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  1. The car was really clean and looked "done" and all original except for the wheels. Perhaps the father who passed away was an active member. He said it just sat in his father's garage, and probably doesn't know what he has, and what a KF or MFI is.
  2. If any of you want to follow me on Ebay, here's one of my listings where you can link to sellers other items. I could use some more followers and watchers. Its a one year only 67' Ford pickup AM radio, so will be interesting to see where it sells. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-1967-Ford-Pickup-AM-radio-model-7TBTL/392306184420?epid=8025999142&hash=item5b574550e4:g:KboAAOSwcapc8f-7
  3. you're probably right and just naturally bound to happen with the popularity of the cars. Heck I dropped by kids off at high school last week, and this 74Tii rolled in the parking lot. After we dropped out kids off, I flagged the driver down. Turns out its an old friend of mine, and my former chiropractor, and our kids grew up together. He inherited the car from his father and I asked him if he was on FAQ, response was "huh"???
  4. Well I know I'm supposed to be in liquidation mode, but I did some trading and ended up with this 69' Frankfurt, the guts already refurbished with connection for I-phone. I've been enjoying learning the virtues of old AM radios and I've sold, traded or donated about 70 radios so far. I was happy to donate a 66' Galaxie radio to a east coast sheriff dept who is restoring their old squad car on a tight budget. So I really haven't been on FAQ that much, and I still consider myself a newbie going on almost two years. But seems like something has changed with the tone of posts and what appears to be a glut of new members. Even the classifieds I used to scour seem more global and commercialized. Just doesn't seem like the tight knit community focused on only 02 cars/owners as when I joined. Or perhaps it's just me approaching middle age.
  5. I have buckets of antennas, most are telescoping. I even have a bunch of new in box trunk mount and magnetic CB antennas if Conserv Steve needs a replacement. I probably have a fixed trunk mount in the piles somewhere. I'd be glad to send you one for free if you pay for shipping. Send me a PM and show me what you're looking for. See my post in Off Topic Discussion about car radios. Steve
  6. My only experience thus far has been with Le Tran who brought my 02 back to life. He constantly updated me with texts and pics on the progress of my car, like hourly. He even posted the progress to his Facebook page. Guess youngsters today don't make a move without first posting on social media. Makes me feel old and socially irrelevant, but I do have 100 facebook friends. Steve Sent from my Apple IIe
  7. Raised two kids with the Odyssey, it was great. Probably the best attribute for us was parking in tight spots with auto sliding doors, and getting to those baby seats and changing diapers. Great for road trips with entertainment systems. Amazing amount of space with seats completely removed, much more hauling capacity than my longbed Tacoma. Downside we bought the nicest model with leather and bells and whistles. Our interior took a beating (buy the full rubber floor mats) with spilled drinks, mummified french fries under the seats, and peculiar stains on headliner? Just don't have any illusions your van will be kept as clean and pristine as the day you bought it, but resale value held strong.
  8. I've bought and sold a quite a few cars via craigslist, I think the beauty of it is the "free postings" without ads. But like your idea of private party listings for free, I probably wouldn't pay $5 to list, don't know why cause I'd pay $7 for a beer all day. Probably more of giving up my personal credit card info than the $5 it cost. But a fee would keep all the riff raff out. I think you're trying to weed out everything but cars, but one thing that bugs me about craigslist are businesses claiming to be "owners", even though they list hundreds of items. Perhaps a limit # of listings per user/week? Another thing is their key word matching. Lets say I use search button and enter "2003 Subaru Forester". 700 items show up in search results, 75% attributed to tire/wheel dealers, JDM engines unrelated to Suburas, and dealership listings of other cars. Be nice if Craigslist offered a "your listing is expiring notification" via email and a simple button to click to continue listing. Lastly, geography and local problem to me. They list where I live in the South Bay with the same market as the Westside which includes Malibu, which can be 50 miles away. While Long Beach is a separate market and less than 10 miles from me. But I love Craigslist, something about its simplicity, but like Ebay, has become more for business than local private party buyers/sellers. Steve
  9. Rust and primer should be considered colors.
  10. As I delve into these vintage radios and learn more about them, I'm finding the names of their features quite amusing. Here are a few examples of features the marketing geniuses came up with from a by gone era, perhaps a product of the space race. Sonomatic, Autotune, Volumatic, Aeronutronic, Vibrasonic, Bodysonic, Eliminoise, Acoustinator and the Motorola 8-track Changeabout (for your car, boat and home)
  11. Received my set today, they look fantastic thank you! Ain't nothing better than to have new female receptacles....except maybe the Indy 500.
  12. My friend sold his E24 on BAT several years ago, beautiful M6. Although he got top dollar for it, all he said was never again. Perhaps the car was so nice commenters dug deep to find something to nitpick or treated it like he was covering something up. He felt like is honesty was being questioned, and he's a tough Navy veteran. Don't ever question the integrity of our veterans!
  13. If you have friends looking for an original radio for their classic American car, let me know. I will sell them cheap to FFAQ (Friends of FAQ). I don't know how this happened but in my search locally for a period correct blaupunkt, I ended up with an estimated 500 radios from the 50's, 60's and early 70's. Most are from American cars from that era, when it was common to replace the original with a "HiFi" AM/FM stereo or 8-track. Many are in pristine shape, with some NOS, NIB, and aftermarket kits. There are radios for Mopar, Pontiac, AMC, Ford, Chevy, Buick, Cadillac, Mercs, and more. Not a lot of European radios, a few VW and Opel radios is all. They are from a car audio shop of 40 years, and apparently when the shop owner would install a new radio, he would carefully label and box the old one. His son told me he ensured they were working before putting away, but no guarantee they'll be working. Here's a bunch of pics of some of the inventory, I think its cool to look at but perhaps not to own. Steve steventochi@outlook.com
  14. Yes, its great work. Lots of youtube auto guys try and hold their cameras while they work. You must own lots of gopros. My I suggest get yourself one of those creepers !!! Car looks great. Mine is from my wife's cousin who passed away, so part of the reason I'm getting fixin her up.
  15. Nice camera work from multiple angles, must be a lot of work putting that footage together. Love the ooohh shhttt look on your face when the hangar breaks loose.
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