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  1. Well Pat.. you up for another batch?? Lol I’m in again!
  2. bourkeco


    I’ve been a customer of 2002 AD from the beginning, way before Ben or the second owner ever dreamed of owning it... Now if you ever met Tom.. ( I think it was) he was a great contentious old knowledgeable no BS guy!! I know Ben and he has done a decent job (which is fucking hard) at carrying on the 2002 AD legacy! Everything I have bought from him has been quality ( shipping is not his strong suit or something he likes to do.. ) but he is a stand up person as far as I know! This type of post is shitty in my opinion!!!
  3. Make sure it is GL-4 rated not GL-5. Your synchros will thank you...
  4. https://smile.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_sc_4_10?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=safety+wire+pliers&sprefix=safty+wire%2Caps%2C201&crid=HCH9RCKS02W2 Its fun and cool and you will soon find all kinds of stuff to safety wire!!!
  5. Prob not to Canada but they are not heavy just bulky If you are really interested I could try to find a close est.
  6. Rear quarter window latches and front quarter window mechanisms? L&R (72 rear- ether or for the front)
  7. Thanks for the responses I got mine to work, it was just a 40 year old car!! Lol... Harry any chance you might be attending the SoCal vintage Drive of Angeles crest ending in Ireland engineering this weekend coming up? It's kind of been a pet project of mine that I really wanted to happen and Ireland always puts on a great barbecue an open house in Duarte. I will be leading the drive, if you do make it bring one of your rods with you I would love to purchase it!
  8. Thanks Harry! Do you make one for the carb 02s
  9. Does anybody know if there's two different lengths of pull rods for the BMW 2002 like an early and late The one that I bought seems like it's too long. Thanks
  10. A list and manufacturers of the components would help and pictures...
  11. What we're here now had a nice drive through wrightwood.
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