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  1. Hey all, Is there another source for the Dual weber 40 manifold other than IL? They are out of stock. Thanks!
  2. These images are from the mid 70's and early 80's. My father had a '73 BMW 2002 and totaled it(he still claims it saved his life), and replaced it with a '73 BMW 2002 Tii. I guess that is where I got the obsession from. I got these pictures from him a couple day ago and am guessing from the pictures, that his first 2002 was Riviera and his Tii was Fjord. It just so happens that my first 02(2001ish) was a '73 Fjord and my 2nd '73 is a Riviera(Current resto). I hope to have the resto done soon so we can go for a drive together.
  3. I knew of this clearance issue after I acquired the parts. But I heard that some had issues, but others did not. From what I understood, it was a clearance issue with the pistons and the compression chamber, not the valves. I didn't think I would have problems with the valves, we will see. And if I do, then I will have to move to plan #2. I probably did a NO NO as far as the professionals go, but I cleaned some material out of the chamber to account for the pistons. In the pictures, you can see the really smooth part, that was me. The shop said I did a great job. I have had the head on the block and checked with clay and did NOT have issues, but I did NOT have the valves in. What is the process of checking the valve clearance with the valves in? Do you bolt everything up? For now I will proceed with the stock cam... Thanks for all the help!
  4. Great, thanks all. I wasn’t sure what kind of piano top pistons they were, but I guess they are e12, and yes my head is a 1.8. Is that a problem? It doesn’t seem like I have clearance issues yet, but I have some flat top pistons I could install if needed. This will not be a race engine, I’m just learning as I go... thanks again.
  5. I am rebuilding a e21 block and a 1.8 head for my 1973 2002, and converting it into a 2.0 with maybe a mild cam, 284 or 292. Most of my parts are used but in very good shape, and this is a shade tree mechanic build. below are the specs... •2.0 crank •Piano top pistons 89.47 •Mild cam regrind 292 or 284 •Either dual 40's or 38/38 carb. or 32/36 •Electronic ignition •Stock valves and rockers I'm getting ready to build the head, and was wondering if I need to replace the valve springs in the head. The block and head have been machined and cleaned and I think they look pretty good. Thanks Jamie
  6. Thanks Toby! Great info, and sorry about my cam lift ignorance. I will call Delta Camshafts and see what they offer. Thanks Jamie
  7. Hi KB, Could you tell me more about your e21 dizzy with the pentronix intalled. Hard to wire? Have you used it? Pictures? etc... Any info really. Thanks so much. Jamie
  8. Wow. these look beautiful. I NEED a set like these. Where is NC? I am up in Asheville and hope to get this done within a year or so. Are those e21?
  9. I bought oversized eccentrics in anticipation that I would get a cam ground, since no eccentrics came with my car when I bought it. I have minimal clearance with my pistons, and I was just worried about how much lift that a 292 added. If its a couple mm's then, I am fine. But if its 5 mm, then I might have a problem.
  10. You are not muddying the waters, just giving me more knowledge so I can make an educated decision. Budget is always on my mind, and I want to get the best performance for my the price.
  11. I have not really finalized what I want to use for a Carb setup yet. I want dual 40's, but don't know if that is in the cards money wise. Maybe a 38/38. TBD. Seems like the deeper I get into this, the more confused I get... Thanks Jamie
  12. I could be wrong, but I think that is a later model e21(1982ish 320) dizzy. It had the electronic ignition.
  13. Those are pistons from a 1.8 block. You cant use those pistons with a 2.0 crank, the skirts(or rods, i forget which) are longer on that piston combo and it will push the piston out the top of the block about a 5 mm.
  14. Wow! You guys know it all, thanks so much for the replies. So, it seems that I have a bunch of options. 1. Regrind my cam to 284 or 292 and buy the e21 dizzy with the Pentronix from KBMB02(Thanks KB, I will PM you if this is the direction I will go) Anyone running this set up? 2. Regrind my cam to 284 or 292 and find an e21 junk car with the dizzy, 320i ignition module and ??? Anything else, I need from the junk car? Is anyone running this combination? 3. Buy a billet cam from IR and use the 164 dizzy that I have(I have no idea of the condition and working order) I would then need to buy the Pentronix or other to get electronic ignition. 4. Bite the bullet and by a 123 ignition for a 02 and a Billet cam from IR, and be done with it... $$$$$ Have I missed anything? Question on a regrind. Do the valves have a higher lift or do they just stay open longer on a regrind?
  15. Here are some images of the dizzy and cam. The distributor looks old and beat up, that’s why I lean toward getting a 320 distributor or alike.
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