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  1. Steve Tochi

    Vintage American Car Radios

    Officially sold my first radio yesterday via local craigslist. A 1974 International Scout AM radio, guy drove an hour and handed me a Benjamin for it. Did I price it too low? I'm thinking I priced it just right. 499 to go.
  2. Not painting and freshening up the engine bay when the motor was out!
  3. Steve Tochi

    Vintage American Car Radios

    Well I just got back from the VW Transporter meet, came home with the 2 Frankfurts. Interesting group, lots of peculiar aromas in the air, I thought Spicoli might be there. I did see quite a few blaupunkts for sale, a NIB red tip Hirschmann antenna, and I picked up a very clean late kidney grill. There were so many white gas lanterns for sale I thought I was at a vintage coleman meet. Ironically, I was thinking a few years back I'd like to get a SVX, they're pretty cheap and perhaps they'll be comers. I'll inventory the Mopar stuff and get you a list.
  4. Steve Tochi

    Vintage American Car Radios

    Dave, I think I told you my family is from the area, back then small farming towns like Longmont, Brighton and Greeley. I'll get up there one of these days and visit. My 84 year old mom lives in Denver and she drives a Suby, (I'm pretty sure she's straight), and I have a 03 Forester for a DD I paid $500. I wouldn't mind getting a WRX as a mid life crisis vehicle. I'm off this morning to a VW Transporter meet, I'm hooking up with this bus fanatic and trading two VW radios for two Blaupunkts. We both think we're getting the better of the deal, so must be a good trade.
  5. Steve Tochi

    Vintage American Car Radios

    Thanks Tom, I'm still trying to figure how to inventory and sell it off, could take years. I was thinking the same, just go to each car's forum and see what happens. Also included are about 300 hundred vacuum tubes, NOS antennas, NIB speakers, faceplates, 8 tracks, and even a few CB radios. Seems like there is quite a market for NOS vacuum tubes. My buddy restored his C1 vette, said he paid $300 for a used non working Wonderbar so I'll be looking for those. Some of the boxes I pulled included a NOS 74 Scout AM radio, new 68' Volkswagen one year only Sapphire-V AM radio, and another VW Sapphire 4 track player (saw one on Ebay for $500!). Found 3 Opel radios too. I'd be happy to send you some of your choosing, but noticed you're in Denver...sorry but I don't have any Subaru radios.
  6. Steve Tochi

    Vintage American Car Radios

    If you have friends looking for an original radio for their classic American car, let me know. I will sell them cheap to FFAQ (Friends of FAQ). I don't know how this happened but in my search locally for a period correct blaupunkt, I ended up with an estimated 500 radios from the 50's, 60's and early 70's. Most are from American cars from that era, when it was common to replace the original with a "HiFi" AM/FM stereo or 8-track. Many are in pristine shape, with some NOS, NIB, and aftermarket kits. There are radios for Mopar, Pontiac, AMC, Ford, Chevy, Buick, Cadillac, Mercs, and more. Not a lot of European radios, a few VW and Opel radios is all. They are from a car audio shop of 40 years, and apparently when the shop owner would install a new radio, he would carefully label and box the old one. His son told me he ensured they were working before putting away, but no guarantee they'll be working. Here's a bunch of pics of some of the inventory, I think its cool to look at but perhaps not to own. Steve
  7. Steve Tochi

    need advice 1976 purchase

    Its a nice color and rare by the paint code production chart. But as others have stated, here in LaLa land, 76' just doesn't carry much value because of smog requirements. I'm trying to imagine if it was a 74' for sale, maybe fetch $5K-7K or more? Has some nicely preserved elements, radio, dash, vinyl, kidney and pretty darn white washer bottle. Since you don't plan to "restore", I'd try to make a deal.
  8. Steve Tochi

    Pair of "Trap" Mirrors ......SOLD

    One thing I've noticed great about @joysterm and @goodkarmech, when they decide to sell something, they actually price it to sell! Thank you!
  9. Steve Tochi

    Confirmation of Alpina Ancestry Arrived Today

    and it has a snorkel. That slotted mag wheel in the background is his 240Z I believe, he plans to get that back on the road too.
  10. Steve Tochi

    Confirmation of Alpina Ancestry Arrived Today

    Once I got my 02, my wife's college friend tells me he also owns a 74Tii and he firmly believes its an "Alpina" with LSD. I'm guessing he's owned it for 40 years and he text me a picture of the engine bay with bone stock intakes. Car has been non-op in his mom's garage in Socal, and obviously exposed to the elements at some point. He did say very little rust. I already asked, its not for sale and he swears he's going to get it back on the road someday and knowing him, it will never happen. Think I need to get over there and take a closer look and get VIN#.
  11. Steve Tochi

    center grille question

    02Tradition has a couple of these listed for sale in his list of goodies.
  12. As a relative newbie and minimal mechanical skills and knowledge, here are some of my recommendations: You'll be told to get Macartney's 02 Restoration Guide, a great resource. Lightly read it, drive and work on your car, and spend a lot of time on the forum. Then go back and read it again. My first read, I tried to comprehend everything in the book. I went back and read it a year after owning my car and it made so much more sense. Also read “Ran When Parked”, might give you overview of issues of 45 year old car and a good story. Don’t be afraid to seek help from FAQ members no matter the issue. Drive your car and take on little projects as you can, its very rewarding. Work from the inside out on engine, tranny, drive train. Don’t worry too much about cosmetics. Go to the BAT site when a 2002 is up for sale and read comments. Scratch that Start looking at new and used parts now, demand and prices of both seem to be going up. Don't get married yet because worse case, you may be selling the 02 for a minivan.
  13. David, Great story and passion. Especially like the part where you realize the car has a manual transmission. Nowadays an manual tranny is like an anti-theft device.
  14. Steve Tochi

    Too many cars?

    I'm with "can never have too many" camp. I haven't even finished my 02 yet, but always on the lookout for another one to bring back to life. Is that normal when inflicted with this disease? 74 2002 Tii Subaru Forester (Daily, paid $500 for it) Toyota Tacoma (for outdoor excursions) Toyota Sequoia (for road trips and oil companies stock) Fancy Lexus (wife's and way too many bells and whistles) Honda Civic (just bought for my 16 YO daughter who doesn't even have her license yet) I'm on the lookout for a VW Eurovan, but they're appreciating well like, 02's. Coincidentally, my insurance agent drives a really nice car and is always playing golf.
  15. Scott, I've been going through the same for about the last 18 months, and like remodeling a house, come up with your budget and add contingency of 20% plus. I would recommend working from the inside out and focus on the engine, driveline and suspension, so you can drive and enjoy. You might get into the motor and find you need to throw more at it, like a new oil pump $$$$. Worry about the comfort and cosmetics later. You might find your "wants" may change after driving it awhile. Steve