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  1. Just to clarify, your joints had real rivets? My ball joint has pressed in studs with nuts on the bottom.
  2. Thanks. I was hoping to postpone the ball joint replacement and just do the arm. Hence my interest in just getti ng tne nuts off.
  3. I want to replace the front control arm. The ball joint has rivets. I'm hoping to coax the three nuts off, but if I shear one off, whats involved in getting the broken bit out of the ball joint on the car? Can I then just switch to a bolt, or is it a different design ball joint? trying to avoid scope creep.
  4. A long story, but its possible my engine is missing the pump bracket. Oil pan comes off tomorrow and want to be sure I have the bits just in case. Found the two longer bolts and the #3 cap piece in misc spare parts department of my garage. New pump going in. Thanks.
  5. Does it take longer bolts, or are the bosses shorter?
  6. Are the bolts all the same length? RealOem doesn't show part numbers.
  7. Its behind the round thing in the middle of the picture on the pick up casting. There is a coil spring in there.
  8. Pistons have arrow on top that face front. You might want to order a Haynes manual and follow it step by step. I think Floyd was more into US cars.
  9. Will check circlip. I guess the feed tube hold the piston in place. And I gather the spring loaded gizmo in the E21 pickup is not needed for 02 pickup?
  10. So I got an E21 pump from IE, and I noticed the pressure relief piston, spring and tube are loose in their bore. On an old pump, there is some sort of ridge in the tube that limits the piston travel and everything is held in by a screw on cap. Is that normal?
  11. OK, maybe I need another coffee, but I'd say the crank is in backwards. You better look at that manual again.
  12. I was referring to the suspension bushings, not sway bar.
  13. In previous discussions of this procedure it was suggested that one should not use a "permanent" lube because the bushing need some friction to function properly. I used a bit of dish soap. Popped right in.
  14. Am I correct in assuming the the adjuster screw affects the steering wheel resistance rather than play in the wheel?

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