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  1. I always tighten the oil filters by hand. But have a hard time getting them loose by hand. I must be over tightening them I guess. But as conkitchen says "what do I know" 😉
  2. Off topic, but if you always use the same type of oil filter... And I do use the plastic baggy tip, works great 😉
  3. Stock #7333 for the BP6ES. Yes BP5ES is hotter than BP6ES. Opposite with Bosch W8DC hotter than W7DC...
  4. Wow, didn't know that there were two types from NGK. Here's what the box from mine look like (Stock #7832 for BP5ES): Used a vice-grips to unscrew the cap.
  5. The NGK plugs usually come pre-gapped, or pretty close. I bought some sets of old Bosch W8DC plugs from a guy in Australia and the plugs have ends that are crimped and a PITA to unscrew. The NGK ones are easy.
  6. I scored this NOS tii throttle body off ebay from a guy in Serbia. Had been sitting on the shelf in his repair shop for years. I paid $600 which was kind of expensive, but I was happy to find it.
  7. Fred looks great. Reminds me of the old HO scale slot cars
  8. Yes, the plugs don't screw in all the way. I believe that is because they are tapered plugs. The new ones that I got from BMW are the same way. They only screw in part way and then become a tight fit.
  9. I've been showing as a Solex member for months even though I paid my $20.02 for Kugelfischer. Who cares 😉
  10. BellMetric also has several different ones: https://www.belmetric.com/24mm-metric-drain-plugs-c-11_90_987/ You probably want the tapered type: https://www.belmetric.com/24mm-metric-drain-plugs-c-11_90_987/dp24x15tpln-tapered-metric-drain-plug-plain-p-5083.html
  11. The BMW part number for these plugs is 27111226798 The replacements look like this. I just purchased a couple for a Getrag 242 that I'm preparing for installation.
  12. The only good shift knobs are the screw-on type and preferably without a roundel on it. AND The later style 2002 stock "dog dish" alloy wheels look like mini BOTTLE CAPS and therefore suck. (so, sell me your set 😉)
  13. Hey, maybe I could get 50K for my orange car on BAT? I should start a thread here with detailed pics of the car and let everyone tear it to pieces ....Hmmm NOT 😋 She ain't bad though. Good old orange
  14. I'd trade both of my tiis for a nicely sorted SYNCRO...
  15. Whenever I've had to remove the alternator on either of my tiis, I've always removed the radiator. Even with the radiator removed, I had to tilt the alternator just the right way in order to get it out. Probably easier to use your motor mount method.
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