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  1. I'd try once more with properly installed piston.
  2. Is Haynes not still available? Better than nothing.
  3. Screwdriver levers on tension arm which seats in piston notch. just go slowly. You should feel it firm up.
  4. Ok, timing not an issue. A stupid question perhaps but is it possible you have too much carb for the engine with 34s?
  5. And bleed the piston properly. You can look down the driver's side of the chain cavity and look for two grooves in the seam.
  6. No Grand Canyon, but impressive nonetheless. Out of curiosity, OP, what is your max advance?
  7. Never thought I'd see Dick Francis mentioned in an oil filter discussion.
  8. Spanish Dcoes from what I've read should start at 3 turns out. I ended up with about 2.5. I've also read on here that needing 1.5 may indicate jetting is out.did you say you'd checked float level? Pressure regulator?
  9. You're thinking fried Pertronix? Wouldnt that be permanent?
  10. Can't seem to do an edit. So, further to my last post, I now see someone has piggy backed and confused me. So to OP, follow the check list. You have to make sure everything is TDC for #1, and that rotor is under plug wire #1.
  11. So it did run at first? That would eliminate a few things, but I'd be following teh check list above. So what has been in the gas tank for 25 years? Did we talk about replacing the rubber fuel lines?
  12. Another thought. Ethanol laced fuel does not age well. If fuel starvation is a strong contender, think about pulling the fuel sender and seeing what's floating in there.
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