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  1. 1980 Toyota 4x4 (4-speed) 1st model year of the 4WD. In a Sahara-like tan color. Loved that truck
  2. Would love to see something like this in 38cm. And flat with black spokes...
  3. That looks awesome. I always liked the crinkle black. Good job, John
  4. I'm afraid to take off the banjo bolt and check whether or not my cars have either the filter or the circlip. I'm still in for two if they get made 🙂
  5. Danco gets more done on his cars in one week than I've gotten done on mine in the last two years. I find his posts inspirational. It's prompted me to get off my butt...
  6. I think Danco should be banned. The nerve of that guy for not answering a question... 😁
  7. I bought two sets on purpose because I have two cars...
  8. I just checked. For the 74tii distributor he said: "Try 14 degrees BTDC at idle no vacuum". For the 008 from my 73tii he said: "Try 14 degrees BTDC at idle." Both are using points.
  9. I had a 74tii stock distributor rebuilt by Advanced Distributors. The owner Jeff Schlemmer told me the same thing. He said the advance curve was similar/same as the earlier tii 008 distributors. Maybe that's after he does his magic on it. Don't know. He suggested that I cap off the vacuum retard on mine. I haven't installed the rebuilt unit yet. I'm running another stock 74tii distributor with the vacuum retard and all of the stock air hoses still there. It runs great so I haven't messed with it.
  10. Those Michelin XDXs in 185/70 13 are pricey, but they sure do look awesome. Has anyone here purchased a set? I know they are expensive...
  11. I'm sure all of the usual suspects have them (Blunt, Max, IE etc.) I think I got mine here BEHR/Mahle brand: https://www.rmeuropean.com/Products/1153146805680-MFG322-V5478.aspx
  12. After putting in a high capacity radiator from W&N, I had to switch to using an 80 degree thermostat just to keep it running hot enough. I also switched out the standard tii "Tropical" fan for the smaller kind (less noise). No issues with overheating.
  13. I can confirm that the bracket and pin fit the door brakes that Harry Davis sells. I've got both, but I like these modified Mercedes ones from Harry better than the newer style ones that BMW sells now. Less pop when you open the doors. More of a cushioned feel to them Time for me to start peeling back the original 1-piece carpet in my 74tii to expose that access hole. 1 piece carpet is a PITA and mine is all sandy and stinky, I think i see a carpet kit from Esty in my future...
  14. Paid on Friday, delivered on Saturday. Doesn't get much better than that! Thank you Brendan for making this happen, John
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