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Where did you drive your 2002 today?

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Went to the local cars and coffee recently and got a bit distracted by this Lotus Evora S. Hopefully my '02 didn't notice!

driving in to cars and coffee.jpeg

Lotus Evora S with my 02.jpeg

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'72 Malaga 23Mar1972

'72 Malaga 11Jul1972
'09 Impreza
'11 Specialized hybrid

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Got the car running and starting well finally and took it for a shake down run in the local canyons. Better testing than just around the neighborhood. 

The Rock Store in Malibu. If you’re local to SoCal you know…

Jay Leno can be found here on many Sundays. 
Used to be an old haunt of mine when I rode motorcycles in the canyons. 

Middle of the day, mid week, so it was pretty quiet. 


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2003 e39 M5 (daily)

1986 e30 325es (sons car)

1972 2002tii (fun daily alternative)

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    Took the Turkish princess out to a euro car meet up at a local top notch hamburger joint…



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Don’t let the fear of what could happen

make nothing happen…



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    We had a group of Austin 2002 guys that were gonna drive down and see Le Tran  at this new shop in Serbin, Texas today but his parking area got flooded out in the storm so he postponed it for a little bit. We all had the Saturday booked so we took at Group Drive out on my favor Road Cow Creek, thanks to Greg Resa for setting it up.



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Don’t let the fear of what could happen

make nothing happen…



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5 hours ago, 68gretchen said:

I have never seen another 1600 or 2002 in the wild (driving for 47 years!) except for at a show and rarely at those too !


I think we’re lucky in Seattle. Decent amount of them here. I saw another one in downtown last week. Awesome looking square tail. 


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