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  1. Getrag 245 five speed overdrive from a 1982 BMW 320i with 185k miles. I haven’t tested this in a car, but it shifts into all the gears, including reverse. I replaced the shifter seal, input shaft seal, and output seal. I used the appropriate Curil K2 on the splines of the output flange to prevent leaks. The fork and retainer clip are present and clean, and the throw out bearing felt good, so I left it in. The output flange is 3-hole. I’d really, really prefer not to ship this thing, but I might be convinced at your cost.
  2. I am definitely interested in on e or two of these
  3. Its a normal Wilton Vise. The angle of the photo just makes it look weird.
  4. Rebuilt one halfshaft. The other side will get done soon.
  5. I checked the wiring to the flasher unit twice (and I’ve used that style of flasher for maybe six years). I’m going to find the wire between the hazard switch and the multi plug and look for a short. That sounds more likely than anything else.
  6. I have this one: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B073GV412Y/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I replaced it with a brand new one to try to solve the problem. No dice. I wired it up both times per this
  7. Problem/Symptom: The turn signal light in the cluster won't stop blinking. The turn signals on the outside of the car work only when I engage the turn signal lever, but the light in the cluster always blinks. I have the modern style flasher unit. What I've done so far: I Have swapped out the hazard switch (used replacement), flasher unit (new replacement), the turn signal stalk (tested good used replacement), and the cluster multiguage unit. No luck. I've removed, inspected, and cleaned all of the turn signals. No luck. I can't figure out what would trigger the light in the cluster to blink on it's own. Maybe it's an issue with the hazard switch (both the old and the replacement). Any guesses?
  8. Swapped out hazard switches and the column lever, no change. The light on the dash blinks nonstop, but the indicators won’t blink until I pull the lever up or down. I think it’s in the cluster.
  9. Interesting. The behavior didn't occur until I used my hazard switch for the first time in forever. I swapped out the blinker unit and now it blinks constantly (though, only the dash indicator, not the actual turn signals). I'll pull the turn signal housings and clean grounds their first. If that doesn't fix it, could it be in the hazard switch?
  10. <Seinfeld voice> What’s the deal with these blinkers? i used the hazards for the first time in forever yesterday and, after turning them off, the “B” light on the dash will stay on, though dimly. When I use the turn signals, it blinks between full brightness and completely off, but returns to “dimly on” when I turn off them off. The wiring harness and blinker are early 12V (6 fuse), from a ‘69 1600, completely stock except for the blinker unit, which is the modern cylinder style. I’ll probably replace that first. Any ideas?
  11. Does anyone have info on wiring a later wiper motor into an early car? My wiring harness is from a ‘69 1600 and it has three spade connectors in a block + an eye on the ground wire. The wiper motor has the 5-wire single plug. Help!
  12. Plastic and stainless steel inserts. I used the kit that Blunt sells. Now one to find people who need new heater valves!
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