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  1. Steve Tochi

    Bring a Trailer: Experience and advice

    My friend sold his E24 on BAT several years ago, beautiful M6. Although he got top dollar for it, all he said was never again. Perhaps the car was so nice commenters dug deep to find something to nitpick or treated it like he was covering something up. He felt like is honesty was being questioned, and he's a tough Navy veteran. Don't ever question the integrity of our veterans!
  2. Steve Tochi

    Vintage American Car Radios

    I don't get it but the above pictured radio sold today for $455, and it was the worst of the 6 of these models I have. I see the paint job in the future for my Tii becoming reality.
  3. Here's a social car club concept in my town, place to hang out and drive other members car. I have no idea what members pay, its pretty high priced location on Pacific Coast Highway blocks from the beach. I can't imagine someone else borrowing my car and taking it for a spin no matter what is put in writing.
  4. Steve Tochi

    Vintage American Car Radios

    Well my latest revelation is the JDM car thing is for real and I am just an old timer. I picked out a 57' Chevy Bel Air radio, put it on Ebay with minimum bid of $25, thinking this is going to go fast. After a week, ended up with two watchers and no bids. But I had what I called the "junk pile" of Japanese made radios that were thrown in a box. I had ignored them but finally decided to take a look by model #. One was a Fujitsu radio for a Toyota Corolla without knobs or faceplate. A buyer paid $15 for it, but the most dumbfounding thing was his grateful PM to me said "I'm restoring a 79 Corolla". Also within the "pile", were these 6 Hitachi AM/FM radios, they look like aftermarket junk. Two look complete and 4 are without faceplates or glass bezel. Turns out, they are for 70-71 240Zs, with limited production. If you think prices of Blaupunkts are exuberant, asking price on ebay for a restored one is $2495, working one is $1800 and several untested sold upwards of $1000. I decided to put the worst one pictured on ebay, no knobs, glass, or faceplate, and the bid is currently at $212 with 2 days to go and 11 watchers. Just good old Adam Smith economics at work. We shall see.
  5. Steve Tochi

    Vintage American Car Radios

    Forget the blaupunkt, gonna see if this fits in my sled.
  6. Steve Tochi

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    We had a playdate with his 630HP friend. I was proud of her, never backed down from that Chevy and said lets take it to the mountain roads....where gas stations are few and far between. Seriously, nice Chevelle down to the fuel pump...has anyone every seen a polished KF?
  7. Steve Tochi

    Vintage American Car Radios

    For those who may have interest, here's a little update on my vintage radio odyssey. None of my family or friends care to hear about "steve's radio business". Thus far, I've sold about 20 radios maybe at an average of $100 per, some antennas, and & misc items in the past several weeks. Picking low hanging fruit, I've already got back my initial investment and a handsome return, paypal is pretty excited for the interest free money. I picked up the last of the items as part of the purchase, I can only estimate that I have a hundred NIB speakers most are aftermarket, maybe 2000 new and used radio knobs, 1500 vacuum tubes, box of vibrators (hey not what you think), and antennas galore. I ventured into Ebay for the first time, listed a few items. Great vehicle to sell but gosh do they nickel and dime you. I didn't major in quantitative mathematics so I haven't quite figured out their fee schedule. I have an auction ending tonight on a 65 Rambler am/fm and its at $202. The two bidders sent me messages privately asking me to close the auction while they sat as the high bidder. Now I know where the term Flea Bay comes from. For the old timers, I listed this like new 1975 El Camino AM radio, with the wood grain knobs. Nice right? I know ElCos have been hot and thought it would be an easy sell. At the same time, from the junk pile, I listed this fair condition at best 1975 Datsun B210 Clarion am/fm with a warped bezel. The auction ended last night, the El Camino radio had a couple of followers and zero bids. B210 radio had a bidding war and sold for $75. Guess this JDM thing is real, there is even a B210 forum, and they use words like "dude", "bitchin", "my lame". I listed about 7 Corvair radios on our local craigslist. It ended up as one of those NM/NA posts on the Corvair forum. My ad just got bashed by the cynics, felt like I was on BAT and I took it personally. Yesterday, an elderly gent came over who is a walking Corvair encyclopedia (ala Conserv Steve) and bought one of them. He looked at my Tii, and seemed to know more about the car than I do, he knew the scientific reason why my paint failed, the whole big bumper DOT thing, and why my engine will last longer at high RPMs with my 4 spd. Anyway, he said their Corvair forum has changed, and all the old timers like him don't participate anymore, because the members have changed. He told me corvair owners are a bit strange, cheap, and frustrated because they put all this work into the cars and they still don't command any money. Lastly, I joined a forum called Antique Automobile Club of America. Just posted a friendly ad in their classified section, "I have radios"! Lots of old timers, and was able to fill a few orders including a 59 Dodge and 69 Plymouth. Both guys were ecstatic to get them. Sort of a nice group, guys who just want to get really old cars back on the road to restoration. I feel really good about getting these radios back on the street, it really hasn't been about the money. Although my CPA says be careful, you don't want to create a tax liability using ebay too much. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it. Steve
  8. Steve Tochi

    craigslist troll

    Reminds me of Planes Trains and Automobiles, doesn't say if the speedometer or radio work.
  9. Steve Tochi

    Nice rear ash tray

    Its unrelated to cars, its an outdoor backpacking gear forum. Prevents sellers from continually bumping when something may be overpriced.
  10. Speaking of cigarette lighters, I found this in my "bulk purchase pile", anyone need for their 6V car?
  11. Steve Tochi

    Nice rear ash tray

    Bump with lower price of $25. (Another forum I belong to doesn't let you bump without a minimum 5% price reduction)
  12. Steve Tochi

    Nice rear ash tray

    Very nice and presentable rear ash tray in black. No pitting or dings, just some fine scratches perhaps only Steve Austin could see. $30 shipped CONUS.
  13. Steve Tochi

    Odometer lead gear

    I'm in Socal
  14. Steve Tochi

    Odometer lead gear

    Never installed lead gear from Odometer Gears. I'm told this is the primary one that goes bad when your odo works intermittently or only when its cold. Shipping CONUS included, WOW! Check out their website, save a few bucks on price and shipping. Paypal accepted. Thanks Steve
  15. Steve Tochi

    Vintage American Car Radios

    Here are the 2 blaupunkts I ended up with in trade with the VW guy. They look nice but are untested. So far so good, just picking off the low hanging fruit using local craigslist and forums. I'm selling all 7 of the corvair radio kits to one guy. I found Corvair owners are maniacal about their cars. Similar to 02s, they're rust buckets, low production numbers, and an early and late model. I had 3 guys who wanted the radios, and they owned anywhere from 10-25 cars each. Slow morning here in Socal, we are on storm watch...because its sprinkling outside.