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Identify this part that fell

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Was doing some light pressure washing on engine bay on drivers side, and this fell to the ground, its about 1.25" diameter.  Could have come from elephant drain, rotted pedal insulation, or Tii brake booster area. Has the number #1 on it, looks like the same material and color as a  well used VDO water bottle.  Anyone know what this is?

I've had lots of interesting stuff fall off cars over the years, wish it was a Snap On screwdriver instead :(




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Thanks for the quick response, it sure did look like a float of some sort.  Trust me, i didn't pressure wash with the cap open, and just checked, my float is alive and well.  Some mechanic 20 years ago was saying "where the hell did that float go, I put it right here on the fender". 


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Keep it for a spare...one of mine cracked and went down with all hands, meaning that annoying red light on my instrument binnacle was lit 'till I scrounged a replacement.  I guess in a pinch I could use half a wine cork--at least temporarily.  At least making the part would be fun.  Can't leave all that wine uncorked....



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I'll bet it fell into the cavity of no return, between the frame rail and peddle box lots of goodies to be found there.

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I lost a screwdriver down there for a season and a half, once-

it was pretty textured by the time I found it.


Amusingly, it was bright yellow...




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That old type of float is secured to its upright post/arm by a small rubber grommet/plug which sits within the depression on top of the float (shown in the photo).  In my old project '02 that grommet had disintegrated and shrank over the years and produced an ugly black powdery deposit which coated the bottom of the BF reservoir.  If your BF reservoir has the same issue, you might consider replacing your float and cap with a new BF float, switch, and cap assembly (inexpensive) which does not have rubber components.




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