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  1. I'm running Vega wheels (mag style) on my Bugeye...they do not fit my '67 BMW.
  2. Yes..1960, although some might call it a Bugeye
  3. Very nice..and on the other side of the country.
  4. Thanks for the write up. Reminds me of Mt Watatic (less the big mountain views) when I was a kid. East coast (Mass.) mountain, family owned...long gone.
  5. Very nice and well worth the asking price. I have 1528898....nice to hear about these early survivors.
  6. I'm generally a lurker...but keep coming back for more pictures/info on this build. Nice job !
  7. These are still available...couldn't work out transport. Thanks for looking !
  8. Come on out...Fall is a great time to visit ☺️ I'll help you load it for free !
  9. 1968 2002 complete frontend with steering box and rear suspension with longneck diff. Driveshaft and rear springs (not pictured) included. LOCAL New England PICK UP ONLY PLEASE $350 Thanks for looking. (802) 748-1035
  10. Thanks for the quick response !
  11. Tried using the search button (maybe I didn't use the correct word?) but searching for a new replacement set of early oil bath style CV boots for my '67 1600. Thanks in advance. Joe
  12. Spring cleaning, 4 steel wheels 5 inch X 13 (with tired tires) 4 steel wheels 5 1/2 inch X 13 (with tired Hoozier slicks) 2 1976 bumpers 3 rear windows (2 tinted with defrost wire) 1976 vent/door/rear glass (with ugly removable tint) 1976 tan door cards (OK shape) 4 flange drive shaft Jack Brake booster and other do-dads. Take all for $200 Local (New England) pick up only...sorry do not want to ship. Thanks for looking. (802) 748-1035
  13. Believe it or not it's entire life's been in New England...NH first and now Vt. Must have always been garaged and never run in winter. A scruffy time capsule !
  14. Steve...I have the low back no headrest seats and the embossed trim (front and back)...the original color was Chaminoux...very lousy re-paint but super solid body. Please don't quote me but I think the cars has always been 12 volt...?
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