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  1. Not sure why the videos don't show up when using a computer/laptop. Those videos were short clips using the Instagram video option. Must have something to do with that? Jammed SRV for a good portion of the drive! 😊
  2. A bit chilly pulling out of Austin @ 7am. Brrrr... Had a little light rain here and there but over all good weather! Can’t wait to see your tii back in the mix!!
  3. Barney, Terry, Ed Z and myself made the 3 hour drive from Austin to Houston to attend the Houston 02rs impromptu 02 meetup Saturday morning. Some exceptional hospitality and 02s in attendance! Sadly, I got distracted a few times and failed to get pics of all in attendance. I’ll be setting up some future “meet in the middle” events in 2021! IMG_2646.MOV IMG_2664.MOV IMG_2665.MOV IMG_2668.MOV
  4. Morning drive with Barney and his recently completed Fjord tii restoration project. This 02, as are his other 02s, is just stunning!
  5. When you get a phone call from your daughter and she says, “Hey Dad, mind if I come over this evening and us take Stella out on a sunset drive?” 🙂
  6. “I’m chasing perfection” Kobe Bryant Stopped for a quick pic the other morning on my way to our Austin BMW 2002 Cars & Coffee.
  7. Was surprised by my daughter who showed up for our morning C&C this weekend. Even better when she asked if we could take Stella for an evening drive sometime this week.
  8. It’s a 76 Chamonix that my Uncle purchased new up in Wichita, Kansas. I was 10 the first time I rode in it in late 1976. It’s been in Wichita since until I took ownership roughly 10 years ago and brought it to Cedar Park.
  9. Spontaneous early Friday morning drive through the Texas Hill Country with good friends Barney Toler and Ed Z.
  10. Flags out before heading over to meet Ed and help Mike with the test fitting the M44 into his Touring
  11. I’ll be sure to post pics as the reassembly progresses!
  12. Barney and I met over our good friend Mike’s house today. Can’t wait to start piecing his freshly painted Florida Green Touring together!
  13. After having cancelled our April and May events due to the pandemic situation Terry and I decided to give our June C&C a go with strong urging for social distancing and masks. Well, we had a fantastic turnout for our ATX area BMW 2002 and Vintage BMW C&C this past Saturday. Shoutout to those that braved the rain and abiding by social distancing recommendations. Really enjoyed meeting those that drove in from San Antonio, Dallas and Bryan! Also appreciate the photos Eric Early of Slammed Studios took at the event. Always good to see repeat visitor Le Tran at our C&Cs! 3rd Saturday morning of the month if you’re ever in Austin. Greg
  14. Solid turnout this morning for our ATX 2002 and Vintage BMW C&C. We’ve cancelled the last two months event due to the pandemic and decided to give it a try this month with social distancing encouraged. Had 4 drive in from San Antonio, 1 from Bryan and 1 from Dallas. Already looking forward to next months event!
  15. Jason, I haven’t decided yet on having our June ATX C&C. Sounds like there is some interest so perhaps we go ahead with it. Definitely long over due after missing the last two due to virus issue.
  16. I’ll let you know when we do a run down 1431 and Cow Creek. Ed, Barney, Mike and I all live in Cedar Park / Leander and enjoy that route.
  17. Love it when we add another 02 to the Austin area. That’s two 02s in the last two weeks! Look forward to meeting you and seeing (and hearing) your 02. Ed forwarded me your contact info so I can add it to my ATX 02 contacts. I’ll get you added and make sure you get our monthly 02 and Vintage BMW Cars & Coffee meet up. A few pics from past events. Greg
  18. Finally got Stella Back from the paint shop and took her to a night spin under the strawberry moon.
  19. Hey Emily, Welcome aboard! As Jason and Barney mentioned, we have a good number of 02s in and around the ATX. I’ll PM you to give you my contact information. I organize our monthly 02 Cars & Coffee and would love for you to join us. There’s a vast amount of knowledge in the group and a fantastic group of people. Not sure what part of town you’re in but Barney, Ed, Mike and I are in the Cedar Park / Leander area. Greg Resa
  20. Should be getting Stella back from the paint shop at some point this coming week. Shop owner sent me pics with fender and rust repairs that Barney helped me with were prepped and Stella moved into the paint booth.
  21. Dropped Stella off at the paint shop this morning to have the fender and various rust repairs painted. A huge thanks and shout out to BarneyT for all his help and guidance! @BarneyT
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