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  1. Try not to EVER use one of those car washes again after your hard work polishing... trust me!
  2. Wow, so much for testing... The yellow 510 suspension setup was scary !!! And that blue square tail was definitely pinching it.
  3. What are you using for the ballast / controller?
  4. Interested if sale falls through. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. How did you mount / locate the positive cable?
  6. I have my battery relocated into the truck and grounded to body underneath the rear seat. I also realized that I do not have the stock ground strap from engine block to frame. Can any of you recommend an aftermarket solution you have used to replace the factory braided strap? BURNDOG
  7. Thanks Ray! Great idea on posting a draft of the ad here first for all to critique... We don't need no stinkin' snorkels. Dyno run scheduled for January 9th.
  8. Hello everyone, Well it is time to upgrade and move onto the track! I am looking for advice on leveraging BAT to sell my 1975 2002. A lot of you actively watch and read the ads and I am looking to provide the most succinct, accurate positive ad as possible. So, I am looking for some advice as to what information to include in order to attract the more discerning buyers. And of course, what you think a realistic reserve floor should or could be. The car is what I would consider a resto-mod (correct?) and you all may be familiar with it. It was PinePig's two-tone turbo charged, EFI 5Spd. I have done considerable interior upgrades, rebuilt the motor with all new and upgraded components. I am working on the component detail list now... The car isn't perfect, but WOW does it get considerable interest from all parties! Paint is about an 8 out of 10, powertrain is rock solid with rebuilt 3.91 LSD, freshened up the 5spd mounting hardware, rebuilt front end suspension with Blunt rebuild kit, etc... I am adding a few pictures for a primer and would appreciate any and all feedback. Cheers, BURNDOG
  9. GAWD !!! I just peed myself a little bit...
  10. Hi - it's JAmes.  I'm not a great PM guy.  Email me - [email protected]  Thanks!

  11. If you are going all the way around, keep the clutch in. Get her pointed in the right direction and MOVE off the line ASAP!

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