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  1. Yeah I might be interested in the black leather. Can you send pics
  2. Would love to hook up when you are up here. My problem is I don't have a seat in any condition. I think the only thing that didn't come with the car. We've been up here since 87, love living here. See you soon. Dave
  3. Hi, it was nice to meet some of you at Alki, my first 02 event! I am looking for a rear seat, black if in good condition, but at least solid springs/frame. Trying here to see if I can find locally. Thanks. Dave
  4. The problem with 13" is tire selection. Very limited here.
  5. These are 13", but have 14" on my tii, et30 basketweaves don't seem to rub.
  6. Watched it roll off the truck and into my garage
  7. Crumbod, 

    some photos of the Cibie Z beams I have with imperfections. 


    Light #1:  corrosion at 3 o'clock position,  corrosion at 10 o'clock



    Light #2.  Defect hard to see.  It just above where the bulb is, close-up below:



    Both lights made in France.  Glass free of cracks, H4 bulbs fitted, but untested.  Correct internal Z beam diffusers. One spare glass lens included. 






  8. Ditto. I jumped and then looked and I now have a second car and the first one will be for sale shortly. Measure twice, cut once. Good luck
  9. OK, no worries, I figured. Send the pics please, thanks. Dave
  10. Loved them on my 510. Need to find some for my walk back in time 😜
  11. WTB Z Beam headlights, period correct, very nice condition. Thanks
  12. Sorry saw the address in events just now Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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