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  1. Just wanted to say that although the car has been at a standstill, all kinds of changes in the last year, it hasn't been forgotten and hopefully will see some entries starting up again very soon.
  2. Not sure about shipping costs but am interested in roof and nose PM sent
  3. Wow love them all - going to have to check with website for the double din, fog light mounts and gauge. Curious if there is enough room to remount the VIN plate on that new piece. Look forward to seeing more in the future
  4. Phoned and left a voice message. Sorry about the confusion
  5. Just got back from work. You need me to cancel the PayPal?
  6. You are correct - this place and the people who vist it rule!!
  7. You just saved me a trip to the machine shop. Curtis Quinton 328 Hwy 89 PO Box 378 Babb, MT 59411
  8. So putting the front suspension back together today, and couldn’t figure out why the control arms were hitting the subframe. Took a quick look at realoem and discovered I was missing a shim. Number 11 below https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=2583-USA-06-1972-114-BMW-2002tii&diagId=31_0435 After looking through all the bags from disassembly I grabbed what I thought were the right ones BUT they weren’t big enough to fit over the bolt. These are NLA so hoping someone has a set they can measure up so I can get a set made. Thanks for reading and look forward to any input you might have. Cheers
  9. Thanks Simeon that will allow me to get these in while the kids are enjoying the evening lol
  10. Hey gang got a few hours today to work on the car, got to love working outside in the heat, but it was a chance to get the rear subframe back into the car so off I went. Got the subframe in place and looking to get the rear Bilsteins in place, but cant for the life of me figure out how to place the hardware on top of the shocks anymore. Got the B4-KT1-Z168A00 kit with the shocks but the instructions seem odd and every thread that I search comes up missing pictures - dam you greedy Photobucket. Got a little time before I go back to work so hoping to get the springs and shocks in - should go quick once i figure out the correct order Cheers
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