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  1. My 74tii came with the standard 4-spoke fake leather/foam grip wheel. It doesn't have a hard plastic grip. I believe it to be original, but can't be entirely sure since I'm not the original owner.
  2. nice score on the wheels. That vintage Continental tire is cool too. I'd keep it as a spare just because it's old and cool looking
  3. Love seeing the mad scientist at work. Keep it up Pat!
  4. I like the Wurth rubber glue. Works great for the rubber door seals too. https://www.wurthusa.com/Chemical-Product/Adhesive-and-Bonding/Glues/Rubber-Molding/c/14020403
  5. Any place that sells OEM BMW parts will have them. For example: https://www.blunttech.com/shop/W0133-1628626-OES
  6. For those wanting to refinish their late black wiper arms. SEM Trim Black works great for the re-paint.
  7. The late style steel wheels moto the best. Especially when never refinished like Carls 😉
  8. The contact cement probably burned up after the first day of driving the car. It was just to keep the donut oriented correctly while I tightened up the clamp.
  9. When I purchased my first BMW (a 1974 2002tii) back in 1986, it had these "weird" 6Jx13 minilite magnesium wheels on it. I didn't like the look of those "weird" wheels, so the first thing I did was trade them to a friend for his set of the stock steel wheels. What a dummy I was 😐 It had the magnesium lug nuts too...
  10. When I replaced the stock exhaust with a new OEM one, I was doing the job myself without a helper to hold things for me. I ended up using contact cement on the donut and glued it into the bell-mouths on either side and it held the donut in place long enough for me to get the clamp tightened without the donut moving around. It sealed really well.
  11. Yes, would like to find a nice set for my "square taillight car". My '74tii ☺️ Some day, Some day The ones made by Mahle seem to fetch a higher price than the FPS ones for some reason. The FPS ones have the 36111114231 part number like Dionk's, not sure about the Mahles.
  12. Should be 5Jx13 ET:28 Period correct for the square taillight cars. (<< I mean 2002s, not E21s or E30s)
  13. In the interest of not spreading misinformation, I deleted my post 😊 Many users of the 123 ignition have successfully used the 123 and the Red coil without the ballast resistor.
  14. I'd be partying too if I had that lift. Envious 😊
  15. Les, Pulling and rebuilding the heater box is one of the 'rites of passage' in 2002 ownership 😉 Seriously, it isn't as bad as people make it out to be. It's a very satisfying fix once it's all back together and you've got a strong blowing HOT heater in the car. I use my '74 as my surfing vehicle here in Northern Cali, so a good heater is a must for thawing out after a morning surf session. That car gets exposed to all of the bad things (salt, sand, saltwater) and keeps on ticking. Good luck, John

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