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  1. What a fantastic picture, really sets a mood of future hopefulness !!! Cheers, Carl
  2. Ruehman ..... that rings a bell !!! And that's the address too. Great Finds !!!!! Cheers, Carl
  3. +1 Fairchild, he did the work on mine a few years ago. Cheers, Carl
  4. OK, bourkeco has me 99.9% convinced the Rockford video was filmed in front of the BMW dealer in Toluca Lake. I was thinking North Hollywood but GoogleMaps tells me that location is actually Toluca Lake. Which means that the over-the-road bridge I see in the Rockford video background is actually the 134 Freeway. (amazing, my grandma was living about 3 miles distant from that location when it was filmed). Good Job Bourkeco !!! Cheers, Carl
  5. Sheesh, look at the date on this FAQ thread !!! Cheers, Carl
  6. I'm pretty certain that is not Bob Smith's dealership. I've been staring at that video and in the far background you see a bridge over the roadway. In the area where Smith's place was, there are no over-the-roadway bridges. I'm hung-up on that bridge as the identifying/locating mark. So I'm still scratching my head as to where the other SoCal dealers were. Vasek Polak was Hermosa Beach ?? What were the other dealers when Rockford was filming from 1974 - 1980 ?? The "obvious" location would be Santa Monica since much Rockford filming was done there. Was there a Santa Monica BMW ?? I haven't got that figured out ...... yet. Cheers, Carl
  7. and from another Rockford episode ......... https://www.imcdb.org/vehicle_338096-BMW-2002-1974.html Cheers, Carl
  8. If it wasn't for big bumpers I'd have no bumpers at all ...... Cheers, Carl
  9. And to complete my "homesick" trilogy, TE2002 zoomed over to one of the most iconic of locations for a couple of pictures ....... about three years ago, while walking "right there," I kept thinking to myself that somebody needs to take some 2002 pictures right here ......... whew, I could almost start blubbering in my Fosters ........ Cheers, Carl
  10. That is why cocktails were invented. Cheers, Carl
  11. TE2002 also did some photo's at another of my favorite watering holes: Peg Leg, in the Pyrmont area ....... more homesickness for fantastic food and world-class cocktails. The fellows that own the place used to bartend at Milk & Honey in London. And if you know about such things, you'll know that Milk & Honey has been on the list several times as one of the top 50 bars in the world, so these guys know how to put together a great cocktail ..... and they did !! Cheers, Carl
  12. Yesterday my nephew was at Picnic Point Park in Edmonds, WA and saw this one in the parking lot ........ Cheers, Carl
  13. A short while back I suggested to TE2002 that he take a picture or two of his 2002 at a couple of the watering holes in Sydney that I had visited. He just sent me a couple of pictures ........ whew, I ain't exactly blubbering, but I sure am homesick for the Hotel Palisade ........ what a great place for a beer and a sandwich, and also for some world-class cocktails in the Henry Deane while enjoying a superb view of The Sydney Bridge ......... Cheers, Carl
  14. "somewhere in France, 1969" ....... per the caption on the photograph Cheers, Carl
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