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  1. I think the original tape was narrower. Why do you suppose #6 fuse is missing? I recall painting mine black, so I suspect they were black to begin.
  2. are we counting the missing air cleaner cover?
  3. In 132? I guess to be consistent with 138, I should say 2 in 132
  4. I see two things in 138. And 1 on 132
  5. Hans

    you were thinking a E30 rear strut would fit NK?

  6. Hi

    Do you have access to your car now? I was wondering if you could measure the diameter of the rear shock rod (connects to upper mount).



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    2. Hans


      In good hands then. I hope to see Carl end of month on visit to SD.  I was trying to avoid crawling under mine in 10F garage.

    3. HBChris


      I may have it next week and can check then.

    4. Hans



  7. Does anyone have a rear shock off the car? Preferably a Bilstein?
  8. Hans

    Seen this bag before?

    I did some research on the steam powered prototype. It was to be called the H2O 02.
  9. Hans

    Seen this bag before?

    Steam powered 02?
  10. Hans

    Water pump bolt search

    A local fastener store can often supply these; bigger stores may sell by the bolt.
  11. Hans

    QSC pistons

    I seem to recall some comments about production variances. I ended up recycling my old O/S oem ones. But any updates from QSC buyers?
  12. The better quality links are rated. Be sure they are tight.
  13. Hans

    E10 engine rebuild

    Like Mike says. Find out the general health of motor first. If you haven't done so already, change ALL fluids to establish baseline for maintenance. You don't want to embark on engine rebuild just for fun. Then review status of suspension, steering components, wheel bearings, drivetrain, etc.
  14. Hans

    E10 engine rebuild

    Which brings me back to my question: why do you think it needs to be rebuilt?
  15. Hans

    Quarter vent knob removal ?

    Get a piece of coat hanger about 6" long. Bend a 90 deg angle about 1/2" at one end. The idea is to poke the 90 deg stub thru the hole in the back of the knob to push the center cover disc out of the knob.