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  1. BillWilliams

    Magnesium wheels restoration

    I have a set. How much to restore or wondering if anyone is interested in them. No caps
  2. BillWilliams

    Magnesium wheels restoration

    I have a set of four I will sell
  3. BillWilliams

    belt replacement on Kugelfischer pump?

    Late to the party on this one. Some have put a hole in the cover so they can replace the belt easier
  4. Sorry I have been a bit absent the past 18 months and was tardy on your question. Hope all works out. Wishing you all the best
  5. I used Dr Harry Bieker, Bieker Engineering 5215 Rogue River Hwy Grants Pass OR 97527-4449 United States of America (541) 955-9777 He bored the back side, rebushed the shaftes and recut the butterflys. Better than new
  6. As I took the fasteners off or out I laid a piece of paper down with the description of where the part came from, laid the fastener on the paper, digital photo, then sent them out for plating. When the came back, i stored them in zip locks with the paper or photo until they went back on or in.
  7. BillWilliams

    OEM BMW Styrofoam Roadside Kit

    Paul is a great man
  8. BillWilliams

    The Touring Thread

    I believe the roof is flatter, the rear valance is slanted differently, rear bumper returns shorter, exhaust exit is different and the obvious rear seat differences. They also could have a 3:45 rear.
  9. BillWilliams

    BMW CCA - Jammed me up

    Just to close this story, BMW CCA did refund my money.
  10. BillWilliams

    BMW CCA - Jammed me up

    I am hearing it was a misunderstanding. But when it was straightened out, it was too late to go. Again, no worries, we made the best of our week.
  11. BillWilliams

    BMW CCA - Jammed me up

    John you are saying what Joe Chamberlain told me. The rub is that it was judged in 2008. I was entered into the concours as directed by the CCA but was going to exempt ourselves from being judged since we did well in 2008. I did not go because I was a bit perturbed at the whole thing. Being considered a 2002 in 2008 and not in 2015 is the puzzle. No worries, we all have bigger worries right?
  12. BillWilliams

    BMW CCA - Jammed me up

    I talked to the concours coordinator, the man in charge of the Harmon Fischer award and the Executive Director of the CCA. Not sure whom else I can talk too. This is a small bump in the road and we are not sweating it. Just a shame. We were looking forward to a little rest in a nice place with some good friends. That will still happen, different time, different place.
  13. The wife and I were looking forward to spending a few days in NJ with the BMW CCA at Oktoberfest and entering our touring in the Harmon Fischer contest (originality). We were not interested in the concours judging as we had done well in 2008. Just a few days before leaving, we found out from the club we were not able to enter since the touring is badged as a 2000. I am ok with that but there was no explanation as to why were judged in 2008 in that category when Mike Self won. Be that as it may, the real sad point is they will not refund our money. That was the only reason we were going.