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    BMW 2000

    In September of 1965 BMW announced its new 2000 NK sedan and 2000CS coupe models, powered by a two-liter M10. The bore/stroke measured 89X80. It turned out to be the logical extension of the eager-to-rev over-square design that would serve so admirably in BMW's iconic 2002. BMW introduced the two-liter M10 in its luxurious 2000CS coupe, in the summer of 1965.


    The 2000 sedan came with a single Solex carburetor, good for 100 bhp and a top speed of 105 mph. BMW built 113,074 2000s from 1966 to 1972. The initial price was 11,475 DM. The early 2000s came with the same round headlights as their predecessors. Shortly after launch, BMW introduced the 2000Tilux with rectangular headlights. The other 2000s got them later. NKs continued to run on 6-volt electrical systems until July/August of 1967, when BMW changed over to 12-volt electricals. BMW sold more than 113,000 copies from 1966 to 1972.

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