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  1. Hans

    235/5 Rear Mounting Bracket

    I bent up my own new brackets and bolted to teh floor.
  2. Clean out the big spring for the window. Check big stud that holds it.
  3. Hans

    Rear Axle Clear CV Boots

    best to search for previous posts ( here or on NK forum) on how to get the beggar installed. I like the metal shoe horn.
  4. Any idea why there are two small holes at bottom of front apron by bumper support??
  5. Where did you get the shifter platform?
  6. I can see an extra amount to get to the pin hole, but another 14 seemed a lot past 58.
  7. Hans

    M10 Crankshaft Mystery

    Racers cheating??!! Surely not.
  8. Hans

    Carbeurator Rebuild

  9. Hans

    Carbeurator Rebuild

    Wear safety glasses when using
  10. Hans

    won't start

    pull a plug and see if it is fouled from idling for two hours.
  11. That would be it! Thanks.
  12. My Blue Books are snowed in. Can some kind soul look for the spring dimensions: length, diameter, etc.
  13. Given the symptoms you described I suggest you ask the tech to look at fuel pressure, and the condition of whatever mounts are between the carbs and the manifold ( leaks.).
  14. there is a little square nose on the head under the spray bar with a line. The cam sprocket bolts should be parallel to head surface. Best bet to look down bell housing hole when you're in the ballpark.