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  1. I have a complete setup.... Ran for maybe 10 minutes but they have been sitting for awhile. So they should be cleaned and gone through. $500 for the complete setup...carbs, manifolds, linkage, etc etc email me if interested, jake@classicdaily.net thanks
  2. I have a long tube. Can email pictures. $150 email me jake@classicdaily.net
  3. I am not sure what year these are from but I have a set http://www.classicdaily.net/product/bmw-2002-2002tii-e10-e21-front-hubs-for-volvo-brake-conversion/
  4. Just listed about 400 new items. A LOT of 02 stuff. Link to full shop is here, http://www.classicdaily.net/shop/ and 02 stuff here, http://www.classicdaily.net/shop/?swoof=1&product_cat=2002 You can search and choose categories to the left.
  5. If you are interested PLEASE email me. It is MUCH easier to keep track that way. I have a handful of people that have emailed. About 10 sets of gears so I am going to dig deeper into getting a quote to make them. Again if anyone is interested in gears please email me, jake@classicdaily.net
  6. I am sure I could also have a local do the machine work....or we can do that in house. I have a manual mill. Could offer a turn key box if someone wanted....
  7. I am not 100% sure. I have standard boxes here so I can compare
  8. Yes the OP is a listing for a box for sale..... The gears have ZERO pitting. I have had a couple people email about wanting them. I would like at least 10 interested before I look into things further. Well at least 10 sets of gears.
  9. I just spoke with a local machine shop and he said he could replicate the gears with splines. They can 3D scan and replicate. If there is enough interest I will look into it further. If you are interested please email me at Jake@classicdaily.net with how many you would want
  10. I will sell it to someone that wants to then make more parts off it. I do have a local guy with a CNC latch that MIGHT be able to make it but the splined shaft might be hard for him.
  11. Set of 5 Amil Stinnes 15x7 4x100 et26 Mesh Wheels 1.5" lip . They do have some wheel weights stuck to the lip but are in nice shape overall. Come with caps. $600 + shipping in the US
  12. VERY nice condition and VERY rare quick ratio steering box. I opened this up to look at the gears and there is ZERO pitting. Cleaned it somewhat but didn't want all the paint to come off. Really nice piece. $2500 shipped in the US and will include a new seal kit.
  13. jakeb

    WTB - 121 head

    I have a 2L crank...will have another in a few weeks. http://www.classicdaily.net/product/bmw-2002-2002tii-e10-2l-m10-crank/
  14. I have a complete assembly... http://www.classicdaily.net/product/bmw-2002-2002tii-e10-stock-4-speed-shifter-carrier-and-linkage/
  15. Looking for a short rear bumper for early 2002. Please let me know if you have one in stock.



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