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  1. TEP front strut brace

    Let me know if this sells please
  2. Complete Upgraded 2002 Door Brake Sets

    I will take a set please Harry - let me know where to send the money

    Joy throw me down for a set. Cant use them right now but never know what happens down the road and as with most stuff I want - it doesn't sell often.
  4. Bilstein Shocks F&R

  5. Bilstein Shocks F&R

    Hmm thanks my HD Fronts are yellow - maybe i have been misinformed
  6. Like the battery tray - that in production now, didn't see it on your website
  7. Bilstein Shocks F&R

    HD or Sports? I am looking for a good set of rears
  8. Rare Huntmaster Sport Seats

    still have these?
  9. Painless Wiring Harness

    Hmmm need to take a look at this kit - it is a universal fit I take it? Digging into the painless website
  10. Want boost but really?

    Hmm are you certain that will move enough air ???
  11. says sold in the item description - were they sold?
  12. Rare Huntmaster Sport Seats

    let me take some measurements on my Scheel adaptors when I get home and we can talk further
  13. Want boost but really?

    Yeah this car has been a dream to work on, and at the same time been quite puzzling at times. Hope to have it on the road in spring when the snow melts so lots to do.
  14. Want boost but really?

    After losing my original block to a less than honest machine shop I bought a bunch of engine components - block 4 sets of pistons, head, gaskets etc etc - that had all been machined and was ready to be assembled. These pistons were the brand new ones and so they were the first ones that got placed in the block. Going to have to measure things up and see if one of the other sets will work better Thanks for reading and all the input folks - keep em coming