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Leaking Steering Box


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Has anyone considered filling a seeping steering box with a grease gun and standard grease as a temporary fix until a suspension rehab?  The lower seal on my steering box is leaking pretty good and gear oil is gone in a couple of weeks.  It seems to me that a thicker viscosity lubrication might not leak out so quickly.  Thanks for any comments or ideas.



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Grease will make it VERY stiff; you should use factory recommended lube in there.  If you're bound and determined, you might try putting in some STP--thinner than grease but thicker than the standard lubricant.  But this would be FOR SHORT TERM ONLY--new steering boxes are NLA and most used ones have lotsa miles on 'em...



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Well, i just got my second used steering box in the mail and just like the first, it is useless.


I'm 0 for 2 on buying used steering boxes so I bit the bullet and spent $350 rebuilt box from 2002 AD. 

Hopefully there won't be any issues.


As a result, i have one core i can spare right now if anybody wants to pay a wee-bit for it and cover shipping. 


I already sold the other core to my local mechanic.


I'll have a 3rd core once I swap the rebuild box with my old one.



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24 minutes ago, bwalvoord said:

I came across this thread looking for information on steering box re-builders.  Andrew,  is this something you still do or does anyone have any recommendations?  



Yes, this is something I still do.  By all means, shoot me an email and we can go from there.  



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