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Bucket Seat Recommendations?


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I'm selling off the RX-8 seats I have and I'm going to invest in one nice seat. My passenger one is mint so I could care less. Plus no one will ever be riding with me anyway... Talking like really supportive seats. Not flat back ones like the E21 recaro's. Any recommendations? I also want something that will go in with very little or no modification.

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The advantage of Recaros -- whether from an E21, a VW Mk2 Golf, or anywhere else -- is that all Recaros have a flat bottom with a set of holes 16" apart, and the E21 adapter brackets plus the 2002 slider brackets can be used as a bolt-on solution (or your own adapter brackets can be easily made). With any other seat, you're on your own. The key is for the seat to have a flat bottom. As seating adjustment in cars expanded to include tilt, the tilt mechanism is often integral to the bottom of the seat. I once bought a cheap set of Scirocco seats because I thought they were VW Recaros, only to find the tilt mechanism on the bottom.


Note that this is a different situation from, say, Mk2 VW Recaros, where the electric slide and tilt mechanism bolts to the bottom of the seat, and once you unbolt it and throw it away, you're left with the flat bottom and 16" bolt spacing.

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depends on your body type...


but for a nice selection try classiccarseats.com...........awesome stuff





for solely kick ass supportive period 1 pc buckets....:


go to NML in Germany...


and Vintage seats, in atlanta or Mass, I cant recall.


oh...Cobra or corbeau make a retro sweet lil bucket too....OMP too iirc.

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Recaro has made a lot of different seats over the years-

I have an aftermarket one that's very comfy AND very supportive

at the same time.  I'm not quite sure how it does that, but it does.

The E21's, I agree, aren't the best for a 6- hour iron butt to the Dalles...


But(t), it's best to just sit your butt in a bunch, because oddly, the

1st gen Acura seats I had in the blue car were great for me.  Loved 'em.



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For comfort support and ease of install its hard to beat the late model originals covered in cloth, my girl even liked them, like a mini couch in the little french taxi, as she used to call it


What year would you consider late model? Do they bolt it or bolt in with little effort?



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all the sparco/momo/omp seats have flat bottoms.  there is a huge range of options for excellent seats if one breaks out of the "junkyard search for something that might fit for cheap" mode.  mounting of anything with flat bottom can be pretty easy.  just have to watch out for the width of the seat and the shoulder wings.  2002's are pretty narrow cars and most of the time (even with e21 recaros), the seat needs to be offset towards the center of the car so that the DS seat is centered on the steering wheel and both seats clear the doors. 

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I love my Recaro LX A and B cloth seats (Monza brown). They are much more comfortable than the E21 vinyl Recaro I once had for a driver's seat.  According to an older Recaro brochure, you could mix and match the base, back and head rest to suit your needs.





Scheel - Mann seats are nice - but they seem to be very heavy!








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very cool how your seat on the rt has the LS configuration bolster on the upper.....that was the best bolster for a driver!!!..the LS bottom also is the best..but your seats dont have that part.

your post/pic of the poster shows the seat..the real deal LS

I sold recaros during that era.......it was hard to get customized indiv. pieces altho they were avail..

Recaro, and Scheel were PITA to deal with...

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