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  1. I will take the pedals if they are still available
  2. 2002newb

    Another set of cheep recaros - NM/NA

    Teel thanks just saw your post will look into them
  3. 2002newb

    Another set of cheep recaros - NM/NA

    gratz James
  4. 2002newb

    Another set of cheep recaros - NM/NA

    anyone in the area willing to pick up and ship? He is moving so wont have time to ship
  5. 2002newb

    Stolen 02' - Boulder, CO

    Very sorry to hear about your loss. Hope it finds its way home soon
  6. 2002newb

    New leather interior!

  7. 2002newb

    European turn signals

    still have a few sets?
  8. Well i got a phone call from the shop this morning, and it wasn't the call I was hoping for. The engine is done.....? No had a break in last night and among the things stolen was ... My turbo 😭 keep your eyes and ears out for my precious, and while you are at it the machinist with my original block ....
  9. 2002newb

    rock guard / rockers/ nose

    Lol got to love auto correct.
  10. 2002newb

    rock guard / rockers/ nose

    Andrew did you use a media blaster to remove the "schultz"?
  11. 2002newb

    Spring Goodies

    Not much of an update but receiving a few parcels offsets the frustration of trying to deal with front control arm bushings.
  12. 2002newb

    Control Arm Bushings

    If i ever have to do these again it might be all urethane as the instal seems easier. Buckeye that was the article that was the most help trying to put these things in. Other than this one set the rest went in relatively easy once the process was figured out. As always thanks for the info folks
  13. 2002newb

    e21 and 76 diff flanges

    Oh boy and how do i determine that they are indeed the stock flanges that came with the car?
  14. 2002newb

    Control Arm Bushings

    Used tons of lube and the other bushing went in without any real problems. For the price of the rubber bushings I might just try the last one and see how it goes, then if it can get it in will just buy a new set for the one that is stuck. Getting so close to getting this car on the road I want it done NOW lol Thanks again
  15. hey again gang Quick question regarding spacers for my e21 lsd diff - done lots of searching here and elsewhere about setting this up, but then came across a post saying that rather than using the spacers I could use the diff flanges from my 76. Just want to confirm this as I want the suspension in ASAP and dont want to have any more frustrating hurdles like the control arm bushings. Cheers