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  1. Bonjour Pierre , I do have a couple out here in Hawaii , I'll find out the cost with shipping & PM you, Monday. Cheers Steve
  2. Well I finally had time to look for the arm & I do have one , in stock so to speak.
  3. I've retired and moved to Hawaii , I'll check in my tool box to see if I still have one of those available . Steve
  4. Looking good, I brought 3 2002's to Kona , they all needed leaning out as the gas here compared to California is amazing. No octane in Ca gas so they all ran really fat on Hawaii gas , all running side drafts. Good luck with the tune .
  5. Aloha John, your car has come on a bundle , great comparison shots. It's always been a pleasure chatting with you over the years , if you are ever on the Big Island of Hawaii............ 😎
  6. I'm just finishing off details and tuning the weber carbs, the flares are of unknown origin but great quality , probably Ireland engineering. They were on the car when I bought it , I have done a ton of work since I took the project on , she's getting there now.
  7. Yes where the front fender flares out before the wheel it looks like a pig's cheek known as Schweinebacke in Germany.
  8. I still am working on it here in Kona Hawaii , no hurry but I will be selling her when she's done.
  9. Yes all the Focus' I saw had the same seals .
  10. That is the donor model .I had a bunch of 4 seals and told the girl she must have thought I said 1 pair as they were so cheap .There are plenty in the wrecking yard in California and the seals don't get any abuse , a wipe over & they looked new, you just need to adjust the pinch welt to suit the door frame.
  11. Here are the seals as fitted by my friend Denny , before he sold the car to my son.They work great as far as I'm concerned the price & ease of fitting, maybe 10 minutes as it's a pinch weld style , plus some careful trimming with a razor blade .We used the front door seals from a 2 or 4 door they are way over length.
  12. I installed a set of factory style Uro seals what a nightmare and door slamming after , never again , it took too long was a pain in the arse and the door didn't shut nicely . Just my 02cents worth
  13. I use Ford Ford Focus door seals 2 or 4 door, very cheap from a wrecking yard, just trim the bulb part from the B pillar door area down below the window, they just push on around the door frame, trim for the sill cover . rear door top corner is not square so I paint the exposed area flat black, they seal great , the door clicks shut . Not concourse but I don't care.
  14. So so sad to see all the devastation in California at the moment, I'm saddened to see homes & property lost even more devastating is the loss of life . Glad to hear all here are alive & well .
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