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Dipstick height spec


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...." the 4 bolt flange cannot be put

on later blocks with stub tube

and rubber hose set-up " ??

your correct

And - it's drain oil and replace filter,

refill with 4.25 liters (4.5 quarts) oil

then determine your dip stick FULL mark -

after the motor is fully hot, shut off, let sit

for 10 minutes for drain down-

THEN measure the stick level for FULL mark.

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Can anyone give me the distance from the block where the dipstick goes into the block to the top of the dipstick tube, where the dipstick itself seals the tube?

On the last three engines I've checked, I measured 9.5" (+/- 0.1") from the 'flat' where the tube presses into the block to the top of the tube. (note: These were engines without the bolt-on tube holder and they were not Tii engines (don't know if Tii is any different).) It's an important measurement, so verifying via oil-fill method is sensible. -KB

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Here is a photo from a "crate" motor so I it is not year specific but it does have the four bolt flange.


It has a tii set up on it for the dipstick and yes one part of the bracket is fixed to the Kugelfischer's warm-up regulator, but the tube can slide up and down threw the other part of the pinch clamp. So the overall length can very by the length of the connection hose and the position of the tube in that connecting hose on this set up.


Here is looking down on one installed.


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it does have the four bolt flange.

wrong 4 bolt flange, Bill...

the very early blocks have a rough opening with 4 6mm holes around it,

and a smooth face milled for sealing.

A cast aluminum flange bolts to it- on US cars, it usually incorporated the air pump mount too,

which was often sawed off.

The one- piece dipstick tube was then retained by swaging (I think) into the

aluminum block. Although, there might have been a fitting of some sort...

Yes, there are different length dipsticks, sadly. No, I never measured...

...I just have had 8 or 10 in a pile, and noted that there were at least 3 lengths.

After that, I kept the dipstick with the block, if it mattered.

The late E30 block has a longer, single- tube dipstick jammed in- and

a completely different dipstick, too.


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The 20/50 recco dosent fly in the far north, lived in central

California for years and swore by Castrol 20/50, moved up here in Siskiyou County, think snow country and have discovered runnin 20/50 is like runnin mollasses, it actually slowed the rpms of my motor when its 25 degrees out, runnin the oil bought for my 328 {5/30} and its like the motor is born again, guess all those fancy stickers under the hood should be read

Happy Trails to u~ Dave Miller
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Keep smilin all the way

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On 1/26/2013 at 9:58 AM, BillWilliams said:

one way to determine the distance is to fill the car with the specified amount of oil. Let set for awhile for the oil to settle in the pan.

Then adjust the hose, tube, whatever until the dipstick reads full.

Bobs your uncle.

So here’s a oddball theory that’s somewhat related to dipstick tube length. 

I changed the oil in my base 75’ 02 and used 5 qts and was still only half way between the hash marks on the dip. Didn’t want to put more in, took it for a high spirited drive and lost spark to the front two cylinders. After checking for spark I noticed my 123 dizzy had oil pooled up under the cap and I’m guessing it shorted the circuit board? Maybe causing the no spark to the front two cylinders. 

So my theory… dipstick isn’t correct length, I overfilled the oil, too much crankcase pressure, oil ran up into dizzy and fried the dizzy. 

Am I out of my mind? I’ve heard of the 123s having problems with oil leaking and causing trouble. I kind of wish I had just kept the old Bosch dizzy in. 

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