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  1. I have to agree with above: push the pause button, get the Haynes manual, retrace your steps to ensure you've done everything right. You risk having the whole thing go kablamo because you got something backward. For example, those seals go one way. Also, check the bigger rear seal and let us know if it has a coil spring wrapped around the inside - or not.
  2. Verrrry interesting. Where sis you get the main power cable?
  3. Try bringing the battery to the front and use jumper cables. Your battery appears OK.
  4. How about the plumbing between the back of the head snd the heater core?
  5. FAn belt is the first step. Then put voltmeter on battery with car running. Should ideally be 14+. Is your idle normal?
  6. Given that the size is constant, what sets the different colour values?
  7. Let us know if its quieter. My Facet sounds like woodpeckers in the trunk.
  8. I got my pressure bleeder from Bimmerworld who knew which cap to include. Other bmw theme shops may do the same. If the fluid just went down to the clutch pipe l Exit level, youre ok for brakes. Use a turkey baster for any excess fluid (not the one for thursday!) That said, do you know what fluid is in there now? I prefer not to mix; in doubt l'd bleed/flush brakes per Haynes. I can't see a connection between your lurch and the failure. Odd coincidence though. You need some snap ring pliers, pipe flare wrench, PBBlaster in case slave is stuck. Dab of grease on the pushrod. The bleed nipples are 7mm as I recall and so a closed end wrench is handy for that. Not a hugely complicated job with haynes at hand.
  9. We mean move #1 wire and plug to #2 and see if the problem moves. Then figure out which it is. My old snowblower taught me that just because a plug test fires against the cyl head, it may not give enough spark under compression installed. I also spent hours fiddling with DCOE when problem turned out to be a failing plug wire with intermittent miss. So when you say tested, how did you test?
  10. Maybe switch plug leads.
  11. I see that, but your question was" are they the same?". And the answer is no. Look closely at the pictures. Just trying to help you help yourself. That said, somebody has to have these lying around in the parts bin.
  12. A glance at the pictures would tell me NO.
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