #19290


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Andretti in the old Pits at the Glen after winning the Pole in '68!

1970 Granada 1600 "The 16",  2000 528i Siena Red "The 5",  1968 Mustang 289 Muscle Car Blue, 

1999 318ti M Package Green,  1982 633CSi 5 speed Blue,  2011 550i M Package Black (6 speed manual)


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Here is one for 13, he wanted Rally cars.


This was taken in 1973 during the Heatway rally in New Zealand - Special Stage at Pukekohe Raceway near Auckland.  Car was an Alpina prepared rally car, owned by Paul Adams.  The second photo is the same car and it races here as a circuit car.



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Period photo of the AlpinA 2002 Gr. 2 car engine, AlpinA engine with Schnitzer 4 valve head.  Fastforward to current day, refurbished Schnitzer Slide Throttle for same engine....just returned Monday.  Just did a little write up on it on my blog....link below






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Mark--your refurbished slide throttle looks great. Very nice custom work to bring it back to form. Don't feel bad about the 1.5 years to get it done, the new slide I had built took four years, with several stretches of 6+ months with no word from the builder. A real exercise in zen for me, but worth the wait. Thanks for publishing your throttle plate spec of 48.55mm. Mine are 47 mm and I was worried they might be too large, but I did find reference to 48mm for some S14 slides. --Fred


'74tii (Colorado) track car

'69ti (Black/Red/Yellow) rolling resto track car

'73tii (Fjord....RIP)

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Without digressing too much, it is very hard dealing with someone that doesn't communicate with you (ie., answer the phone, return phone calls, has a vmail that doesn't accept messages, email doesn't work, doesn't respond to written letters, and then you don't have their cell phone <and even if you did they probably wouldn't answer>).  It leaves only one other option, personally having to go and visit.  For me that meant about an hour and 45 minute drive (one way) two days taken off of work, and three separate trips.  Ask me how happy I was to make another trip Monday???, not so much, but then I got what I wanted <my parts back> and they were done and done well.  Of course the side benefit is that Carmel and Monterey are just over the hill from Salinas and Monday (like the majority of days this month), clear blue skies, 75 degrees ..... and a run up our coast back through Santa Cruz and home.....I would love to see the insides, but I am afraid to upset the apple cart with so many parts and pieces inside (my spider senses say leave it be.....)



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