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  1. I'm not sure, but I think that back when I had my 73tii's clock repaired by Palo Alto Speedometer, they replaced the old clock mechanism with a quartz unit. It keeps perfect time and has the original early all black faceplate. No ping noise like the original though... which I miss 😉
  2. Any man who can turn cardboard into an M10 engine is an Alchemist in my book 😀
  3. Those are like gold for tii owners 😄
  4. Gentlemen, It's been brought to my attention by another FAQ member that my recommendation of using the Viton material for the heater valve O-rings might not be the best choice. Perhaps the EDPM material would be better? Sorry folks. Just wanted to point out my error and open the subject up for debate. Here's the descriptions from the O-ring store: Viton: avoid hot water, steam. Yikes: https://www.theoringstore.com/store/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=368_65 EDPM: more better? https://www.theoringstore.com/store/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=368_2278 Thanks, John
  5. Good old Krylon dull aluminum and Krylon Crystal clear. I've used the same combo on a set of 2002 steel wheels and they have held up great for years. I think it was Mike Self who recommended that paint many years ago on the FAQ. Thanks, John
  6. The only reason the wheels aren't on my car right now is because I need to refinish them again. When I bought the wheels, I had them bead blasted and then hit them with metal etching primer and 1Z brand silver wheel paint. Then I clear coated them using Wurth brand clear coat. The clear coat prematurely yellowed after about a year and they look like crap now. It really pissed me off. I won't use that clear coat ever again.
  7. I have a set of 13x6 Ronal Kleeblatt wheels. They are model number KBA 40020 13x6 H2 ET 28 (dated 1976) which is a perfect offset for a 2002. I ran them with 185/70 R13 tires without any issues. I bought them from Daniel and Jan and I think they ran them with 205/60's on their car. Can't answer your question about whether they will fit with bigger brakes. I had them on a stock tii with the stock tii brakes. The only thing I dislike about these wheels is that they use the shank style lug nuts.
  8. Just an FYI, the '74 3.0 csi that I used to own had a little plastic yellow tag on the resistor wire that was labelled 0.9 ohm.
  9. The square taillight 2002tiis have a resistor wire that's twice as long as the ones used on "regular" square taillight 2002s and has 1.8 ohms of resistance. The longer the resister wire, the more resistance... The original black coils used on "regular" 2002s specify to use a resistor with 0.9 ohms resistance. Not to be confused with the original black coils used on 2002tiis that specified to use a 1.8 ohm resistor. Hope that makes sense...
  10. I'd be in for two of these. Thanks Paul, John
  11. WRONG I just verified that both my 73tii & 74tii have the bolt-in fuel pickup and long filler tube. It must have been the 3.0 csi that I used to own that had the twist-in pickup.
  12. I know that my 73tii has the twist-in type of fuel pickup and my 74tii has the bolt-in kind.
  13. Now that's a great reason for me to keep my set of bottle caps. Love your clean engine bay and trunk. Nice work
  14. My 74tii came with the standard 4-spoke fake leather/foam grip wheel. It doesn't have a hard plastic grip. I believe it to be original, but can't be entirely sure since I'm not the original owner.

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