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E30 rear end, axles, brakes, etc into a 2002


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This is something I have been wanting to do for a while now.  One weak point for a 2002 with high power is the rear end and CV joints.  I am currently building a 2002 with a nissan SR20Det for a customer and he is going to be making somewhere in the 300hp range.  While a small case diff MIGHT be able to handle that it won't handle it very long and not with much abuse.  Even with a super strong built small case diff the CV joints become the weak point.


the e30 stuff is known to handle a good amount of power and it a close match to the 2002.


The only way I would want a e30 setup in a 2002 is if the track can stay the same.  I would not want something that requires flares, etc.  Also I wanted to keep the possibility of keeping a stock 2002 driveshaft (or e30 shaft)


So first step is to build a jig that locates all the 2002 points.






Next step is to remove all the 2002 parts and replace with SOME of the e30 stuff.




Now all there is to do is start connecting the dots...

This picture before is just to show an idea of where the new subframe will live and how it will be shaped.




This setup will use the following.

e30 diff

e30 trailing arms

e30 rear disc brakes

shortened e30 axles

2002 subframe bushings

2002 sway bar

custom spring perch (maybe 2002 perches cut from 2002 trailing arms (still unsure of this right now)


This will be something I will be reproducing and selling.  The kit would come with a custom subframe, diff mount, spring perches (will need to be welded to e30 trailing arms), and shortened e30 axles.


I will continue to post in this thread as we make more progress.




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Something to consider if you haven't test fit anything yet, the medium case diff will hit the trunk floor if the input flange is located in the same position as the 02. Are you actually taking the axles to someone to have them shortened, or are they going to be a new production version of the e30 axles, just shorter?

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very very cool....I knew u were doing this..... our turbo owner is getting antsy.......I just hope he controls his new found hi po car....lol.....

I know I cant wait to drive it.


I am excited to drive it as well.  I really should put a build thread over here of that car.  It is on my website here.


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