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  1. Today was a simple thing. I ordered two new rocker shafts, and dropped them off. I think the machining will kick off in earnest very soon. Just waiting my turn in line now.
  2. There is an affordable (about $130) unit out there called a "Bolt Buster". Look up those if you want an induction unit. Jose
  3. I am a tremendous fan of FCPEuro.com. EVERYTHING they sell comes with a lifetime warranty, and they have excellent customer service. On one occasion I paid for expedited shipping on a drop-shipped alternator, and I received the wrong part. I called them, and they next-day shipped me the right part, without asking me to guarantee cross-shipping. I had the right alternator next day as promised. I am a big fan of companies who live up to their promises. I purchase everything I can through them. Jose
  4. My subframe is out now, and I went low tech. A chunk of 4X4 on top of a movers dolly. Then use a ratchet strap to cinch it all through the strut openings. Been like that for at least 10 years, and two moves. Jose
  5. If you are pulling out the top, then pull the tranny with the engine. Dealing with driveshaft, shifter and tranny mount bolts is easier than separating engine from tranny. Just don't forget to remove the backup switch wire, an speedo cable. I much prefer to get a tranny/engine mated outside the car and drop in the unit, to sitting underneath and pushing all that stuff together. Jose
  6. I bought a car lift!!

    I actually picked up an adjustable rolling shop chair about two months ago. I've been using it occasionally, and made sure that when it's all the way down I can roll around under the engine bay and rear end. Jose
  7. I am working on a full rebuild of my 02, so the time seemed right for finally buying a lift to do the hard core work I have jumped headlong into. I had planned on getting an Atlas brand, but I ended up going with a zero interest purchase option that led me to another brand. Say hello to my Eagle Equipment PMR-6000. I am using the low truck lift parts on the front, and the high lift parts on the rear. Still comes up pretty much level, and it is super stable. My garage ceiling is about 10 ft., and I can use it at full lift with no problem. I have already had my M6 up/down 4 times to check on things and make some adjustments. This kind of lift is not perfect, but given space and other limitations, this option gives me access to all the parts of the car. I had it up in the air, and worked on the heat shield between driveshaft/exhaust, so accessing the underside, at the middle is no problem. I am extremely happy with the lift so far. Jose
  8. Well .... the update on the cylinder head front is not so great today. The rocker shafts came out way too hard, and look like they have had some abuse in the past. The cam seems ok, and the head casting looks healthy enough. Hopefully after honing the rocker bores everything else checks out ok, and we just need to get a pair of rocker shafts. Jose
  9. Take a look at the lock-n-stitch link I put earlier in this thread, and go through their site. They provide a lot of explanation about cast iron welding. You will learn a lot. Jose
  10. DaHose

  11. If you have an oxy-acetalene setup, and understand how to pre-heat and maintain during the working time, you can braze a manifold quite successfully. Check these guys out. Cast Iron Welding Specialists Lock-n-Stitch As you can see from the site above, welding cast iron is usually reserved for really hard to replace parts, that cost a whole bunch of money. Although a manifold is small and would be easier to pre-heat and keep hot during welding. The link below gets you to the Muggy weld site. They sell a brazing rod that is supposed to be great for cast iron. Muggy Weld Cast Iron and SS Soldering Rods Jose
  12. I sourced the whole kit-n-caboodle from Top End Performance in Los Angeles. Steve was great to work with, and provided lots of good information along the way. The clearance specs. are official (according to JE), but my machinist will absolutely measure everything and confirm numbers before doing any cutting. JE makes pistons for all kinds of vehicles, and is now part of the company family that makes Wiseco pistons. This is an auto-mobile application, so I assume that is what it means. Shape of the piston top is because we are increasing compression to 9:1. Jose
  13. This was another idea I had as well, but the narrow wheels, and the lack of mounting points on the 02 body, might have made it more work to get it done. Cool end result, though. Jose
  14. At this stage in the game, the complete head, block and crank are all at the machine shop just waiting for the rest of the parts to show up. My machinist will be getting some custom piston rings made, as he has his own special recipe for increasing efficiency. He also did not want to start cutting on anything, until he had pistons in hand, so he could be 100% sure of every measurement we are working with. To that end, allow me to present a veritable smorgasbord of M10 engine internals. The laundry list of parts includes a Cometic head gasket (.066” thick), ARP head studs, Glyco main bearings, and coated Calico bearings for the rods. There’s also some super sexxxxxxxxxy, Pauter 4340 connecting rods (144mm), and a set of custom JE Pistons for the build. The one part left to really think about is the camshaft. I will be asking Elgin cams to give me a custom grind, tailored to the needs of this build.
  15. Sure Rich, I'm happy to share. Mein Klaus is intended to be a reliable sleeper, daily driver, track ready restomod. The engine will run turbo propane, with key parts for the build including JE Forged pistons in a 90mm bore, Pauter 144mm con. rods, VAC stainless valves (in OEM size) and HD springs, and those super sexy KM forged rockers. The combustion chambers are 62cc, and I am going to talk with a local camshaft wizard to decide how we will re-grind. End result should be a 2.1 liter engine with that stock crank. My main build parameter is a target torque number of 195 ft/lb, which means I should end up at about 13 psi boost, making for around 250hp. Jose