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  1. After a search phase, BMW Mobile Tradition had the main parts department (major corporate politics) come in and twist the arms of the OEMs to make the seals. I believe it was Continental that got the contract and we have not had any complaints (or at least no customers have told us) about the current door gaskets that BMW is supplying. I would leave the door gasket installation to someone who has done it 200x before. There is a steep learning curve to get it just right. I tried it years ago and it turned into a huge mess. It's one of those things like adjusting the sunroof. And I've learned it's best not to take something apart that was put together at the factory if you don't need to. Take it to Matt McGinn or some other local 02 guru wrench. I think if you pay for Paul Wegweiser's gas and lodging with entertainment he would be game for a road trip as always. He'd be the guy I'd trust to do it here. Regarding Armorall, I've never had much luck with the product as it is just a silicon dressing that in the end cracks dashes (or at least that was the case with the formula 20 years ago). Glycerin keeps the gaskets soft and I use Griot's, Meguir's to clean it first. But who knows what the URO seals are made of. What has been really promising is Leatherique. I've tried all the leather cleaners and this stuff is the da bomb. So last year before putting my tii in storage I soaked the whole interior in the leatherique leather conditioner. Lets see how it turns out (if I ever find time between children's schedules to use their pristine clean to remove it).
  2. Just put it on ebay, bring a trailer or BMW CCA classifieds. There is somebody out there hunting down an S Package to restore. You'd be surprised.
  3. Sorry, I spoke before I looked at the link. The supplier looks to be a hydraulic hose shop and in which case, I would be less so suspicious. Remember, the 02 brake hoses were designed to have some expansion flex built in to handle high pressures under hard braking. We stopped selling stainless steel lines long ago when customers were tracking their cars with them and popping caliper seals because there was no expansion flex. But if you are serious racer, you rebuild your calibers regularly.
  4. Seriously, Toby has a point. And yes, with all the counterfeiting going on, printing DOT is an easy two cent for them. Lets not single out ethnic groups as the diversity consultant will step in and we will face the inquisition but auto parts from a CERTAIN country are notoriously horrible in their quality standards so as just to make a price point to lure in a sale. When it comes to safety, I'd rather spend a few extra $$. Some years ago an ole-timer machine shop owner and I were talking and he swore that the reason that this certain country was known to ship products to us with toxic lead in them was because lead poisoning dumb downs the affected ones exposed to it. I dismissed him as a conspiracy theorist but maybe he had a point after seeing all the recent developments in the world.
  5. Way back in the nineties when BMW Mobile Tradition was just getting started, they sent me the technical diagrams for the 02 & CS door gaskets and asked me to get bids here in the USA because all the German vendors were unwilling to do small batch runs for some funny sounding division. All the companies that I contacted were like: Yeah, way too complicated and we don't do anything in real rubber anymore. Once you see the diagrams with all the numerous tiny measurements, it becomes clear that there is little room for error. BMW's parts stickers used to say: "Perfektion im Detail" and they were not kidding. Putting a JC Whitney or Autozone seal in there is so laughable and prosecutable under law (actually it gives the 02 community a bad name in the collector car community). We all want are cars to appreciate in value, right ??
  6. Uh, so if it were me and I was going funnel the funds to the 02 restoration, I would sell the 320i (which as a rare S package model is potentially more valuable than the 02) to a collector who will gladly restore it so that it can be enjoyed by the community and take the proceeds of the sale to help pay for the 02. That's a rare 320i, just sayin......
  7. Hey and welcome to the community of the BMW wayback machine. Cool 02 but what really intrigues me is the 320i as I think you have just scored one of the elusive "S packages" 320i variants that BMW NA produced as they were at the end of the 320i production (BMW sometimes decks out as a special edition model at the end of production, remember the L7 of the 80s) But anyway, IF you do have one of these 320i S package models, it would be very worthy (collector value $$) of restoration. One of the ways to tell is that it is missing the 320i emblem on the rear and it has (or did have) a front lip spoiler. And do the alloy wheels say BMW on them ? Enjoy ! Max
  8. Floor board rust is a hot mess since the car is a unibody design. Sort of like a college frat initiation ceremony to joining the 02 community. But if you have the time and money, its a journey that has rewards of knowing you saved an 02. Good luck.
