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  1. For exterior black rubber and plastic bits, Penetrol has worked amazingly well for me, lasts a long time and doesn't leave a milky residue on textured pieces. Give a google to Flood Penetrol, and you'll see all kinds of uses I would not recommend using on interior because its quite odoriferous when initially applied.
  2. Yes as others mentioned, do you homework and be patient. Learn everything you can about values and condition, then you will be really confused. Perhaps really give some thought if you want an 02 for a daily driver, yes they're cool but practical? These are 50 year old cars, I wouldn't be focused as much on price, but rather maintenance and condition. I don't know where you're located but consider certain regions have more rust, smog requirements, and hotter/colder weather. I recently acquired a VW Westfalia poptop, talk about a money pit. Their forum poses a couple of thoughts which are applicable to buying any 50 year old car...paraphrased to 02s: "if you were to be given a 2002 for free, would it make sense to pour money into it" "The cheapest 2002s are the most expensive" "Do it once and be done with it" And this is one of my favorite quotes I use negotiating at work "don't step over a dollar to pick up a penny" Steve
  3. Thanks for the quick response, it sure did look like a float of some sort. Trust me, i didn't pressure wash with the cap open, and just checked, my float is alive and well. Some mechanic 20 years ago was saying "where the hell did that float go, I put it right here on the fender".
  4. Was doing some light pressure washing on engine bay on drivers side, and this fell to the ground, its about 1.25" diameter. Could have come from elephant drain, rotted pedal insulation, or Tii brake booster area. Has the number #1 on it, looks like the same material and color as a well used VDO water bottle. Anyone know what this is? I've had lots of interesting stuff fall off cars over the years, wish it was a Snap On screwdriver instead Thanks Steve
  5. Friend just sent this to me, I'm sorry if its been posted previously but never hurts to watch it again. Steve
  6. I googled the Sunset Blvd. address and Robert Mitchum, and got this match sort of. This internet thing is amazing.
  7. That's mighty cool of you Resra. This is a long shot, and reading upside down, but the name on the service manual is "R. Mitchum", with a Sunset Blvd address. I believe Robert Mitchum was a car guy so just maybe.....
  8. Listen to Jim and Marshall, and go with gas. I have an electric one, it has some use but its not much more than a glorified hose nozzle.
  9. Hood still untouched, but got front end put back together. Rattle can painted fender flares, bumper and grill. If I did this for a living, I would make about $2/hour. Gaining confidence to paint the hood.
  10. Jimmie, And I can vouch for Esty as a big time contributor, well respected, one hell of a carpetmaker, and sometimes even funny. I think genesis of the initial reaction was twofold. 1) There have been several instances where someone new to the forum, makes their first post in the classifieds as having a hoard of wonderful and rare parts for sale. Its been documented that a few of our members have been burned. I've mentioned before that in other car forums I belong to, you are not allowed to post to classifieds until you have X amount of posts to weed out the scam artists. 2) I joined the forum a few years back now, and at that time there was an infamous seller in Denver, that had a marginal reputation at best. Although I never did business with him. (you did state you don't have Tii parts so that leads me to believe you're legit....that was my attempt to be funny for the old timers). So unfortunately, perhaps your a victim of geography. This is is the most pleasant, professional and "let me help you out" car forum there is. My Tacoma forum seems rather competitive, and you will find the F word in almost every thread, often used as a noun, verb and adjective in the same post. But so far you've been responsive and engaged so welcome to FAQ and good luck, but pictures will help . Steve (one of many on FAQ)
  11. Been working long hours with this crisis. But took a break Sunday afternoon to see if I could do something about my failing clear coat on the hood of my Tacoma. My idea was to sand it smooth and rattle can some base and/or clear coat, and that would be good enough since its my outdoor adventure vehicle. Midstream, decided I may as well paint the fender flares, bumper cover, and fix that rusty battery tray. I think 90% of the retention clips broke upon removal. I already have a failed Polaris, I should have put this effort into that car first.
  12. You can try Gary Auberlen at Paul's Speedometer in Redondo Beach. He fixed my speedo and when I mentioned my Tii clock was wonky, he said he could fix it. When I get around to it, I'll probably mine to him to see what he can do and probably be a cheaper alternative.
  13. Steve, Since this is a calling all steves thread, It looks like the PO modified the rails, looks "abby normal". Maybe modified to put some other sport seats in, then when back to originals. Steve
  14. I've heard both sides of picking up sediment and condensation, so try not get to the sweating palms stage. My buddy thinks the low fuel warning light is just a recommendation, but he's never been stranded. Great song for road trips or running across the country a few times according to Forrest Gump. Anyone of my age ever notice my profile picture is actually a Jackson Browne album cover aka "Saturate Before Using"?
  15. I get it about suddenly life comes to a halt. I have plenty of hobbies, but they all require getting in a car and going somewhere. I have two teenagers and everything came to a halt, but the world they know keeps going on with Wifi. Guess I'll chat with them and see what they've been up to the last few years. Is that a black plate in front and blue in back with the same license #?
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