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  1. I'm old enough to remember rope seals. But what about my M10 choices?
  2. I see Elring maks a PTFE version with no spring. Are these to be avoided with older crank?
  3. I'd be careful with that buffer. In the old days, we went at it with a pile of towels and pre-cleaner of some sort.
  4. I see a Corteco seal on FCP that says it is a new style PTFE seal without the tension ring, comes with installation tool. How does that compare to real BMW part? Or should I look for Victor Reinz?
  5. I'd mount my fuel filter further away from a hot head.
  6. Mike, I'm shocked to learn that you don't know the catalogue by heart!
  7. Some air filter housings cover the holes so they are under vacuum. Many installations h ave them open. I'm curious. Do they draw air (and thus dust)?
  8. Agreed. Just pointing out that it may get complicated. Depends on how much you need to do. A few stone chips may blend in.
  9. Were there not several versions of polaris?
  10. In a recent DCOE discussion, somebody had an idea for covering or protecting the vent holes. I can't find their response. Are you out there?
  11. Just travelling - usually through en-route north or south.. Been there 5 or 6 times. Pretty much seen the whole country. Great variety and some good mountain roads. Where are you?
  12. I've been to Slovenia a number of times. Very nice!
  13. Torque shock nut with car on the ground.
  14. I would clean the battery connections too. Is your fan belt tight? Battery voltage should be around 12.2 to 12.5 engine off, 13.5 to 14 or so running. Maybe use a real multimeter to test. Regulator is on fender wall near battery. Three wires going into plug.
  15. I would have put a few Pivos in the ice. Where in Slovenia? Seems that rust is prevalent there too.
  16. What goes in the front cover opening?
  17. why not start with a fresh base and save getting that thing out and back in?
  18. I doubt you would notice a difference in ride.
  19. Errrr, i thought 2002 was inlet at bottom.
  20. Just a thought. What if you do as suggested above but put the ti ming light on it to see if it drops back to idle advance. I'm getting about 10 at 800 or so, 33 all in.
  21. Me too. Mine is same as 02. I can't remember what my Bav loked like.
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