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  1. I believe if you install the spring so that the lettering on the side is right-side-up you'll be installing the spring correctly. Bob Napier
  2. Thx for the link. In that we live in Southern Arizona I don't think the low rating in snowy situations for these tires will adversely effect us. I may go ahead and try a set. Wife is not a "sporty" driver usually, so they may serve her well. Bob Napier
  3. Does anyone have any knowledge, good or bad, on these tires? They are available in the size (185/60 x 14) that I'd like to use to replace the tires on my wife's '76. BF Goodrich g-Force™ Super Sport A/S TIA Bob Napier
  4. Also, you might want to verify that the drum inside diameter has not worn past spec. My experience is that the drums are good for around 180K miles, more or less. With 382K miles on my car I've replaced the drums a couple of times. Here's an excellent tutorial for brake adjusting that I use: http://www.zeebuck.com/bimmers/tech/rearbrakes.html Good luck, and post what you find that solves your problem. Bob Napier
  5. Before going to Spain a couple of years ago I corresponded with a guy I contacted on this board. He lived outside of Madrid and had, among a couple of BMWs, an '02 and seemed pretty knowledgeable about the cars. There are probably others there too. Bob Napier
  6. Following a tip first viewed on this forum I fill the hollow inside of the sunvisor retainers with GE Silicon Gel (like the kind you'd use to caulk around bathtubs or windows). This way, even in the one of the burning sunlight capitals of the world here in Southern Arizona, the retainers last around 10 years, or so. Considering their low cost, this seems reasonable. Bob Napier
  7. I live in Southern Arizona and incur above 100º days every summer and have during the 34 years I've been driving my '75 down here. On summer days in Tucson, with the temp over 105º, I'll see the needle creep up toward the 2 o'clock area at stop lights (with the A/C obviously on high) but if everything is healthy in the engine compartment that's about it. If the temp gauge does go up into the red something needs attention. A bigger problem on those really hot days is vapor lock in the fuel pump. I usually just keep a small, damp towel in the small ice chest and drape it over the fuel pump, when we park, on days when we have to make a whole bunch of stop-and-goes when we go shopping. Bob Napier
  8. Both my '75 and my wife's '76 came with only one horn, so I bought the pair of Hella horns from Girot's Garage and they matched the OEM ones exactly - except for the red color. So I painted them black to match the originals. Together, they are very loud and, if I have occasion to use them, everyone in the area hears them, with the possible exception of the 18-year old kid in the pickup truck with his 5000-watt sound system turned up to the max. And, like those above, I sprayed everything behind the grilles black. Bob Napier
  9. Welcome, Rick; A fair number of '02 owners have converted their cars from automatic to manual, so I would think if you posted your need for a kickdown bracket on the "Parts Wanted" site on this forum you should get some positive results. Bob Napier '75 Automatic '76 Automatic
  10. This list will cover your car. Note that cars in a calendar year built from August on are the following year's models. i.e., your car, built in early Dec. of 1970 is a 1971 model, as are all German cars built after the start of August. This was the result of the country taking the entire month of July off for summer vacations. Apparently, during this time new tooling and parts for the next years models were installed in the factories. Model Series Year From To < VIN > VIN # Built 1600 Pre 71 1967 Sep-67 Dec-67 1-560-001 1-562-153 2153 Pre 71 1968 Jan-68 Dec-68 1-562-154 1-567-530 5377 Pre 71 1969 Jan-69 Dec-69 1-567-531 1-570-704 3174 Pre 71 1970 Jan-70 Dec-70 1-570-705 1-572-399 1695 Pre 71 1971 Jan-71 ?-71 1-572-400 1-572-930 531 Pre 71 1971 ?-71 Mar-71 1-572-931 1-573-162 232 Total 1600's 13162 . 2002 Pre 71 1967 ?-67 ?-67 1-660-001 1-660-002 2 Pre 71 1968 Feb-68 Dec-68 1-660-003 1-664-491 4489 Pre 71 1969 Jan-69 Dec-69 1-664-492 1-670-881 6390 Pre 71 1970 Jan-70 Dec-70 1-670-882 1-679-260 8379 Pre 71 1971 Jan-71 Jan-71 1-679-261 1-680-000 740 Pre 71 1971 Jan-71 Mar-71 2-570-001 2-572-069 2069 Mod 71 1971 Apr-71 Dec-71 2-572-070 2-580-113 8044 Mod 71 1972 Jan-72 Dec-72 2-580-114 2-587-307 7194 Mod 71 1973 Jan-73 Aug-73 2-587-308 2-593-704 6397 Mod 74 1973 Sep-73 Dec-73 4-220-001 4-221-328 1328 Mod 74 1974 Jan-74 Jul-74 4-221-329 4-230-601 9273 Mod 75 1974 Jul-74 Dec-74 2-360-001 2-362-725 2725 Mod 75 1975 Jan-75 Jul-75 2-362-726 2-367-750 5025 Mod 76 1975 Sep-75 Dec-75 2-370-001 2-377-688 7688 Mod 76 1976 Jan-76 Feb-76 2-337-689 2-380-000 2312 Mod 76 1976 Feb-76 Jul-76 2-740-001 2-745-584 5584 Total 2002's 77639 Bob Napier
  11. In addition to the above good suggestions I'd suggest removing the top section of the carb and verify that the floats in the float bowl are not hanging-up, which would not let any fuel come in from the fuel pump. You don't say if you have a Weber carb (or, unlikely, the original Solex) so 'llI proceed as thou it's a Weber. When you remove the top section you should find the float bowl about 2/3 full of gas. This would be a good time to check the float for the correct height. (Go the SEARCH function in the upper, right corner of this page and after entering something like "Weber float adjustment" clic on the "This Topic" tab and when the drop-down menu shows go to "Google". Before removing the top section you'll want to disconnect the choke linkage on the passenger side. There's a very small e-clip keeping the linkage together. I put a shop rag under that section to catch the clip when it inevitably goes flying somewhere. There's a reason it's called, by some, a "Jesus clip", as in "Jesus, where did that little thing go?" Bob Napier '75 2002A '76 2002A
  12. Interesting. No Roundels, no trim, and, judging from all the rust in the engine compartment, I'd think anyone would be well advised to check undercarriage, frame rails, etc. for additional rust. Just my 2¢ worth. Bob Napier
  13. As a long time owner of both a daily-driver '75 automatic and a daily-driver '76 automatic I tend to agree with your first analysis, i.e., check, and probably replace, the tranny support first, then, if that doesn't cure the problem, replace the motor mounts. On the tranny support mount I'd look into using one from a 320i. They are beefier, and only require drilling out the stud hole to a slightly larger size, which isn't a big deal. Also, check the items referenced above, as well. Bob Napier
  14. I'm most inclined to say "Oh 2", but to strangers who often pay me comliments on my car I say "Two thousand and two". In my family, with two daily-driver '02s, I refer to my wife's Pastellblau '76 as "Your car" and my Chamonix '75 as "My car". I've never been into the "name game". Bob Napier
  15. My experience, after 33 years in '02s, is that square-lite cars do not have this function. Bob Napier
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