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  1. Just wanted to say that although the car has been at a standstill, all kinds of changes in the last year, it hasn't been forgotten and hopefully will see some entries starting up again very soon.
  2. Wow love them all - going to have to check with website for the double din, fog light mounts and gauge. Curious if there is enough room to remount the VIN plate on that new piece. Look forward to seeing more in the future
  3. Well i got a phone call from the shop this morning, and it wasn't the call I was hoping for. The engine is done.....? No had a break in last night and among the things stolen was ... My turbo 😭 keep your eyes and ears out for my precious, and while you are at it the machinist with my original block ....
  4. Not much of an update but receiving a few parcels offsets the frustration of trying to deal with front control arm bushings.
  5. So while installing the subframe, between getting cranky when the subframe slipped off the jack, thought I would experiment with a colour for the engine bay. The purists might hate it but as mentioned numerous times my car isnt being built for show, just to go!! Although there are still quite a few holes I need to fill on the drivers side the colour doesn't look too bad in my opinion and definitely cleans up the engine compartment, which needs to get done before I can put the new engine between the rails. In the first picture I sprayed the left side and left the original paint in the top right so that they could be looked at side by each. Ignore the wiring harness which needs to be cleaned up, have to go through the whole thing to get rid of the engine components as the stand alone should deal with most of it. Heading back to work tonight but will hopefully get the remainder of the front suspension in place - still waiting for the Bilsteins to get off back order to finish up the rears
  6. thanks I may have to pick up one of those as it looks like it goes into the bigger pieces that I dont have with my set The price isnt that bad considering how much use a person gets out of something like this when working on these older cars
  7. Was a nice day today so decided to get a few little things taken care of on the 02 today. As I am working outside and for the most part by myself I decided to install the suspension parts piece by piece rather than assemble the whole thing and try to balance it up into place. Before putting the subframe in place i pulled the bolts out of the frame rails and started cleaning up the site, not going to be a concours car but still like to have things clean. Not sure if it was factory or not but there was a lot of sticky stone guard material that had to be scraped before covering it up with rust protection and then paint. Once that was done I cleaned up all the threads with the trusty tap and die kit - if you dont have one of these I highly recommend getting one, takes a little time but the results are AMAZING! Nothing like being able to properly torque bolts down, and you will be surprised just how much rust and gunk can be removed as you can see in the one picture. Lots more coming and will take some pictures of the rattle can engine bay spray once the rain stops enough for me to go snap a few
  8. Well folks it has been a long winter, and although the blog kind of took a backseat to life the car hasn't been ignored. There has been a ton of stuff going on with the car, from tracking down the machinist who has my original block to using the old tap and die kit on every nut and bolt that I can find. Will get back to posting with some pictures coming next week ( heading back to work for the next 5 days or they would be going up now ). Want to say thanks to the gang at BluntTech for spending all my money! haha But seriously you guys are awesome, not to mention the ICE CREAM ..... Enjoy the spring where ever you might be
  9. Ok let me see if i can figure this out for ya Cant figure out which ones i posted in the thread so just selected any pictures that dealt with this area of the car. I ended up buying a new brake booster holder just incase I destroyed mine while trying to remove that bolt. Had to grind to get the dang thing out. If I can help with anything just let me know Oh and thanks FAQ for hosting pictures - down with greedy Photobucket
  10. let me see if I can find my pictures and if you need any help don't hesitate to message me
  11. Like the battery tray - that in production now, didn't see it on your website
  12. Car looks good and gratz on the honeymoon - good wife if you just get back and head right to the car
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