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  1. FANTASTIC !!!! I hadn't even heard of BMW in 1970. Cheers, Carl
  2. Mint, big bumper upgrade, aye !!! And I can only hope he still has some "original factory issue" on his rims ......... Cheers, Carl
  3. this just posted by Tarkan in Sydney ...... Cheers, Carl
  4. Definitely my kind of weather, and still not as hot as it gets in my sauna. My recommendation: a few icy-cold pints at one of my favorite places in your neighborhood ..... Hotel Palisade !! Cheers, Carl
  5. zinz, yep, I definitely commend that guy's firm efforts to maintain things as original as possible ...... even if it means a very minor bit of "cosmetic distortion" ........ Cheers, Carl
  6. My nephew just sent me this 2002 sighting in Venice beach area ......... Cheers, Carl
  7. 46 years ago, 15 November was a Friday. That evening I took delivery of a brand-new '74tii from Saddleback BMW in Mission Viejo, CA. It's still got the original paint ....... Cheers, Carl p.s. for all the SoCal folks, look closely at the extreme right of the picture, you might recognize the front of Lucky Fools Pub in Moorpark. Best Reuben Sandwich I've ever found.
  8. I was checking some photo's of today's Cars & Coffee in San Clemente and saw this ...... Cheers, Carl
  9. https://www.hagerty.com/media/magazine-features/bmws-most-significant-engine-didnt-have-six-cylinders Cheers, Carl
  10. "...... not cleaning those wheels ......" You guys are funny. Cheers, Carl
  11. https://www.carscoops.com/2020/09/great-walls-futurist-concept-looks-like-the-lovechild-of-a-ford-mustang-and-bmw-2002/amp Cheers, Carl
  12. When your favorite mechanic calls and says, "All done, got your new 1,000 watt stereo & stereo light system all wired up, powered up, and you're ready to go !!"
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