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  1. Paul, good to hear from you again, it's been awhile. I'm looking for just the window cranks, and I don't know what they are, but the feature a long, narrow, tapered round nub, unlike the ones above. They seem rare, and I'm pretty sure they are not original to my 73, but maybe from a very early 1602 or a 2000? You know what I mean?
  2. I'm looking for a complete and clean set like these: https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/243276-early-nk-1600-window-crank-handles/
  3. Hey folks, I'm looking for window cranks, has anybody got a spare pair? Or maybe just one? Perhaps some trim? I have 1 crank without the trim, and I'd like to complete the pair. Regards, Patrick
  4. As per the subject, I'm looking for a pair of Neue Klasse window cranks, ideally a clean pair, but I'm interested in what ever you have of the NK style. Regards, Patrick
  5. I'm pretty sure I have what you're looking for, I'd trade it for a "fasten your seatbelts" light assembly. Is that reasonable? Regards, [email protected]
  6. Harry, have you got a set of window cranks available?
  7. Hey all, I'm looking for a black passenger door armrest, 1 window crank(the type with the long, slender knob, not the short fat one), the plastic trim for my existing window crank, the plastic trim for both inner door release levers, and the center piece for the quarter vent window knob. I realise the trim piece may be hard to find, so I'm not opposed to a complete set of window cranks and door release levers. Ideally there's somebody out there that has all the parts I need and I can finish my interior in one shot. Thanks for looking. [email protected]
  8. Looking for inner door handles, window cranks, black passenger armrest, trim for quarter vent knobs.
  9. I have Grote 7" LED and I can't imagine ever going back to incandescent. Tonnes of clear light output with a fantastic, sharp cut-off on the low beam. High beam is rarely needed. Highly recommended. Bear in mind, I'm a heretic that swapped an F20 into my car, so of course the purists won't care for my experience.
  10. I'm looking for a black passenger armrest, a window crank handle with the long. narrow plastic nub, the chrome trim piece for a drivers armrest, a black plastic surround for the steering column(the section that the stalks pass through) and the 2 trim circles for the quarter vent window wheels.
  11. Hey guys, I need the upper threaded section of a strut, just the top 4" where the gland nut attaches. I've got no need for the whole strut, so chop the top off your crappy pitted-axle strut and sell it to me!
  12. I have an entire torsion bar setup, in really good shape, it's yours, along with all the hardware, for $40+shipping. Problem solved. I converted to gas struts, the torsion bar system functions great.
  13. I'm pretty sure I could. If I do, you'll see a post.
  14. I'm a bit late to the party here, and I'm not looking to cause a stir, but this mod is even easier to do than Pinepig suggests. The 10mm ball socket can be bolted directly to the nosepiece/inner fennder, foregoing the need for the bracket. All that I had to do was trim off about 2.5cm of the rolled edge of the fender/rad support, and cut off the stock support bracket from the fender apron. The upper mount is exactly as described. I used p/n 735-1896 ball studs from NAPA, and p/n 819-6530 gas struts, also from NAPA. You will need to shim the lower ball socket out to get adequate clearance.
  15. I took Das Moneypit up to iCar for the Eurokracy event where it qualified for the top-100 in the Show'n'Shine on Saturday, earning best BMW Sunday afternoon.
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