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  1. Hello all. I am on the hunt for an e12 head. It muct be in decent shape, even if it needs to be rebuilt or a rebuilt one would be fine too. I am located in Asheville NC and would love rather not ship, but would be interested in anything. Also need local... rust free hood seats and interesting wheels. Thanks for everything. Jamie
  2. Hi All. I was wondering y'all's thoughts on the rust on this hood of my '73. I have sanded it a bit and it seems that most of the rust is in and around the trim. It doesn't look like there are any through holes, but it is pretty deep. It almost looks like someone treated it with converter before, because it was black colored and seems very hard for even a grinder. My next step was to get this to a sand blaster or do it myself and then treat the spots with some Rust Encapsulator and prime and fill. I have been keeping my eye out for a rust free one, but they are hard to come by and NOT cheap. What do you think? Thanks Jamie
  3. Does anyone have a 325i Grill? Ha! I thought you would all get a kick out of this. If you look closely, you can see the guy in the frontier is towing the 325i converted into a BBQ grill.
  4. Wow! You guys are great. Thanks for the info and thanks for dealing with my ignorance on the subject. Even though I have owned 2 of these in the past, I never had to get into the nuts and bolt of the engines. So are you saying that if I run the crank from the 2.0 in my 1.8 block, It brings it up to a 2.0? XR4, thank you so much for the offer. I live in Asheville NC, Do you think the flat top pistons are good enough to use? and are they 88.97 mm? Pat, thanks for the honest response. This is what I needed to hear. I could take the first block and bore it and build a better engine once my 02 gets on the road and funds are more available. Thanks again!
  5. Thanks so much for the info. So why are the 1.8 heads so bad? I understand that they have the injector holes that need to be filled, but what else makes them so bad? I thought that the 1.8 heads were decent?
  6. The head is a 1.8 from a 1981 320i.
  7. Ahhh. Great post, thanks Pat! After inspection, it seems that the block I am using has a 2.0 crank installed. So now the question is, should I put the 1.8 crank in that I have or look for pistons from a 2.0? Anyone have any pistons from a 2.0 they want to sell? 89.97mm. I hear that the 2.0 crank is stronger, but would I even notice the difference if I put the 1.8 crank back in the block? Thanks all.
  8. Hello all. I am building a low budget 1.8 for my 1973 BMW. I know, I know, it should only have a 2.0 in it. Well, its what I have so that's what its getting for now... I have 2 blocks that I am using to build one and have run into a problem with the length of the stroke on both blocks. I am using the block from one(block #1) and the pistons from another(block #2). After installing the #1 piston and connecting rod from block #1, the piston clears the top of block #2 by about 5 mm. So it seems that I have to either use the crankshaft from block #1 or the connecting rods from block #2. So my question is, would it be better to use the block #2 crankshaft to gain a shorter stroke or use the shorter connection rods from block #1 to gain a shorter stroke? The blocks are both the same height. The reason I'm not using block #1, is because it was locked and has rust on the cylinder walls The reason I'm not using the piston from block #2 is that they are a little beat up and are flat top pistons(Block #2 has domed pistons) Thanks a bunch for all your help. I just hope I can keep focused on this project and actually finish it... Beantown
  9. If that car is Riviera, I bought a very similar one in April. I am in the south, and I paid 2000 for my '73, it is not rust free, but it is very minimal and does not have any rust in the usual places. The shock towers are insanely clean as well as the floors, a-pillars and wheel wells. It does have some surface rust under the trim, through rust in the boot floor, rear window frame is bad, drivers sill and the head light buckets too. Mine came with a 1.8 from an 1982 320i. Yours looks to be in better shape than mine, I would buy that car in a second. I warn you though, there will be rust somewhere...
  10. Hello.


    Did I see in a post that you have a set of black seats forsale?

    Do you still have them?  I'm looking for some for my 73.  Im also in NC,  Asheville to be specific.




    1. 2double02




      I had had a very nice set but they sold several weeks ago. 





  11. I remove the from passenger fender, very happy to see how clean it is...
  12. Hello, Im interested in the bucket seats. I need black. Please PM with pictures, I can pick up. Thanks
  13. Great info, thank you! It seems that it is not a "320 is", but only a standard i. As much as I really want the 5 speed, I just have to much on my plate to deal with all the rest of the car. If it had the sport seats in it, I would have absolutely taken it. So, if anyone else is interested in the car. It is located in the Asheville NC/Hendersonville NC area, PM me and I will get the address. Thanks for your help.
  14. Hey all, I am a new owner of a 1973 BMW 2002 that is in complete tear down and resto mode. I was visiting a locate shop inquiring about a place to get a head rebuilt/cleaned and saw a early 320i. While I was poking around the owner came out and asked if I wanted to buy it, 200 bucks! Wow! It runs but is VERY rusty. He was just going to scrap it. My question is, aside from the transmission what parts could I salvage or transfer over to my 02? Seats? Suspension? Wheels? Etc? I really just don’t want to deal with the CARcass. thanks all! BTW. My 02 will have a 1.8 in it...
  15. Wow. Beautiful! Is that Riveria? Did you just get it matched or is there a certain paint code that the painters need? I’m just in the primer stage now, but also Riviera. Also, what are you using to sand ballast aluminum parts?

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