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  1. Crank and pistons installed. I’ve been thinking about my ignition lately, which distributor should I use? 1981 320i head.
  2. Barney, Is that a replacement panel or did you cut it off of a parts car? I need that exact piece for my 73. thanks
  3. Sorry for the delay, I will get the correct numbers tomorrow... Thanks!
  4. Now that I really look at them, there are a bunch of differences. Machined block is 1269506 looks to be from 1981 and the black non-machined block is 1278464 looks like 1982? There are a couple of flanges on the back bottom by the flywheel that the machines block does not have...
  5. I'm in line, and am interested if you could give me greyhound shipping costs to 28804.
  6. Y'all got me looking closely at the two blocks I have and I noticed the coolant channels are smaller on the machined block than on the non-machined block. Is this an earlier casting or later?
  7. Hi Bibm5, Its actually not the same block. Because I decided to bore it out to use 89.47 piano top pistons, I decided to use the block that came with the car. But, I am using the 2.0 crank that came in the block that I bought from you, which will make my 1.8 block a 2.0! I honed the bore in the block I got from you and it looks great, but didn't want to bore it if it wasn't need. I guess I will CL that one or make a turbo back up engine! ha! Did you end up buying that 320i from Asheville?
  8. They took off the minimum, and the bore is 89.5mm. I also like the aluminum, but I think I will use the gunmetal with the aluminum accessories.. Thanks all!
  9. Hi All, I got my block back from the shop today and was very happy with the color. I had plans on painting it black but they did some kind of coating that is gunmetal color. I was wondering if anyone knew what color the block and components came from the factory? Also wondering what everyone else is doing? I am thinking of keeping the block this color and then all the aluminum parts painted and aluminum color, then painting the valve cover this gunmetal color too. Thoughts? Thanks
  10. Great, thanks! Does those seats fit on the stock seat rails? Or do you have to cut them out and fab new rails?
  11. Pictures! Did you get the Recaros from the guy in Thailand? How was the process?
  12. Will these fit on a stock 2002?
  13. "Whole rotating Assembly" meaning the Crank and the flywheel in the block OR the Crank, Pistons, arms, and flywheel in the block? That might be hard, because I am building the engine once it has been machined. I would have to bring it back them. Thanks!
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