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  1. If anyone is interested in this car, send me a PM I can put you in touch with the seller.
  2. Found 1975 LA Times cars for sale classifieds, almost free in today's dollars. But I know I didn't have $1,000 back then or my driver's license. I didn't find any 02's for sale, maybe I should have checked the "cars for free" section.
  3. Is that Epstein with Mrs. Kotter sitting on that bike? If you know what I'm talking about, you're old. Sorry its Friday and had a rough week.
  4. I love Toyotas, they just do what they're supposed to do. But I did a foolhardy thing, I just sold my 2005 Sequoia, and bought this Eurovan. So along with my 02, my other cars are my DD 2003 Forester (paid $500) and 2006 Tacoma. My friends think I'm "acting strange, they shake their heads and say I've changed" (Joni Mitchell). My wife has the fancy Lexus that's always beeping and flashing at me telling me how to drive. I occasionally have to ask my 17 year old daughter if I can borrow her new car when I have a meeting with clients. In return, she's begging me to teach her how to drive the 02 with a stick.
  5. My friend is looking to sell his wife's car and asked me to help sell it and opinion of value. I really don't know anything about car values, only all of mine are fully depreciated (newest car I own is a 2006). Its a 2013 2dr 335i convertible with M Sport package, and 6 speed manual. Black with 51K miles in excellent condition, located in Santa Barbara. Told him the manual tranny would be desirable to the purists but may take out many buyers who would use as a daily driver. Any thoughts on value here in CA would be appreciated. Thanks, Steve
  6. Yes, I bought it used and didn't care about color, but the Speedway Blue has grown on me. The shell is nice, it keeps my friends from borrowing it to move their stuff. The 1st generations are going for big money, and seems like I could sell it for as much as I paid for it 6 years ago. Penetrol is made by Flood, it doesn't end up turning milky white like a lot of the other wax based products, and apparently is good on metal for rust, and for thinning paint. I had it detailed quite a few years ago with a clay bar, I think that lead to the clear coat failing.
  7. One tip, the Taco has more plastic and rubber bits than Pamela Anderson. Don't know if I read it on this forum, but Penetrol is the bomb to bring life back to the black plastic parts, like the rear bumper protector, mud flaps, window seals, etc.
  8. Can I join the E10 / Taco club? Mine is a 2006 with about 105K miles, long bed TRD Sport, my kids call her the smurfmobile. I've only been using it for fishing and camping trips, she's a little beat up now and needs some TLC, clear coat is peeling, few scratch and dents. I can't bring myself to sell it knowing I would regret it. The truck sure is "long" though.
  9. Bottle of motor oil laying in the plenum poses concern but perhaps mitigated by clean rear license plate lights.
  10. Had a good day, saw two cars today running errands around Redondo Beach. First saw a tricked out blue square tail with box flares, and later in the afternoon saw a beautiful restored looking Touring in FFFerona, both within blocks of my home. I would have taken pics but using my phone while driving would be against the law.
  11. Here's a pic of an original painted wheel well, evidence the car was actually Polaris at one time.
  12. Spyder, Gosh I like the underside of your car, not too shiny and just plain old clean, dry and original. I always question when I see fresh paint, undercoat or a combination thereof....as in what did they cover up.
  13. I'm in agreement with Esty as this has been the best site for me to acquire used parts, with seller's generally having the same passion for 02's and with fair pricing. There seems to be a few sellers who aren't looking to get rich, just get rid of inventory and help the rest of us out, thank you. But I've noticed a whole bunch of "new" sellers lately, where did they come from? Anyway, a couple of my observations as some of you know I've become an Ebay seller of old car radios: There are pros and cons but so far, Ebay has been the best way for me to get the radios out there nationwide and even worldwide. You get fee'd to no end but I've been enjoying it. I generally price set my prices to sell as I made my money in the buy. I've had listings expire at $50, relist at $40, then auction bids it up to $70, all about timing. But I do get great satisfaction of helping someone in need of a radio for their project and even traded and donated a few. I've joined other model specific sites (ie the Chevelle and Corvair forums) to sell radios, not too much luck. But what I do like is most other sites have an "Ebay and Craigslist Section" in their classifieds for listing of parts and cars. The FAQ's Cars for Sale classified has become comingled with Ebay and CL listings....hey we all have the internet don't we and we're all looking for that special barn find in Why, Arizona. I've had moderate success on Craigslist. Generally motivated and local buyers, and my net is better than Ebay after fees. But buyer's aren't as prepared to paypal funds or as comfortable with shipping, so its usually a meet and greet. I'll probably start listing more on Craigslist. Speaking of BAT, I noticed BAT has started to infiltrate FAQ, although I read every post last couple of weeks about the cars for sale, it sort of bothered me....that BAT commenters get bashed, but we're okay to make our own comments because it was on FAQ. But at least put the BAT cars for sale posts in the FAQ for sale section. Sorry that's just my opinion, I've been grouchy, overworked and have two teenagers. Steve
  14. My steelies looked like Original Owner Carls so after I painted them, I couldn't stand the aforementioned iron oxide look, so I just rattle canned them, didn't even pull off hubs, just taped off lugs.
  15. The car was really clean and looked "done" and all original except for the wheels. Perhaps the father who passed away was an active member. He said it just sat in his father's garage, and probably doesn't know what he has, and what a KF or MFI is.

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