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  1. Out of curiosity, why would that matter?
  2. I put a Sharpie mark on the dist neck above the split in the dist (visible from drivers side. Then you can gauge how much you moved it. You do have the dwell meter set to 4 cyl (or however it reads 4 cyl)?? Have you asked IE what the total advance range of the dist should be? Can you use the light in the old fashioned way and just put 33 on the pulley?
  3. Miller recommended hi temp anti seize compound.
  4. Could also be used to reach a beer on the counter while doing timing. Excellent.
  5. I guess if the thing isn't falling apart, there is no issue, but sure looks odd with nothing on those threaded ends. Doesn't look like any old alt I've seen.
  6. you can thank Mike Miller for that suggestion in Roundel
  7. Apparently I'm not the only one who has trouble leaning over far enough to see down the hole. One hand for support, the other holding the light. Now, my Haynes is not at hand, so I can't look at the advance info. 15 deg at 1000 may not be out of line, since idle should be slower. I marked 33 deg on my pulley (OK, OK) and look for that all in - around 3000 or so. My ti-ish motor then idles at 700 and about 10 deg if memory serves. Either your new distributor has a very short advance curve, or, how to put this delicately, perhaps the timing light interpretation needs review. Also, what tach are you using? i used a yogurt container lid to transpose the 33 deg mark to the pulley.
  8. Why is theere nothing on those bolts sticking out?
  9. Well that's true. I guess it depends on how accurate you need to be.
  10. Out of curiosity, in what way? Using the pulley, I can easily see the marks, work the carb linkage and see the tach/dwell meter. To see down the hole means leaning way over the engine with both hands busy. Seems to me the notch is pretty close to the pointer pin, so not much error there.
  11. thanks for update. If you have the pointer on the front, I suggest you use that.. Much easier to use the timing light there instead of down the hole. I marked 33 deg. as well.
  12. Read an article recently with this problem: it suggested lubricating the Bendix gear and shaft
  13. Interesting. Old Blue Book says 12.93. Anyway, pretty close. Hard to imagine any of those paint codes are still visible.
  14. Do the flanges on the diff and hub have 10 holes? You may want to start looking for some asymmetric CV joint shafts. They exist.
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