  9. Yeah, we are getting old. I live in the horse country of Maryland and one of the driving hazards around here is all the jacked-up pickup trucks. I wonder what the real performance gains are to all the mods: dual vertical pipes on either side on the back side of the cab. But hey, if thats what makes them happy and gives them an avenue to express their personality, so be it. It's all harmless fun until one of them drifts into my opposite lane while texting and runs over my 02 like a speed bump.
  10. The old saying is so true: you get what you pay for. I understand doing it on a budget but the proliferation of crap on the market is unreal. And now you can not even be sure sometimes if what you are buying is the "real deal" as with all the counterfeiting going on. Try buying a sim card on Amazon or a center support bearing for an 02. So it's all become such a distraction and taking the fun out of restoring a car. But back to the issue at hand. In the old owner's manual I found a tip that seems to be the best: go to pharmacy and buy a bottle of liquid glycerin to treat all the rubber seals. HTH, Max
  11. BMWs of this era are designed to sit higher in the front as they need the clearance during braking.
  12. Bravo for you wives being the rational ones in our hobbies!!!! But we find ways to support our habit. Look, If it is going to be a source of stress in the budget, go buy a Honda (excellent brand) that is $199 a month with zero down and 0.09% interest loan. Sept is when the car car makers all run sales. OR, stake a claim to the dedication of owning THE classic BMW and rationalize it by saying "its paid for". I tell the wives of our customers: hey its really ok he spend $$$ on his BMW this month because: a) it's not another woman, b;) he is not gambling or doing drugs and c) you know where to find him- in the garage. Now regarding the suspension, I have one question to ask you: Have you ever driven a bone stock 2002 with fresh suspension stock components ? Suspension set-ups are all about compromise. I am in my early 50s and wish I had never installed the oh so rare quick ration steering box and wider tires. I personally find stock 02s (with all fresh bits) to be some of the most tossable, comfortable, sporty cars on earth. (yeah, outside of E30 M3). So many customers call in and say: this suspension is too soft, loose, etc. Of course it is because it is 40 year old worn out system!! So go drive a 2002 wth a fresh COMPLETE stock rebuild. Also, pls note as soon as you start messing with the divine right of Bavarian engineering, things go a stray. Did the shock engineers know which spring it was going to be paired with ? Just an FYI, Bilstein HD shocks were a factory option. All the best & call me if you get stuck, Max
  13. Great info presented. I would start with WHICH motor do you have in the car as a base point and then decide which path to pursue (updated electronic ignition or old school). So many times I go to a car show and see a non-original motor but somehow it is believed to be original. But thats OK & thats part of the fun of owning a 40yr + old car. Personally I went with updated via Crane ignition and have had zero problems. Call me if you get stuck. Thanks, Max
  14. FWIW, BMW is out of stock on ALL the nose panels at the moment. If someone has an original NOS one, buy it. Many years ago we offered the aftermarket sheet metal parts and it was nothing that I wanted to associate my name with. Just ask Paul W. about the complaints from the test ones we brought in back in the late nineties. IIRC they were produced in Italy and marketed by a Dutch company. Same company that makes the shock tower and rocker patches that are a joke.
  15. I just went thru this issue myself with my 74 tii. I asked a well respected oil analysis (dysonanalysis dot com) his opinion and this is what he responded: --------------------- Max, use about any major brand 15w40 HD CJ4 engine oil for wear in. Delvac 1300 by XOM a good bet. Easy to find. Cheaper than 20w50 and has plenty of wear control. I have no idea who built it or what it was built with so this is a blanket guess response. I doubt a 20w50 is required and a 15w40 gives better cold start characteristics. Once analyzed I can fine tune lots of things in that regard. ----------------------- Who knows what BMW recommended (or if they even did) back then as it is not mentioned in the service manual or owner's manual. HTH, Max
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