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Opinions: How Long Do Front Wheel Bearings Last ??


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Front Wheel Bearings ..... any particular maximum mileage before they should be replaced ??


I currently have 100,000 miles on the front wheel bearings (last replaced in AUG 1996).


My driving these days is very easy.  Lots of freeway cruising, the occasional run through San Gabriel and Carbon Canyons.  No racing or hard/fast driving or cornering.  Bearings are not noisy in any way.


As long as I keep the bearings properly greased, any reason to change 'em out as a regular maintenance item ??





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Answer- depends!


If you keep them greased properly and replace the seals regularly (I say every 25k/ 3 years, but I'm making that up)

then Mike's not off by much.  They're not working that hard...




you track it, live at the top of a very steep long hill, have a caliper stick and DON'T repack 'em. blah blah blah.

Or a cap falls off.


Or you overtighten them.  Especially in conjunction with the above.


I regreased every 2 weekends, cleaned and repacked every season, and I could coax about 2 seasons per set out of

them once I figured out to leave them a bit looser for racing.  And that's an 8- 10 weekend season with 2 groups per weekend,

AND a goodly number of track days (I was young and enthusiastic)


After going to tii struts, I now regrease twice a season, and that's just habit.  Same set I put in when I converted is still shiny and new.



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All good news, Thanks Much !!  Back in the old days I would change 'em out just to have a project, and I was driving a bit harder.  These days, easy driving.  And I have a tii, which I think has bigger bearings ?? 


Anyway, I'll quit worrying about front wheel bearings and channel the energy into a tune-up.





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