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Hood rust


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Hi All.


I was wondering y'all's thoughts on the rust on this hood of my '73.  I have sanded it a bit and it seems that most of the rust is in and around the trim.  It doesn't look like there are any through holes,  but it is pretty deep.  It almost looks like someone treated it with converter before,  because it was black colored and seems very hard for even a grinder.  My next step was to get this to a sand blaster or do it myself and then treat the spots with some Rust Encapsulator and prime and fill.  I have been keeping my eye out for a rust free one,  but they are hard to come by and NOT cheap.  What do you think?





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Well the problem is that rust is in the folded seam under the hood and there's no way to get to it so any repairs will just be cosmetic, so keep your eyes open for a rust free hood and I guess use a rust converting body putty for the time being.

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Marty's right that the seam is going to be the Achilles heel, but if that were my hood I would certainly attempt a good sandblasting in that crevice and then some sort of encapsulator  before forking over for a new one.  But full disclosure, I'm not a perfectionist and I generally LIKE making a salvage attempt before replacement, so if that doesn't run similar to your values, then my advice is probably better left unheeded.

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Rust on hood and trunk perimeters usually start from the trim and trim clips abrading the paint under the trim.  Once the paint is broken, the rustworm creeps in and spreads.  If it were rusting from the folded over seam, you'd have perforations on the outer skin.  As it is, you've caught it early enough so you can treat that locked-over seam on the hood's underside.


Were that mine, I'd sandblast those pits to get 'em squeaky clean before doing any painting or filling.  Also sandblast the seam on the back side and get it clean.  Before doing the back side, though, tape up all the holes and the space between the hood skin and the inner reinforcement;; otherwise you'll get sand all back in that space--nearly impossible to get out (ask how I know this!), and wet sand will make it rust even faster.  


If you don't want to go through the sand blasting, get as much of the rust off the crimped seam as you can and use a rust converter on that.  Then get some POR 15 paste and work it into the pits on the exterior.  Once dried, sand the area down to remove all the POR except what's in the pits, then skim it with filler, prime and paint.  And once all the painting is done, spray a rust-proofing liquid (Bilstein 2000, Rus-Fre, etc) back into that space around the perimeter to prevent further rust.  I did that on both my cars many years ago, and have experienced no rust around either hood or trunk lid since.  



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