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  1. Yes, was an Aardvark card - but i gave it away. lights went in trash yesterday. only have Tii water pump BMW brand hose from warm up regulartor to throttle (used but good) 85mm Tii linkage with new ends License plate lights (one very good, chrome faded on the other) New 74-on owners manual 74 emission sticker repro (new) Byas
  2. '74-on full bumper set with all rubber & shocks in good condition. Heater box with all control cables etc -- seems to be in good condition. No heater core. BEHR compressor taken from (allegedly) working car. All go into trash recycle next week. Byas Location: El Dorado Hills, CA
  3. Are you sure it's gas that's pooling in the air filter canister and not oil?
  4. All those who responded on the springs -- sorry, I sold those to the guy who bought my car today. Byas
  5. I have an brand new H&R sportspring set that I bought for $200. Would like to get $150+shipping for it. Also have a Tii waterpump (rmfd I believe). Would like to get $100+shipping for it. Still have one new door panel backing $30 + shipping Tii 85mm linkage with new ends ($20 + shipping) 2002 Auto transmission gasket set (free + shipping) Byas Location: El Dorado Hills, CA
  6. Sorry, as noted above -- they have been sold and shipped.
  7. The plastic inserts are avail at your local auto parts store or ace hardware. I picked up screw from junk yard 320s. I'm sure I have extras. Byas
  8. Updates -- here're first respondents. I need to get back with shipping quotes. I plan to use flat rate boxes for smaller items. Exhaust system -- wgmack - shipped Both vdo guages/sensor - solarphil - shipped Tii distributor and kidney grill - mfbarnes - shipped Euro plug wires -- Rob - on hold for Rob Warm up regulator, throttle body, fog/heater switch -- shipped Byas
  9. Thanks for the wishes. Wish I could take it with me, but it's not allowed (Left hand traffic, import rules, etc). Carl - I hadn't had a chance to install the filter that you loaned me. Did clean up and and round up nicely. Will PM you for address to send it back. Car is posted on ebay. I've also posted a list parts for sale here. http://www.ebay.com/itm/121323842166?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Byas
  10. I'm need to clear out my collection of parts. I've not had a chance to really research current values so if I'm off, don't hesitate to make me an offer. Shipping extra on all prices below Tii parts: Rebuilt cold start valve -- $100 ADDED: 85mm linkage (used) with 2 new ends - $25 '74 Throttle body in good shape (actuator shaft has some play though) -- $70 Bosch fuel Filter - $25 2x Tii airfilters (1 is new in box, other is either new or lightly used) - $50 for both Engine lift bracket - $10 '74 Tii distributor with working vacuum can + rebuild kit - $100 Used intermediate linkage (lower portion of linkage between pump and throttle NOS - great for those with Euro/Touring cars: Euro style plug wires with supressor and test plug and bracket -- $100 NOS Euro style suppressor plug wire (center wire only and suppressor only) -- $20 Tii/2002 Exhaust system: Original style manifold (used sand blasted painted) + NOS downpipe + Walloth and Nesch (new in box) center and tail sections + hangar inserts -- $300 Racing chain tensioner setup -- $20 VDO oil pressure guage + sensor + bracket -- $70 VDO temp guage + 2 hole bracket - $15 Hood roller + eclip (1 each) - $10 NEW Center kidney Grill - '74 on -- $125 Roundie tail lights (one complete and one just reflector) -- $10 pair of used license plate lights decent condition - $20 Headlight switch '74 - $20 Fog/heater switch - $10 Rubber buffer that goes around door brake - $5 Pre-cut wood door card backing new (only 1, I used one from the pair) - $40 used working fuel tank sender 74-on I believe (8.75") non-tii -- $20 Location: El Dorado Hills, CA
  11. http://www.ebay.com/itm/121323842166?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649
  12. After almost 2.5 years of ownership and enjoyment of '74 2002Tii, I'm afraid my era of stewardship over this car is about to come to an end. After 20+ years in my current company, time has come to start the next chapter -- and that's looking like it will be halfway across the world. I will hate to part with my Tii (and my '67 Skylark vert) and the various parts I've collected -- and the many fond memories. I will specially miss the frequent interaction with this wonderful forum and its members. I have been (and am) a member of several auto forums and I can honestly say that my experience here has been the best. Byas
  13. Rob, I'd like to try this approach. Was the car a 5speed? Any worries about clutch slave hitting tunnel? Byas
  14. I have a NOS 2002 Brake Booster I'd like to sell. I have no idea what a fair asking price on this part is. I've currently listed it at the purchase price from about 5-6 years ago, but not sure that's a good starting point either. Any thoughts on what a reasonable asking price is? Byas
  15. I have a NOS 2002 Brake booster for sale. Based on purchase price I'd like to get $450 + shipping. Byas Location: El Dorado Hills, CA
  16. Hmmm... Wonder why auto manufacturers switched to electronic when points were cheaper (and we know auto guys like cheap) AND better? IME, points do not perform better than electronic ignition. Well adjusted points will run as well until they start to wear. And a well designed and reliable electronic ignition will stay adjusted and operate well for much longer than a set of points (the Magneti Marelli system on my 81 Fiat Spider did not require changing for over 20 years). However, if/when they fail - pertronix/hotspark etc are not as widely available as the points - so keep a spare (electronic or points). Byas
  17. Carry a spare hotspark. Still cheaper than the Pertronix. And easier to swap than putting points back in.
  18. Bryce, I got the door jamb switch you sent me - thanks!! I think it probably came earlier but fell between the seats when my wife picked it up at the mailbox. Cleaning out the car today -- and found it. Thanks again!! Byas
  19. Sticker in pic 1 says - Polaris. And the yellowing is the same as on my 74 Polaris car. So I would say no color change.
  20. +1 on the 6ton jack stands. I have 4 of them from HF. I put car on stands, leave the jack locked for additional support and put the wheels I've removed under the car as well. I bought the 6ton stands not for their capacity but really for their lift. The broader base is a plus.
  21. Will try again next weekend. thx for tips! byas
  22. With the new slide bushing and the old but very serviceable rubber alternator bushings, the alternator sits more square now and the squealing seems to have gone away. Though, have only driven it about 10miles -- will need to get some more miles to check. If it comes back, will buy a new alternator. Byas
  23. There was a squealing noise that varied with engine speed which I suspected was alternator belt slipping. While adjusting the belt tightness, there seemed more slop in the setup than I thought was right - the alternator was at an angle that bordered on not being right, so ordered new OEM bushings for slide mount and urethane for the alternator. Tightening the belt did not fix the squeal. So uninstalled the alternator yesterday to replace bushings. The slide mount was only installed with one bushing instead of the 2 and that had caused more play -- the new oem bushings fixed that. The rubber bushings on the alternator were actually ok, but thought I'd replace anyway. But, I could not get the urethane bushings to go in easily. I was running out of time, so went back to rubber bushings. As I was about the mount the alternator, I spun the alternator fan and I heard the whine/squeal that I had heard before. Bad bearing? Byas
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