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  1. There are several youtube videos - search using your carb model number.
  2. I'd say not worth it with auto trans. Installing a 5 speed would be a bigger improvement.
  3. I had that problem with 4 or 5 year old Michelin HP all seasons a few years ago. No joy with warrantee so I replaced with Pirelli. Doesnt seem to be an issue with other brands at older ages. Maybe it was only cosmetic but didnt wan to tak ea chance. Not impressed.
  4. Yikes. But maybe it would be quieter under the trunk floor.
  5. I'm using a Facet that sounds like a woodpecker in the trunk. Wondering if this would be better.
  6. ditto with rear lower shock mounts.
  7. Did you replace hoses,?
  8. and tighten a little at a time to pull the fan onto teh hub.
  9. Can that return valve not be removed? Never seen one of those before.
  10. One would use the OT mark, which is TDC. i have to think that is close enough for timing.
  11. Hmmm. All know is my twin 40 set up isnt happy over 3ish. Both Italian and Spanish.
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