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  1. Selling a box of E30 Wheel caps. $20 takes the whole box. 7 Caps total. Some caps have a small nick or blemish but otherwise good. Shipping extra.
  2. Not a boomer but thanks for playing. I'm just a person who's documented nearly a thousand concerts and by the looks of it, since before you were born. But I don't want to hurt your 'feelings' so I'll stop now. 🤪
  3. Lay off all that dope. It's clearly a gateway drug effecting your ears. But the car is the shizzle.
  4. What on earth did I just watch? My ear holes hurt.
  5. My cover is starting to shred after several years of CA sun so I stumbled upon this thread on my hunt. Bavarian Autosport is out of business. sadly. Cover Craft no longer offers custom covers for the 2002's (they have different styles since I last ordered from them 5 years ago. The Silverguard Plus is no longer an option). California car covers don't have pockets for the mirrors, and range from $175-$450. The Noah model is $236 +tax and shipping. I'm curious if anybody found another option out there with mirror pockets. I need UV, dust and Rain protection.
  6. Thanks Ken. I let him know... since he is in your hood. I think the nose clip is the biggest piece he needs.
  7. Friend of a friend wrecked his 2002. Needs body parts. Know anybody? Here is the list I have 1972 front radiator clip Right front fender All 3 grills Hood maybe Car is in Long Beach, CA
  8. Check out the photos of the mirror. It is a solid mirror, what you see is what you get. It has a very slight crease on the back of it. Otherwise, great for a daily driver. Not going to help you win a best of show award. Also, FREE - A Medium sized 02 again shirt. Just found this with a stash of parts, never worn, still in the bag (although it has a few slight dust marks on it). You pay shipping. email me at jjwithers at g mail dot c om
  9. Hey there.  A while back you sold me some seatbelts to my 2002. 

    I'm building a BMW motorcycle with a sidecar and the sidecar has a seatbelt. It is old and kinda crusty.  Can you make a custom seatbelt for me?  If so, how much? 

    Attached are a few photos of what was on the sidecar originally. 





    1. bluedevils


      sure can. It is a just an adjustable two-piece lap belt and I can easily make a quality set for you. How about $75 bucks shipped.



    2. josh72ooh2


      Thanks for the reply.  I actually found something locally at a hot rod shop.  Cheers!  I'm glad you are still making belts!  -josh

  10. Rob was amazing to deal with. He even sent me stuff for free sometimes. He was definitely one of the 'good guys' in the 2002 community. I was sad to hear he closed shop, and now this. ouch. Regarding Jim at 2002ad though... my buddy dropped a car there to get a new interior and never really checked on it, and they never called him. About 9 months go by, he checks, and nothing was done to it (he had a premature kid, and lots of family drama so the car wasn't a priority). He finally goes to check in on it after his life settled, and pay for it, and 2002AD changed hands, and his car was gone. It was lein sold (illegally because my buddy was never contacted about it) in OR and sent to the midwest somewhere. Sounds like that was one of the cars Jim took with him... Not cool.
  11. Here is my test with my helper during the day. Given the improvement, i can see my night time results being a significant improvement. https://youtu.be/fCT9N-U9xOQ
  12. Yes, these are the Blunt LED boards that fit into the roundie housings. They look great! But The wiring could have been a bit neater for the conversion. I'll figure it out eventually.
  13. Why is that everything I love costs more then I want to spend!! These look fantastic but after dropping the doe on the LED tail lights, I gotta show some restraint in my wallet.
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